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GET THE BEST! LEAD ALL OTEEBS! I EveryStyle&Price. Guaranteed XJnequaled FOR OPERATION. ECONOMYj PURABILITY and WORKMANSHIP Impravement3_and Conveniences found ís tOO others, Alwaysi RelSable. POPULAR EVERYWHERE. For Sals'ia" Every City and Town ia tho TTnited Stateg. Awl by John Pflsterer, fAnn Arfcor. 115T-75. w7trYmïïn7 Insurance ügency omci (her Casper Rinsey's Groeery Store, COB. HDEOH AUD F0UETH8T, Nortk British Insnranee Comp'j; (Of London and Edinburg) Capital $18,000,000, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marine In. Co. Canil AsseU f600,000 Springfield Ins. Corap'y of Mass., Cash nets.... $1,800,000. Howüiü Ins. Co., of New York, Caah Aiseta.... 91,000,000. A.gricultural Insurance Cop'y, WATEBTOWN, - - NEW YORK, CaihAsaets Y100,000. ..oue überaüy ad]atd and pnmpti pua OINSEY A SËABOLrS BAKERY, GROCERY AJfD FI.OUR & FEED STORE. W keey consumir os hod. BKEAI), CHACKEKS, CAKES, ETC, FOR WHOLBSAIJt AJiD KITAUTRADB. We Bh&H ftlso keep & soppiy of iWIFT t I)KDBK1,'S BEST WHIT WB( FLOL'tt, DELHI FLOUR, STB RUWB BüCKWHBAT Fl-OUR, CaRN MBAJ., FE3D, &O., 4c Al vb lú5nifl a:iï rota'l. A eenenl stock of GROCERIE3 Al PROVISIÓN KDStmitlT on hand, wtalcbwMI beaold on 3 reuftOD tble terms aa at uaj cthpr bouse lo Uie city. Cash pald for Bctter, Ecg, ana Coonlrj Proilac renera'Iy. PF"G';uda dellTered u an.T art of the c'ty Ittmt exlru oar. yr. RINèïT SKA.? NEW BREAD & CAKE BAKERY. at A. F. Hangsterfer & Co's., for Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Boston CreamPufis, Dough Nuts, Macaroons etc., cali at A. F. HANGSTERFER & COS 3O & 32 Main. St. Ferdon Lmnber Yard JAMES TOL BERT, Br op., Manufacture: and PeaUr la SA6INAW GAM-SAÏÏED LMBER, I Lath and Shingles. W Inrit all te kIt ui a emll. na amln m rtotk befare purchasln elierrïiere ALSO AGENT POR JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., And sells Ore brick. JAMES TOLBERT, PROP 'i'. Il KJUCH. Hupt. tak. 13. Ui THE ANX ARBOR Savings Bank, AlfX A.RBOK,HICHÍfíJl-. M. Transaets General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $50,000. Organlit'il under the General Han'.ílnl Law of tttU 8Ule. tho EtooUiolder ure IndiTidualljr Hable for an addltional amount cqual to the stock beid by them, thorebr crea-lne a Ouarantee Fund for the benefit of Depositorsof $100,000.00. Three per cont. interest Is allowed on al Savlngs I)epo!'.tB of one doltnr and npwardl, aoeordin to tbe rules of the iiank and Interest oonipounded semt-nnnually Money to Loan on udIncumbered re;t! estáte nnil other good fecurltj. DiKKCTOiia -Ohrlatian Mack, vv. W. Wina.K.A.# Beal, Willlam Deubel. Wi Ham D. Uarrlmam„ Daniel Hiscook, and WllJarL' tí. Smitb. OFFICEHS. fiuHii i'. Mack, i'iv... W.W.Winks, Vlee-Pr ' l'Mi-i. ( Himocï.Caialer. [Ilt-Mt


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