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Editou Couuier : In your last week's paper you publish a response from Supervisor Braun of Arm Artor township to my recent article on the jury question. He says I am in error when I say the present board of supervisors do not comply with the law on the„subject. All the proof he brings in support of his charge is his own assertion that he, himself, does comply with the law, but lie says nothing about the ottaer twenty-four members of the board. If he will read my article again he will flnd that in my charges I did not include every Supervisor, nor did I confine myself in tl.ese charge tothe present board. It was the common practice of supervisors for many years to which I wished to cali attention. But he says the township clerk and himself acted, jointly in selecting jurors. but my tears ot joy over this news were soon changed totears of woe by his telling me that the clerk selected them all. But what was he doing in the mean time ? Perhaps he was holding some buil by the horns whlle Clerk Davis with an eye to business was selecting jurymen. But let me give him credit for all he claims. He says he objected to three on Mr. Davis's list of jurymen on account of their being too oíd, but Mr. Davis told him that Judge Joslyn said the law does not prevent a man over sixty years of age trom sitting as juror, but simply meansthat you cannot compel him to do so. I have great respect for Judge Joslyn, but the best lawyers sometimes make mistakes. But if Supervisor Braun had any doubts inthe matter, why did he not consult the prosecuting attorney who, under the law, is his legal adviser. Now let ns take a common sense view of this matter. Why return a man for juror who is exempt from scrving? If he is called and don't attend he is Hable to a fine, if he does attend and is excused on account of bis age, the county must pay him two dollars and his traveling. fees. But if after all, Supervisor Braun still believes that I am wrong and Judge Joslyn right in this matter I would respectfully cali his attention to the following law on the subject : And in niaking such select on they shall take the names of such only, as are not exempt from serving on juries.; This settles the whole matter. They cannot serve unless they are returned; and they cannot be returned because the law forbids it; and bere rests the jury question so far as I am concerned. I have the most friendly feelings toward Supervisor Braun and should not have replied to his communication had he not lugged in Judge Joslyn's opinión after I had told hlra what the law was on the subject. But I must pass on. Supervisor Braun says he did not ask for the office of Supervisor. Perhaps not, but I have read his article to several of his friends, and the laugh always comes in when I read that part of it where he says he did not seek the office. But, be that as it may, I see that he has put in a bid for the office next Spring in his reply to me, and I am villing to average it. I fail, however, to see the point he evidently wishes to make, for the township of Ann Arbor in equalized this year at the same figure as last year for which he should bethankful and not ask some other district to bear the burdens of taxation which in justice belong to Ann Arbor township. But Supervisor Braun snyshe don't select his favorites for jurymen as I used to do. I take back with a great deal of pleasure all I have said, so far as he is concerned, about Supervisors returning their favorites for jurymen, for from his own statement it appears that he did not select a single juror, and even if there are two men out of eighteen on the list who voted against Supervisor Braun he is notresponsible for their being there. Again Supervisor Brauu says,as to the perdiem allowance.someof it has been paid back into the treasury. Now I never charged the board of supervisors with taking Ilegal pay, but f they have done so, I thank the supervisor for the information. Let the taxpayers of Washtenaw county rejoice that even some of t bas been returned to the treasury. Again, Supervisor Braun says the present board are honorable and conscientious men. I4liave no wish or desire to think othenvise, but I firmly believe that if any disinterested person were to examine the equalization table of this county for the present year, he would come to the conclusión that those who voted for it were either not overburdened with honesty or else they were lineal descendants of the animáis on which Christ rode into Ann Arbor, Nov. 15, 1S83.


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