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APPLETÜN'S AMERICAN rifijp p IN 4 VOLUMES. mm ihöTsasdTaces %)F THE - Thoughts h Five Jlundred BEST SCHOlSs IN )lE WORLD An iuraluable tfeasureíí everylion.seTrof. J. Mc. JÉ_MÍ&-tin the genera] manüger lor this work s in this county and he wijtftjffier it to you on terms so very reasodÉWè that it is within the reaeh of aboutBftiost person. The Professor will delivJKto you the whole set of books, 24 voluifts. within live ilays after he reeeives yöRmier. Tliey will come to you by eSSjïiËfts fiee of charge subject to your exafliiRtiou. If tliey are not In all respeêi m reprcsented you have only to say ypu tú not want them. Ifon examinatiojj yoifluind every thing correct you will rder Ihe express cornpany to deliver&hern af your house or office and only emy forawo volumes on deliveriug. Ofljce a mJuh you will be asked to gay iorlf one volume thus giving yo two yearf to pay tor the set and all tüsf time you'Jmve tue books in your posesión. Thaipayments are so small andgjfhe intervalabetween them so long thatne will hardfe be conscious of having pf rted witti an3noney. Tbis Cyclopediai'by the testiiu&y of almost every scliotarly man in tnjfcouiitry, is a perfect library in itself. Slmost every important-event in the histoïy of the race trom the time Adam was iL the garden down to January lst, 1883 recorded In its pages. The testimony ofSaany cf our besteducators that is the posajssion of this great work will save more aan doublé itscost when any poition of'itie family of its owner is In process of educating, by the increased ease and facility with which the pupils will be able to get their education. it also saves the nectsssity of pnrcliasing many otiier books. The man or family that has the Scriptures, Websters Unabridged jBictionary aiid the American Cyclopeák is furnished with those books that arjfteally indispensable. Do not fail to remember that boqks make lrinces of men ; th%ant of thati hewers of wood and dravveis of wat Books took Garfield from'bout the loftest position in the world aftd placed liün in the grandest. Even tij Queen oivEngland sent a wreath of liters ovetfihe ocean to be laid upon thi%canal boy'eoflïn. . We ask that yoijíBl)all reafvhat the Presidentand Proféréors of tl&Umveisity of your own state lay abougthis cyclopedia. They are meii whotJinow what books are and wlijt tliey a'f worth In the household. Tjr good ipmions are not to be obtained by works.jjf no valué 1'ue present is tlgp time t%et the Cyclopedia. It is wottli nioreÏD you to-day thau any future tfilie foiï.'ilie obviou reason that your liBRis pasftïig away and the opportunities foJKiisingït are growiug fewer every day. ft is ndtfat any time tor sale ai the bod store can be liad MÜy of the autlrized agents. Tbe ïeceptable time is tijgpo. Thé very acceptible time is HOW. all oli'Prof. Martin )r drop him a post.-ticardïfeox 1222 of the Ann Arbor Post oflfce aitd he will with ?reat pleasure cali ion jSjm and set forth me of the stnkineatjfcsof tliis great For American neder the claims of Appleton's Auiericfe öjclopedia seem to us to surpass thoa otkny other cvclodeclia yet issued, for I ie fllowing reasons. 1. Uoth in lts ranff topics and in its method of treatii dSheiu, it is more comprehensive thaniftf other cjclopedia origiiiating in this edtffctry: . In comparison wMi tlie grcat cyclopeda"s origiiiating inJfceat contains a-multitude of Mbjects in the particular field of Americapjistoiy, biography law, geography, eAication, inveiition and social castora, fher not dealt with at all by tne formeler not dealt with 60 tully and accuraieM? 3. In providing jfeiijhe matter of the work, as well as L die meclianical execiition (the latter jjlhcfttling the essen tial elemente of tyfegrphical correctness and adequate pi#rial illustrations), the pubhshers havejmadfc au ontlay more liberal than hakf ever'been bestowed on any other worl)ublirtied in the country 4. In the onffinary attributes of a lirst class cyclopecjÉi, in whioli it shares with others of itsiiiiik, it tg tully equal to all others, partBularly in this respect- that each articlfis compact, and accurate and authoritatjvc report upou its topic up to the latest-dates, and by a specialist in the departinent to which it belongs James B. Anokll, President Michigan University. Moses Coit Tïleu, Professor of English Langnage and Lite rat uro. T. M. Cooi-kv, Professor of Law. C. L. Ford, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. UXIVERSITT OF MlCHlGAH August 2'J, 1883. The American C.vclopedia published by the Messrs. Appleton is fully deserving of its name, the articles that make ut. its contents being in general peculiarly adapted to the wants of American reader, and as comprehensive and complete as could possibly be expected in a work of this kind. Constant use of this admirable work for several months past has convinced me that it is decidedly superior to any other hitherto publislied in this country, and tbat it should have a place in every private and public library. IIi'.nry S. Fkiezi:, Profs. o(' Lat. Language and Literatura, University of Michigan. Universitv of Michigan, Chair of Gkology and Paleontoi.ocv, Axflf Aküoi!, Mich., Aijg. 81, 188:J. I have owned a copy of Appleton's New Cyclopedia ever Hs first publication, tod have used it daily. In my scientific phrsuits it has aflbrded me inueh aid, especiljjlly in thelfhe of biogruphy aud histoiy. lint it seejc3 to me spooially snited for the more general ijsi' of :in intelligent family. I save ionnd my wlfe and daughters vety frequently resorting to the C'yclopedi fór precious nfoimation about some pefeönage literature or bistory or art, and líate oftcn done the saine inyself. Whatewfer other sources of Information may lsiccessible, the ('yclopedia isahvays nijjBt ccessible, for eveiy subject stands ia a'iixed alphabetical position, found ín aiflnstant. Without failinjj, tn appreciate the value of Appletón's Cvtijopedia to one engaged in scientJïic pursttB, I think it especially adapted to family me; and I bclieved no more eiiïcient impofee could be given to the education of afimily mul the promo tion of its generalfliiteiligence, than to place the volumes of Ljiis Cyclopediavvherc theyan be constan-fe' and conveiiiently consulted. Iy confction? on this polnt are so strong and so Sbar that I venture to say that a set of tli Cyclopedia vvould if used as It raight bL quite doublé the value of evcry ycar's Inprnction tit school. I speak expressly ol' A.pleton'ti Cyclopedia because it is fu eiiougli to give satisfactiou on every stflcct, and nol too profound for average j&nd intelligenee. while the same eannowbe said of any other Cyclopedia publtbatioii which 1 know in the English lanuage. Ai.kxandkk Winchell Prof. of Geology and l'aleontology.


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