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President Lord, of Missouri State University, visited the University on Tuesda)r, after a tour among the Eastern colleges. The Rugby team are practicing daily, and are developing excellent playing qualities. They are confident of a good showing on their Eastern trip. They will start next Wednesday. The Athletic Association elccted the followingofflcers on Saturday: President, Samuel F. llawley; vice-president, J. E. Burchard; secretary, C. L. Carter; treasurer, L. M. Dennis. Committeemen, Liferary department, Charles S. Ashley, F. W. Job, George B. Sheehy, A. F. McEwan and J. D. Hibbard; Medical, F. N. Bonine and G. S. Hatch ; Homceopathic, E. Erswell ; Lavv, H. B. Hilland and D. S. Downing ; Dental, L. J. Mitchell ; Phannacy, W. D. Condón. REGENT'S MEETING. The annual meeting of the University Regenta was held on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. At the time of the regular meeting in October they were unable to obtain a quorum. All were present except Joy and Norris. The president presented his annual report. 1440 students attended the University in 1882-3. 455 degrees were conferred, five of them being honorary. The decrease in the attendance has been in the professional departments on account of increased fees. Michigan furnishes a majority of the studeuts in the literary department but only about one-third of the professionals. One hundred and seventy women were in attendance distributed as follows : Literary Department 1W Department of Medicine _ 43 Department of Law ; School of Phannacy 2 Homoeopathic Medical College 13 Dental College 2 In speaking of the donationa to the University, President Angelí announced a fact that is not generally known, that the University has by the .liberality of some Detroit friends been placed on the list of those American colleges that enjoy the privileges of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, which has been established to allowgraduatesof the American colleges to study classical literature and antiquities in Greece. More than $2,000 was contributed to obtain these privileges. The "University system," President Angelí thinks, is fulfilling the expectations of its friends. One of the results of the enthusiasm for more advanced and independent work has been the formiug of numerous associations comprising students and prolesaors. Societies of this kind have been formed by those interested in philosophy, in historical and political science, in engineering and in the physical and the natural sciences. In the medical department the flrst class graduated last year that had been required to complete three terms of nine monihs each, and it was the largest class that ever graduated. The Homoeopathic School bas not prospered as its friends expected, owing partly to competition and partly to enemies. Dr. Richards lias added to the already üiic collection of coins in the Museum during the vear. The works of art have been catalogued. 400 specimens have beei, added to the Medical Museum and 180 to the Museum of the Homceopathic department. Ten membersof the Students' Christian Association liave gone during the year to foreigu countries as missionaries- one to África, four to China, and live to Asia Minor. The action of the Executive Committec during the past Slimmer in the matter of appointments was approved. Prof. C. K. Adams read a lengtliy report ou the condition of the School ef Political Science. He spoke highly of the encouraging work done in original research by students in this department. A prominent Germán review recently devoted several pages to this school. The general tone of the article was commendatoiy although the predoininance of historical studies was criticised. A vote of thanks was given to the various gentlemen who haye made contributions to the Library. Tlie Committee ou Building which is having some sliglit diffieulty with Mr. Appleyard the contractor of the Library building was given power to adjust all difterences. The building is ready now and will probably be dedicated during the lirst week in December. Two valuable ant-bear skins in the Beal-Steere collection which have never been niounted on account of imperfections in tlie skins are to be repaired and mounted by Ward, of Rochester. The estimates of the Committee on Finunce for tlie ensuing year show $233,319.58 reccipts, and $323,071.49 expenditures. Tlie salaries of the associate-prof essors were raised so $1,800 and the salary of Assistant-Professor Thomas to $1,600. The Students' Lecture Association were allowed the use of tlie north room ot' University Hall, known as the " Nydia Room," tor a reading room, as their nowspapers and periodicals will not be allowed in tlie new library. The Board adjourned subject to the cali of the President to meet at tlie time of the dedication of tlie library.


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