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Rheumatic Syrup

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The Createst Btood Purifier Known! RHEUMATISMCUREl), SCBOFULA CCBBO NEUBAIttIA CUBEP Jtoehester. N. Y., April, (ith, RGonTS-iCmPLën a groat I'ortByron. N. ' Feb 21). '8 Knlrport, N. V., Miireh 1:!, '83. Hufferer froni lthcuniatlalu f"r Uhpuinutic tfyrup Co.: ltheumatle hyrup Co.: sixcnrs, and hearing of tbc ; 1 had been ductorlng for thru Oonts-Slnce November 1HS.', successof UhcuuiutU: fyrup 1 .r four yoara, with different I have been a constant suilurer conclmied to Blvo it a trial in physlcians.foraorofulaau some from neuralgia and have nut my own case, and 1 cheerfuily oillld it, but found no relief known wliat it was to be free saytmul have bwn urna tlybeiintll I oomenoed tnking yoiir from pain until I commencwl nelited by lts use. 1 can walk Xyrup. After taknig it a short the use of Hheumatie hyrup. with entlro freedoni froni pain, time, to my surprise, it began t have feit no pain since uslnii aiulgentM'iLl bealtli is very lnuch to help me. Continuing ltH u-so the fourth bottk'. I tbink it improved. It is a splcmlld rema weeks, I found myself ns well he best remmiy I have ever edy for tho blood and deblllt:is ever. As 1 blood purillcr, I heardof f or purlf ytn theblood rted system. thlnk It has no enual. and for the ouro of rheumatism E.CHESTEKI'AHK, M. ]). MUS. WII.UAM HTBAHO. and neuralgia. W. Ji. U14SK MaDufactarcil by BhEUMATIC SrEUP Co., 1 Plymouth Ave., RocLester N. Y


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