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At a meeting Wednesday evcning the society of the Methodist church passed the following testimonial expressing tlieir approvul of their pastor's action. Wrereas, Our worthy pastor, Brother Tope, bas recently been subjectod to inuch riticisra concernlng nis oatspoken and manlycourse, in having the courage of hls convlctlons, to expose what he believed to be an lmposture (the more dangerous because attempteil under the moral guise of promoting temperance). Therefore, -Resolved, That while good men and women In other churches, and Independent of the churches, having the welfare of society at heart, commend his bearlng and endorse his course, we do not wlsh him to remain in doubt of the active sympathy, and loyal support of his own church. And we take thts occasion to renew our expressions of coundence in the lntegrity of bta moral and rellgious character, the pnrity of hls purpose, and the slncerity of his devotlon to the cause of temperance, as to all other moral and Christlan work ; and to express our approval of the service rendered tlils ehurcli (and probably other churches and communities alsojln protecting lts pulpit from use by those unwllling to give satisfactory referen ces, or cvldeuce of their wortliynesB to occupy It. Bellevlne the usefulncss and inAucnce of a Christinn miulstor cannot be limited to his pulpit uttcrances, and that in the discharge of his duty hc may often incur censure for thedenunciatiou of hypocrisy, we wish to record our appreciation of the earnest Christiau courage that exposes aud actively opposes wrong, wherever found, or however cloaked; that gives practice as well as piecepts. and has nothing to conceal. liesolvrd. That a copy of these resolutions be presented to Brother Pope aud to the citv papers.


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