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Thanksgiving' Without Papa

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My papa went to Heaven tolive, Aboutamonth ago. 1 wish God hadn't taken him, Because we miss h!m so. I thought perhaps we shouldu't keep Thanksgiving when it came; Because, with papa gone away, It wouldn't seem the same. 80 I asked mamma what she thought, When I was going to bed, Lost night. The tears eame to her eye?, But theti shc smiled, and said: "Was Dapa all wc thanked God for, My darling thild, last yearf Have we not many blefsiDgs still We had wten he was herei" And then shu said : "You shall deeided What we hi'd better do. To-morrow morning.try to thluk Of all thlngs, old and new, "That we havo no.v or we have haii Within tb is present year, To bless us and to make ub elad, And then dec'dc, my dear, "II there's enough to make it secm BeñttlDg every way That we with very grateful heaits tihould keep Thanskgiving Day.' And so this morning I began To do as she had said ; Ard oh ! how fast thanksgiving thingE Did come into my head. I wonder I had liever thought Of all oí them before ; I don't bolieve I ever could Forget them any more. There's mamma - papa's gone away, But mamma's with us stlll ; And there is darling sister Mary And little brother PUL And ittlc baby brother, too - He worth his weight in gold ; And there is grandma - I don't think She ever will grow old. And there is auntv, and besldes, The other folks I love ; I'm thankful that no more of them Have gone to Heaven above. Then 1 am glad that we can see ; l've heard my mamma say That there are children who are blind, I'm glad we're not that way. And I am very thankful, toe, That we are well and strong, Mv mamma knew a lady once Was sick the whole year long. And I have heard of children, too, Who could not run or walk ; And mamma says that there are some Who cannot hear or talk. And then I thought, through all the year, What pleasant times we've had, And how 60 many thing6 have come To make us very glad. And all the Summcr, everywhere Such lovelv tbings to 6ee; And trees and birds and llowers, that look So beautiful to me. Dear papa always loved the llowers So much when he was here I'm sure I'll alwaye think of him v henever they are ncar. But mamma 6ays that up in heaven They have more lovely flowers, And that they bloom there all the time, And do not die like ours. I am so glad, for papa'll be So happy then, I know; I'd like to thank God just for that, And I tcld mamma so. I told her, too, of all the thiugs I'd thought about so long, And that it seemed, because of them, It would be almost wrong IÍ we didn'tkccp Thauksgiving Day, And that, if papa knew, He'd like it better if we did. She said she thought so, too. And then ehe cried a little bit, Then wiped her eyes and smiled (Bhe lookes so lovely when she smiles) ; And then she said: "Dear child, "You've helped me more than you can know, It shall be as you say ; T hough papa is away froin us, We'll keep Thanksgiving Day." And then she took me in her arms, Andheid me very tight, And kissed me very fondly twice, Just as she does at night.


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