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Slavery Literature

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Thcre is said to have grown up in parts of tho okl slave States during the past two or three years a groat demand for pro-slavery and anti-slavery literature. For years the shelves of secondhand book storen in southern cities .vere well iilled with booksof thisclass which could not find purohasers at (io and ten ceuts a eopy, Since mone}' has beeome more abundant in that section thero seems lo have grown p a desire to either refresh their memories of the arguments for and against slavery orto have futuro generations informed thereon, and so rapidly has the demand for this sort of literature increased that books which two years ago could easily have been bought for ten cents a copy now are scarco at two and three dollars a copv. A seond-hand book dealer in St. Louis recuntly said that several years ago he hought, for live cents a copy a lot of 200 books discussing the subject from the pro-slavery standpoint by a well-known southern clergyman. For a long time fije books lay upon hig si el ves without -- single copy being sold. Without any apparent cause pcople began to inquire for books upon the subject of slave.iv, nd within a short time he sold severalTiundred volumes, including all but two plthe 200 lot for which he paid five cents ach, and for these last two copies lio askei $2.00 each. Untninking people shuuid1 not imagine that they see anything more than is to be seen in the interest peoplo have n reading the difieren tsided accounts and arguments of all great issues. There is to be no revival of slavery in America.


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