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Pope's Fearless Stand

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A little more tlian three weeks ago there carne to our city a man signing himself Dr. Conway. At once he began a series of temperance meetings, and, with loud professions of religión, morallty and pbilanthropy, he at once rallied around liim a large number of tlie good people of the city who were willing to spend time, money and work in helialf of the cause. As we tlien sakl : " líe claims to be a gospel temperance worker." In the lino of tliis claim the question was pertinent for the ministers to ask, before endorsing him in this claim, Do you belong to a church? If so, what onc and where? Fiirther, as he cluimcd to be a doctor, the otlier pertinent question started np in thinking raind?, llave you a degree ? If so, from what medical school ? These questions were put to Conway, but reticence only characterized his conduct. He expected, eviilently, that the people of Ann Arbor could be blindly led to endorse him on his own word for it that he was what he claimed to bc. He did secure a following among some of those who were so absorbed in the cause as to be able to sluit thcir eyes and go npon the idea that the end justilïes the means. Howevtr, this did not satisfy the pastors of the ehurehes of the city and Iheir inquirios in regard to his character, antecedent?, and the truth of his pretensions. Consequently they refused, as any man who cares for the weight of his name would refnse, to endorse a man of whom they knew nothing, and to risk the sacredness of the pulpits committed to their charge by allowlng him to speak in them. Tliis brought upon the heads of these peaccail men, wiiose lives ;ire devoted to dotng good, the vituperation oL those already comuiitted to Conway and his uncertain fortunes. They have been reviled, personally alnisecl, and basely miarepresented. All this has been directed the more cspeciiilly against Rev. K. B. Pope, for he it was whOi to save the cause from possible disgrace and respectable people from possibly unpleasant situations, wrote to Lowell, Mass., and elsewhere, where Conway had been, to find out about htm. If salisfied he was all rlght, he was as anxious as any to aid him in the work; if with a fear tliat liis character did not come up to his pretensions, he wanted to avert whatever Inuni might come to the people of this municipality. Now, as the result of his inquiries, Mr. Pope has fully satisfied himself that his suspicions were correct, and that he has done light. We have seen some of the letters from various sources and could give our reiders some interesting points if we had the space to devote to a few of them. Howevcr, we shall let oue reply suffice. It is frou no less a temperance man than Francis Murphy himself, and this is It : 57 Wili.oughby Ave., I Brooki.yn, N. Y.,Nov. 11, 18S3. f Rev. Russel B. Pope, My Dear Brother.- I ara In recelpt of your letter of tbe 811), and basten to state tuat I am surprlsed that Dr. Conway bas not anBwered your questlons In the rullest manner. I ara of the opinión he owes it to himself and the cause whieh he advocates. I dld send Dr. Conway acopy of the letter I sent you. The statements you recelved frora Lowell concerning hlm are very damaging. Be patiënt, and do no wrong Bles.sed are the merclful. May our blessed Lord and Master lead you all in the right way. Yours In haste, FRANCIS MURPHY. Such a letter, at any rate, is no great backing for Conway. Ou the other hand, the niajority of honeat-thlnklng, well-meaning people are coming to sce that the stand Mr. Pope lias taken, was u bold, manly one for the right. He had nothing to gain except the bitter cnniity of t'ormer friendn. Wc believe he as only actuated by the purest motives, and that being first sure that he was right he has one aliead with all the earnestness of au intense nature, backed by an indomitable will, a fearless soul and a true heart.


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