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BA&BYS PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A Household Article for Universal Fainily Use. ¦"""¦¦¦j Por Scarlct and I Eradicatcs ITypoid i-evers, 1 ¦"ld'u-lt'd'K" llMplitheria, SaliMALAKIA Bvation tJlcerated g Sore Tllroat SinaU F-fxb; '"THHfí'fM'jB ''"" iiiusi.vs and all Contagions Diseases. Persons waiting on the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fever has never been known to spread where the Fluid was used. Yellow Fever has been cured with t after black vomit liad taken place. The worst cases of Diphtheria yicld to it. SMALL-POX Bons refreshed and and Bed Sores PITTING of Small Darbyí Fluid'"8 ""' F PBUVBNTBI Impuro Air made . Am=mber of my famharniless and purified. 'lv ,was taken w'th For Sore Throat it is a l Vsed the sure cure. rluid ; the patiënt was Contagión destroyed "?' delirious, was not For Froatcd Feet, P""", and was about Chilblaing, Piles, lh: house againiiuhrec Chafings, etc. weeks, and no others Ulienmatism cured had a-Z:i "¦ p""SoftWlüte 'nson, Fhiladelphia. _ ions secured by its use. BHHBBEISBB Ship Fevcr prevented. I To purify the Breatli, ¦ BinVl+Tififia Cleanse the Teet I iP"tüena it Can't bc surpassed. I Catarrb relieved and ¦ PreVeHted. H cured. Hl B Erysipelas cured. BBHIEEBSSBBS Stings, etc. Tetter dried up. I used the Fluid during Cholera prevented. our present affliction with Ulcer purified and Scarlet Fever with healcd. cided advantage. It is Iö cases of Death it indispensable to the should be used about room. - Wm. F. the corpse - t wiü ford, Eyrie, Ala. prevent any unpleas. ncMBnHHtoj ant smell. The eminent Phy. I 3f9'r'lo+ Pairan ¦ sician. MAKIoN ¦ücanetüeverB sims, m. d., New _ , I ïork, says: "I am CurSd. I convn::d Prof. Darbys ' I Prophvlactic Fluid Is a jBimmg valuable disinfectant." Vanderbilt University, Nashvlllc, Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfoctant nd detergent it is both theoretically and practically superior to any preparation with which I am acquamted.- N. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Recommended by Hon. Alexander H. Stbphbns, of Georgia Rev. Chas. F. Deems, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. Y.; los. LECoNTE.Columbia, Prof., University, S.C. Kev. A. J. Battle, Prof., Mercer University; Rev. Geo. F. Piehco, Bishop M. E. Church INDISPENSABLE TO EVEBY HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used internally or cxternally for Man or Beast, lhe Fluid has been thoroughly tcsted, and wc have abundant evidence that t has done evcrything here claimed. For fuller information get of youi Uruggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. ZEILI2Ï & CO., ' Manufacturing Chemists, PHrLADELPHIA Opium ïjniii, Rhcumatism, Spcrmatoi'rlir, or Seminal WenUness, nuil fií'ry otber coniplaints?" We claim it ti epedflc, siraply, because the virus of all diseases arisca f rom theblood. ItsNervine, Resolvent, Alterativo and Laxativo propertiesmcctalltheconditions horein referred to. It's known world wide as Cs5h@ÍEO' CWlERlylËXGlÖHQlüli0lR) It quieta aucl compopes the patiënt - not by ttic Jntroduction of opiatcs ond drnstic cathartics, but by the restorationof activity to the stomash and nervous system, whereby the brnin is relieved of morbid fancies, whieb. are created by the causes above referred to. To Clergymen, Lawyers, Literary men, Merchants, liankers, Ladies and nll those wbosc sedentary employment canses nervous prostration, irrcgularities of thc blood, stomach, bowels or kidncys or who require a nen c tonic, appetizer or Btimulant, Samabitan Nebvine ís invaluable. Thousands proclaim it the most wonderful invigorant that ever sustained the sinklng eystcm. l.S0. Sold by all Drneglsts. 0-i) For testimoniáis and circulara send stamp. TEE DE, S. A. EICHIÍOHD ÜED. 00„ F20P2'., ET. JOBKPH, HO. ALL KINDS OF BLANKS PEIXTED ON SHOltT NOÏICE AT THE COURIER JOB ROOMS. Book-!iiiidin quickly done ;t"d :illi üi :iií5 , in i;::. ;..::-, :ini cmds lastefuily Iririi-1.


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