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BACH & ABEL. Thursday : Clear and Briglit and Indications of Fine Weather for a Few Days. Let Us Give You a Pointer. We sonietimes name items at prieel so out of proportion to apparent values that one smiles, says " A misprint," and passes it by. The prices on our colored silks for two weeks are nota misprint, although it does not seem possible that we could give such value for so little money. Our Colored Silks at 85 cents cannot be mntched at $1.10. Our Colored Silks at $1.17 cannot be duplicated at $1.40. Our Black Silks ut $1.29 cau't be approached in tliis city or any other for less than $1.60. Another large shipment of Mlsses' Cloaks receivetl this week. Examine them. Here is what we can do fora short time on Silk Ilandkerclnefs : This week we will place on sale 25 doz. all silk, very large sied handkerchiefs, it tlie low price of 43 cents; sold at 00 to 75 cents elsewliere. We are supplying Plush Cloaks and Dolmans in all values, from $35.00 to SSGO.OO. Ladies who look around very cautiously usually return to us and purchase. Our prices are tixed, and the same for every purchaser. This alone would require us to name the lowest price at the flrst. Choice novelties in Neck-wear for the young ladies are offered this week. We would like to have an opportunity to show them. We think you will like tlie styles, and don't think you will find them elsewhere, You will not find a better stock of the still popular Jersey than we have taken care to secure. We can give you all sizes from 30 to 40. $2.50 buys them. Ask to see our Germán Jacketa, the only jacket in the city manufacture in Germany. It will wear longer than three ackets made in this country. BACH & ABEL. )s" Place to secure a thorongh, &-) y practical and useful educal'yfA tlon' is at ttle GHAMI VLJsCúyi RAPIOS MI( I1M.W tlllllli.liiHI, COLLRGE. Wrlte fur Tournal. Addiess C. . Mwenttberff, Prop. Dr. Feliz: La Bruxi's and (3OTTIR,:E. A Guaranteed Cure for Gonorrhrea aud Gleet. Safe, plessant and reliable. No bad effecta from ite ïse; does not lnterfere with buslnee or dlet. Price, (2.0(1 per box, or three boxea for $5.00. Written Kuarantees lssaed by eTery duly authorized agent o refund the money if three boxen fail to cure. Sent postage prepaid on receipt of price. Address, J, H. BROWN & CO., Sole Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich. SCR0FULA and all scrofulous diseases, Sores, Erysipelas, Eczema, Blotches, Ringworm, Tumo ik, Carbuncles, Boils, and Eruptions of the Skin, are the direct result of an impure state of the blood. To cure these diseases the blood mnst be puri5ed, and restored to a healthy and natural condition. Aveu's Sarsaparilla has for over forty years been recognized by eminent medical au;horities as the most powerful blood purifier in existeuce. It frees the system from all foul humors, enriches and strengthens the blood, removes all traces of mercurial treatment, and proves itself a complete master of all scrofulous diseases. A Recent Cure of Scrofulous Sores ' Some months ago I was troubled with scrofulous sores (ulcers) on my legs. The limbs were aadly 8 wollen and inflamed, and the sores discharged large quautities of otfensive matter, Every remedy I tried f ai led, until I used Aykiï's 5 aksaparilla, of which I have now taken three bottles, with tlie result that the sores are healed. and my general health greatly iniproved. I feel verygrateful for the good your medicine has done me. Yours respectfully, Mrs. Anx O'Bkian." 148 Sullivan St., New York, June 24, 1882. 53T" All persons interested are invlted to rail on Mrs. O' il rían ; also upon the Rev. Z. P. Wllds of 78 East 54th Street, New York City, who will take pleasure in tegtlfying to the wonderful efncacy of AyerTs Sarsaparilla, not only In the cure of this laly, hut in hls own case and ïnany others within his knowledge. The well-known icriteron the Boston Ilerald, B. TV. Ball, of Jiockester, K. J7,,writes, Juue 7, 1882: 11 Having suffered severely for some vears with Eczema, and having failed to ftnd relief from other remedies, I have made use, during the past three months, of Aykr's Saksaparilla, which has etfecte a complete cure. I consider it a magnificent remedy for all blood diseases." Ayer's Sarsaparilla Btimulates and regúlate tbe aetion of the digestiré and assimilative organs, renews and etrengtljens the vital forces, and speeilily cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Bheumatic Gout, Catarrh, General Debillty, and all diseas. a ari8ing from an impoverished or corrupted coudition of the blood, and a weakened vitality. It 8 incomparably the cheapest blood medicine, on account of lts conceutrated strength, and great power over disease. PBEPAHED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all DruggLata; price f 1, six bottles for SS.


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