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-i lic nevv supervising architect of the treasury bas taken charge of bis office. Senator Millcr of California has written to the secretary of state complainicgof the raudulent practices hy wldch Chinese get into this country. ïhc civil service rules have been so amended as to prohibit discrimination in making nppointments by reason of any political or religious opinión. Mr. Bell, supervising architect, has decided to change the plans cf the public building at Frankfort, Ky., so it will be built of stone instead of brick. The committeo to investígate the Greeley relief expedition met the other day, bul decided to take no oral testimony until the documentary cvidence was all in. The chief signal ofiicer complains that the service bas been badiy crippled by reason of shortage in appropriation. He thinks the service ought to be extended. The Hon. James Marvin, late chanceilor of the University of Kansas, bas been appoiuted superintendent of the Indlan school3 located at Lawreisce, Kan., by the sccrc'ary of the interior. Gen. Wright, chief of eugineers in bis annual report urges increased apprepriations for improving our coast defenses. In hi6 opinión $(,474,900 ought to be assigned to the ake región alone. A meeting of the Republican national committee has been called to meet in Washington, Wedues'iay, Dec. 12, 1883, for the purpose of deciding upon the date and place of holding the next national Republican convention The jury in the case of Hallot Kilbourne against John G. Thompson,exsorgeant at arms oL the House of Reprcsentativcs, for $350,000 for false imprlsonment returned a verdict of $00,000 íor plaintiít. A motion for a new trial was made by the defense. Secretary Teller supports the efforts to punish pension f rauds. An expert f rom the pension bureau will be detailed to examine papers, and every effort will be made to punish off enders, whetber guilty of attempting to defraud the government or applicants for pensions. GE1S JiRAL n?EM8. Gen. Sherman has settleil down in his new home ia St. Louis, Mo. Mayn.ird was the only Democrat dej f eated iu the New York eleetions. Four persons were killed and eight iDjured by the falliug of a building 'n Buffalo n. y. A son of Senator Manone of Virginia was fiaed $15 íor drawing a pistol at t!ie polls on election day. A man has secured $300 in the Pennsylvania supreine eourtforthelossof valuables white sleeping iu a Pullman car. Butler feols so gratified over the 150,j 01)0 votes cast íor him at ths last election, that í he has decided to run for governor next year. The Louisville exposition elosed Saturday, November 10, after a &essiou of 105 days. Over 800,000 peo;Je attended the exp sition. Orrin Carpenter of Lincoln, 111., accused of the ïnurder of Zura Burn., is releasC'4 on $10,000 bail to appear at the next term I of eourt. The Morruons havo resolved to send a stronfc lobby to Waahington to defeat any legislation looklDg to the overthrow of the prieethood. An accident oi. the Panhandlo road near Newark, O., resnlted in the dcatb of the engiueer and flreman.and the serious iujury of several others. A tug boat iu the New York harbor exploJed the otber c'ny. l'lie S'jven p on board werc b.v'. t: int o ihe water, aii-.ï iour of them killed. The attorney general has decided that the proposed ehange in standard time in the District of Colu;nbia cannot be effeeted except by congressional action. (Janadian miUcrs ask that tue uuty on wheat be removed, as it wlll bc noceseary to import wheat fnto Canada frorn the United States in less than six moaths. Gen. Grant is outwilh a letter to Fitz John Forter, in wliich he rc-aeeerts bis belief in Fitz Joh a's innoccnce, and his hope that he will óoon bc rCKtored to the arm)1. Saturday, November 10, was the iOOth anniversary of the birth of Martin Lutli er, and the occasion was appropriatslv commeraorated both in Europe and America. Fire at Shenandoah, Penn., inilicted damage approaehing a inillion dollars, and deprived 250 families of their homes. An appeal for assistanee from abroad is publishcd. The boilers oí George Fondclay's sugar house, B:iyou Bouff, near New Orlcans.expioded killlrg the chief engincer, assistant, overseer and colorcd tireman. The victims wcre Wown to atoms. Butler hasnüminatwl another oolored lawyer as judge of the Charleston district court. lie nominated a colored man for ihis positlon a few months ago, but the council re fuued to confirm the nominatlon. The divorce suit of Aggie Hill against Senator Sharon was callcd for trial the other day. Aggie produced her marriage certifícate, when the senator became so furious that he had to be removed from the court room. Mrs. Victoria Vider, who murdered her husband in the town of Wexford in May last, was tried for the crime in the circuit court of Dodge county, Wis., and has been sentenced to 25 years in the penitentiary of that state. The suit of Prof. Fiske to secure from Cornell University property left by his wife, Jennie McUraw Fiske. was called in Ithica the other day. The hearing of the case is adjourned till January 1SS-1, to secure important testimony from the west. A niovement is on foot in Manitoba looking to seceeslon from the Dominion ernmcnt, A number oL akuses are alleged, I amou which is one that the governmcnt is 6ubservient to the Canadlan Pacific railway, to the detriment of the bost interest? of Manitoba. Not ouly Michigan, but the cntire country, feit the force of the severe gale that carne up so unexpectedly on the afternoon of the llth inst. Buildings were blown down, trees uprooted, and shipping badly demolished. Notwithstanding the unusual severity of the gale, therc was a remarkable frcedom f rom fatal injuries. The line livery stable eonuected with the Commercial house at Sioux Falls, Dak., burned the other morning, consumlng30 valuable horses and n uumber of carriages. The firc spread, and resulted in the destruction of the Commercial house, Western house and three adjoining brick buildings. Loes $100,000, insurance estimated at $25,000. The new south wing of the Wisconsin capita] building at Madison, feil the other afterncon, fallingupon the workmen engaged in lts construction Four of the workmen were killed, and 20 others seriously injured. Various causes are asslgned for the terrible accident, but the most plausible theory is that the heavy iron pillars supportlng the roof of the second story balcony sank into the plank on which they rested, thus pulling the sound wall outward, whicb in turn caused the roof of the entire wing to cave in. These columns were made of large pieces of boller iron rolle J into a circular form, stove-pipc fashion, the jointures not beiug boltcd topether. A ruechanic nanied Bokn, who was at work on the extensión of the Capítol at Madison. Wis., when it feil, has privately told the secret of the downfall to partics in tbat city, who will produce him at the eoroner's jury to lócate tho blame for the terrible accident. Bohn says he saw defects in the brick pier supporting the iron column of the third fioor, southeast corner, and the cracks were so plainly visible tbc day bcfore the accident that Fcreman Jones, now der.d, screwed up the iron pillars supporting the roof girders with jacks, and caused the brick pier to be rebuilt. On the following morning, however, Bohn says, Jones took away the jacks early, not wishing that the public iu general should know of the trouble. Bohu was at work on the third floor when the accident occurred, and saw this pillar give way. Masons say the -nortar was green and was squeezed out by taking away the jacks too early, causing the pier to settle, henee the f all. CütXMK Kirtland M. Fitch, defaulting cashier of the second national bank of 'Varren. O., lias been sentenced to five yearsinthepenitentiary. The amount of his Ptealings was $80,000. Pittsburgh is being suecessf ully worked by a gang of thieves vrhose boldness is uuparaUrlled. The otlier cvening they broke into a store, removed the safe from the building bcfore Mowing it open. They seeured about $3,000 in cash and jowelery. Miss Fanny Linn, daughter of llev. J. L. Linn, pastor of the Consregational church in New Fairfield, Conn was murderedby criminal malpractiec A few weeks ago she consulted a physieiau of Danbury, and told him of her trouble, and asked for relief. He refused to coiiply with her request, when she consulteü anolber phyelcian. who asked her to retire to a room of the hotel, where he :soon joincd her. Within 15 minutes th" glrl was a corpse. Miss Linn declined to givc the name of her betrayer and the case. is shrouded in mystery. # Wost Lebanon, Indiana Co., was the scène the other eveniüg of a brutal doublé n.urdcr. William Saincr, an old and respeet" ed citlzen, had an altercation witb his son Joseph about putting a kitten out of the house, wlien the sou drew a revolver and shot his fathf-r in the hip. The old man Uien lied, but was followed by his son, who fired a seeond shot, the bullet erashiug through his father's brain, killing him lnstantly. The parrieide theu rcturned home and killed Bella Kelly, a 6ervant girl. He tben fled, liut waa captured subsequently. Great excitement prevails, and threots of Ijnching are freely made. A brutal tragedy was enactod recently at the house of a man named McGee, living about 10 miles from Kansas City, Mo. When his cbildren returned from school in the afternooD the flrst thing they saw was the lifeless bodies of father, mother and older sister lying upon the floor. McGee had killed his wife, shooting her in the breast with a shotgun, shot his dsughtcr in the back, and then conipleted the horror by going to an upper room and swallowing a dose of morphine. The immediate canee of the insane deed is not known. McGee is described as a man of violent temper amounting altnost to a frenzy at times. He was a prosperous farmer, havlng come Into the Vieinity several years ago frotn Kentucky, where it ta said he ncc ktllo.I a man. There wcre 6ix children, some of them marrled. Mary, the murdei ed daughter, was 130 years of age. Anothcr daughtrr, the nlfe of Mr. Sands HopklDs, a mesiber of an old fatnily tliere, was aeeidentally shot and killed bv her husbandsome nionths ago. Me(iee was 48 or 50 years of age. Afcwdaysago tho 11-year-old son of Fayette WMttemorc of I'rinceton, Wis., was found near the riyer at that place with nis throat cut from ear to car. Mrs. Ellen Long, a widow, and the father of the boy have been arrested for the murder. The detectives who tonk the case had their suspicions turned to Mrs. Long because of rumors that she once attempted to poison Whittemore's wife and failed. Ia her house they found bloody clothes, which she had been wearing up to the time of the murder, and a buteher knife and tWO razors stalned with blood. In a well on her premises was found a club with blood marks. Neighbor6 say a criminal intimacy existed between the widow and Whlltemore, and that it was known to hls younger son, who was jirobably thus di6posed of to prevent scandal. The boy was missing ten days, but the father made little effort to flnd hlm. The theorv i8 that the boy was killed by Mrs. Long in her cellar and the father carried the body to the river and hld It in the place whcre he pretended to ürst discover it ten days later. ' Mrs. Long is a daughter of ex-County Judge A. H. Meyers. Tho Servían rebellion increasos in sprlousness and extent. The deaths from the Moorfield colliery explosión number 67. A number of British troons have been ordered home from Egypt. A plot lias been diseovered to tar and featherthe lord mayor of Dublin. A London syndicate is discussing tho feasibillty of a sbip canal aeross Ireland. The installation of the new lord mayor of London occurredon the 9th in6t. The Russian press have been forbiddeu to discuss war probabilities with Germany Franco is not at all desirous of the mediation of the United States between France and China. In the trial of Joseph Poole for the murderofJohn Kenney, the jury disagreed, and a new trial was ordered. The annual report of the treasurer of the United States shows a total net revenue of $39S,287,581, a decrease of $5,337 698. The emperor of (ermany has given 1,000 marks toward a universal Luther foundation for the education of children of elergymen. Mails on the Northern Pacific road arenot properlycared for, and the postal anthorities have sent a clerk out there to look the matter up. Miscreants in Panama wrecked a train on the Panama railway, throwing the baggage car and two passenger cars into a swamp. No one was killed. A strike caused the trouble. It is expectedthat all of the wilnesses" for O'Donnell will reach England, before the 23rd of November, öen. Pyor says ü'Donnel! is already provided with counsel in whom he (Pryor) has tue utmost eoofldence. A terrible explosión caused by fire damp occurred in a colliery in Accrington, Lancastershire, Eagland. One hundred and twenty men were at work in the colliery, and of these it is believed tb at 90 ivere killed. A large forcé of Chinese troops have been ordered to the seat of war. The Tonqnin difliculty bas assumed such proportious tha the French government has been compelled to ask of the Chambtrs a larger appropriation than was at first tbought ncce&sary. The political agitation in Jamaica is renewed. The coloniat6 have flnallv resolved that theie shall be no taxation without repreaentation. The colonists will refuse to pay taxes, and will offer passtve resi stance, leaving the government to collect taxes at the point of the bavonct. wi mu uuyuuui. Tíie postollice departmcnt Las made the followlng ruling in regard to forwarding mail matter; 'The only matter that can be forwttrded to a new address after reachinfi the office of origiml address, are letters wlth one full rate of postaste prepatd, postal cards and free newspapers when the same are not íorwarded out of the eouuty of publlcatton. All other matter must be urepaid auew." Maria McCabe.of Hamiltou, ünt.,the 13-ycar oldgirl who mjrdercd her baby by throwing it In a cistern, and was seuteDced to hang on December 18; has been pardoned by the Governor-Geueral. The pardon was granted on an ailidavlt in which the girl sald she was led astray and beeame a mother, and being cruelly ehided by her aequaintancee she yielded to eudden impulse and threw the babj' into the well. She sineerely repeufid the act. Au Irish national league has a telegram froai John Redmond, their agent in Australia, stoting that the convention of the Irish national league at Melbourne was a great suceess; that Tarueü's programme was adopteJ unanimously, and he (Redmond) was about forwarding LZ,000 to the league in Ireland. John Redmond and his brother William, who have been in Australia severai months in the Interest of the IWsh natloual league, will remrn to Ireland shortly via San Francisco and make a tour of the United States. It is believed at Montreal that the Canadian high commissioncr has nearly completed arranements in Paris for the sale of the island of Antlcostl to the French government. The object is to end the difficulties betwecn the English and French flshermen in Newfoundland. The French goverment on purchasing the island, with the consent of Great Britian, would make it Freneh terrltory and invite the discontented fishermea to establ'sh themselves there. The project is not a new one, as three years ago advanees were made by the French goverment for lts purchaee. The price asked is 50 cents per acre.


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