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The three kingdoms ia nature- tho animal, vegetable iud uuineral - aro in perfect haimony, cauli contributing to the permanency of the other. Waste in one kingdoni is but icother expression for reconstruetion in another, the same elements, as by "resurrection ]ower," assuming, by niystcrious manipulations in the grand laboratory of Nature, new fornis of exquisito beauty and lovlincss. The vegetable kingdom places the mineral onder contribution, yielding it rich stores, d turn, to the animal, all of their borrowed elements, eventually to revert, in justico, to the source trom whicli they were derived"motherearth." l'ormationsand transfjimations, appearances and reappear.mces, decay and revivifications constitute the great lav of the material world. All is harniony l.ere, for the mutual good. Itwould l)e indeed fortúnate if the same mutual regard, harniony and dependenco could prevalí in the three kingdoms of the human boJy, the physical, mental and spiritual, each eontribuÜDg to the developmtait of the other, Uw lower iieknowledging the allegianoe to the higher, wkh the body in mbjeotioo to tho mindao4 soul, instcad if tho opposite) ïruth may bo ia chaina for a timii, tut it is never oowjuered. Itisitsowp lelmet, its own fort re? s and its own ihicld - invinciblc.


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