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Allegan slups abont o, 000 pounds of oultry every day. About 88,000,000 foct of lumber on hand at Manistec. Rev. Thcodjre Nelson is thc new president of Kal.imazoo college. Ovor 1,200 barrels of appled were sblpped Irora Buehanan thl6 year. Judge Van Zile and family will return from Utah, to reside in Charlotte, In the ncar future. For the first timo in 41 years the Central Presbyterlan church of Detroit Is out of debt. The new Catholic Chureh at Newport was unrofed by the 6evere galc of November 12. Schools of Belleveuo, Eaton county, have beeD closed, because of the prevalence of scarlet fever. The Peninsular car works at Adrián lave 6hut down, and many men are throTQ out of eniploymeut. Mrs. Edwin Eddy, wifo of the wellcnown lumberman of Ea6t Saglnaw, died oí jeart dlsease a few days ago. Olivet college is in receipt of a gift of property in Bay City worth about $10,000, he donor being Roland llather of Hartford, Conn. A special election is to be held in iewaygo the 4th of December. The question s: Shall vre or shall we not have $10,00 Tater works. Michicl Jeffers of East Saginaw, conemplates the erection of a Catholic church in hat city. He thinks he can afford to epend bout $50,000. Philetus Quegel, recentlv arrested at Sheridan, Montcalmcounty,for counterfeitingi was convicted of the crime in the United States court at Grand Rápida. Holland is connected with the outrside world by telephone. It has also raised noni-y to build a towcr on the new city hall and place a c!ock therein. A state druggist association was organized in Lansing the other day. Abont 70 druggists f rom different parta of the state rere present at the organization. ! Robert Bultman, a clerk for Johr ; Williams, liquor dealer at Muskegon, bas bcci arre6ted chargcd with embezzling some $5 of his employcr's money. Tho farmers' mutual íire insurancr company oí Kalamazoo have lost eorae $10,OCC by fire this year, of whieh $4,000 came from the use of the stcam thresher. Tho man with seven fect of beard, who haile from Fairfleld, Lcnawec rounty, Is exhibiting himeelf in a dime museum at Milwaukee. Hi6 name is Edwin Smith. Charles E. Bennett of Jackson has shipped a pair of bay horses to Mr. Sherman of Indianapolis, Ind., for which he rteeired $l,'J00. Thcy will be taken to Austria. Ontonagon!ounty is to vote at the next annual elcction on the qucstion of bonding the COUDtJ in the sum of Í20.000 for the purposc of building a court house and jail. Kobert Brown, thecitizen of Fairlield, Lenawec countv, who attempted to commit suicide a lew days ago by cutting his throat, has slncc died from the cffecte of his injuries. Rev. Henry Stanwood, a venerable Baptist minister who has resided in Kalamazoo for the past 27 years, dled Nov. 7, aged 85 years. He was r.n earnest worker ia religión. Fred Leaders of White Pigeon, arrested for seüing liquor without pajing the goyernm;nt tax, pleaded guilty in the Unitt'd 8tatee court t Grand Kapids and was flned $100. Ex-City ïreasurer Wood, of Lansing ha been üdmiUed to ball in the snm of $5,00!) to appcar at the nut term of the circuit court. He is charged witU cmbezzlemeot of public money. Chas. GriJStb, of Paw Paw, a brakemaa on the Chicago and West Michigan railroad csught his foot In a frog at Bangor. He lost hls leg, f rom the effect of whiehhe died in a few hour. ïhe supreme courthas just renderod a jndgment in favor of HIggins townshlp, Roscommon connty, against Midland eounty for abont $3,000 back taxes. The euit has been pending for geveral ycars. The heirs of Peter Po3tma, who was killed at the Preeeott etreet erossing of the Grand Raptds and Indiana road in Grand Rapids, a few weeks ago, have commenced suit agatnet the company for $10,000 damages. A boy who was learning telegraphy in the Leslie railroad office was in the hahit of trying his hand at eoupling cars frequently. But a few days ago he madt an uneuccesifnl attempt, and lost his left arm above the elbow. The jury in the United States court at Grand Rapids foand A. Shuster of Branch eouuty gnilty of pension swindling, wíth a recommeud ation to mercy. Shuater got $1,600 pension for a cliënt and paid over onl'y Í350. f David Kapple, of Kast Saginaw, a widower and the father ef elght children, dil from the effeets of a doso of "Rough on Rats." It was a case of suïcide. The man was a laborer and the appaarance of his homs showed the deepest poverty. Marshall's W. C. T. ü. has made arraneements for an active temperance campaign thift winter, and has engaged features of national importance. Among thetn are Miss Francls E. Willard, and Mrs. Maiy Livertnore, of Boston. In the case of James Carpenter, who Is aeeused of drugging and seducing Allee Field in October, 1882, caueing her death, on trial in the circuit court at Hastings, the jury disagreed. The defendant Is nearly 60 years old; thegirl was not 15. It is underatood that the lord lieutenant of Ireland has been Instructcd to keep the peace between nationalists and Orangemen by discouraglng meetings of both parties and forbidding gathcrings of either organiaatloD if tronble Is threatened. Miss Sarah J. Cousins, the leading sinter In the colored jubilee eompany whO ha-re visiteo all parts of the statee, died at her moth'T home in Kalam&aoo. reccntlr, aged 21 ycars, of consumption. 8he was it fine singer tnd mnch thought of. A 12-years old daughter of J. W. Hogle of Lansing was eo badly burned by hn clotiies takins; fire Irom the etove that ehe died. The father'e hands were 60 badly burned 1b hls efforts to save hls child that it la [oval he wlll lose the use of one. A young married man named Williara Carter of Waverly, Van Buree couutj, was fatallj shot while hunting in the woods near that place. In carrying the gun the trigeer caught some obstruction, went off and the di=charge entered thegroin and bowcls. Rev. J. H. Magoffin, rector of the Episcopal church at Cheboygan, died Saturday, Nov. 17. Three weeks ago he punctured his thumb with a nail. Erysipelas set in and resulted fatally. He leaves a wife, two grown children and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss. Under the new taxlaw of this state- that of 18i2- the auditor general has begun the direction of the publicatiou of petitions in chancery to the circuit courts of the ccveral counties in the matter of delinquent taipayers, asklng deerees and orders of salu agalnst Iaud6 for unpaid taies of 1881. A boy named Will Threadgall,of Big .Rapids, aged ia, was arresïed on the 15th on cornplaint of hls inothcr on a charge of truancy. It being shown upon examination tht he was a frequenter of saloons, etc, and hls mother having no control over hira, he was sentenced to the retorm school nntil 16 rears oí age. A casa of shameful treatment of animáis is attrattlnsr attentlon in Teias, Kalamazoo county, A wealthj farmer, it is said, turned arj o)d horse out on an island in a 8wamp, shutting off his escape by taking up the bridge flooring, and has left him there, unsheltered and with uothing to eat, eTer 6ince. Secretary Charles W. Garffeld, whose postoffice address is Grand Rapids, has sent out circular annosneements that the 14tb annual meeting of the Michigan state hor cultural society wlll be held in Eaton Rapids December 3, 4 and 5, opening with a session on Monday evening and elosing with the Wednesday eyening 6ession. The discovery was recently made of a portion of a stone wall laid in mortar la the woods afcrout three miles northwest of St. j nace. It is snpposed that this Ie the icmains 3 of a Jesuit chapel, as t very nearly corresj ponds with the locatiou of such a building indicatcd on a map made by Father Marquette over 200 years ago. j Mrs. Phcbe B., vvidow of the late t Cvrus Jones, died November 18, at her home in Vy0mln2, Kent count.y, of heart disease, at the age of 75 years. She was a sister of the late Eliplialct II. and Isaac Turner, and like ' them a pioneer of the Grand River valley, having settled thora with her husband in 1834. Capl. Peter Taller recently leit Bay City and has goneto Hou Juras, Central'Ami-rica, leaving all bis property thoroughly mortgaged and some $12,000 of uusecured indebtedness. The discovery of the real condítion of bis affairs was not made until after hie departure. His wife is also left behind to look after herself as best she can. An 11-year-old son of Patrick Lyniu of Sterling, Bay eounty, was walking along with a pitchfork in his hand, the tines toward him, when the handle struck the ground, causing one of the tines to enter the corner of one eye near the nose. The doctor was not called till three days after. Then inflitmination bad - set in and he died shortly after. Mrs. Curtis tr. McCarty, of Colon St. Joseph county, eaturated a large piece of cotton batting with chloroform, pressed i against her face with both hands, burying her head in a pillow so that the fumes of the deadly polson could not escape. When discovered she had been dead several hours. She was about 30 years old and domestic troubles supposed to have been the cause. neury omicn, a ïauoreron tuesectíon gang of the Detroit, Lansiug & Northern railroad, dropped dead in a saloon at Edmore, Montcalm county, November 12. He had been drinkinsome and had just freed himself from a tussle with a friend who was along with him, and through tlie excitement instantaneous death was brought about. He was a single man about 28 years old, with his home in Washtenaw county. "All's fair ia lov-e and war." So thought Charles Camp and Maggie Miller of Grand Rapids. The mother of Miss Miller objected to the marriage, and Mr. Camp asked to see nis betrothed alone outside of the house for a moment. This was not objected to, and, once away from the materna! eje, she, without bat or shawl, proceeded to the residencc of the Rey. Mr. Dodds, wbere the knot was tied. The bridegroom is 21 and the bride'17. C. II. Spavr, a brakeman on the Grand Rapids & Indiana raüroad, was engaged in coupling care at Kalamazoo, when his head became squeezed by the cars coming together and he lived but 45 minutes. lie was unconscious from the time of hU hurt. His head was not mangled, but he moaned at interval tillhedied. Heleares a farnily. Ilis age was about thirty years and he had been a brakeman on the other roads. His home was in Upper Saudusky, O. A meeting was held in Grand Haven the other evening at which nearly $1,900 were raised by dlizens who were desirous of showiug their appreclation of the bravcry of the crew of the Driver in rescuing the 12 men of the proneller Akely. Part of the amount raised wlll be usetl to lift the mortgage on the Driver, and the balance will be cqually distributed among the crew. A fund has also been started for the widow of brave Capt. Strccb, A ciispatch from Norway, Mioh.,dated November 18, says : Yesterday, men at Ludinsjton mine joiaed the Chapin miDe strlkers at Iron Mountain, and paradcd the streetc with a brass band, 800 to 1,000 stroBir, Uil forced to disperse by the cold. Four hundred of theru then surrounded Suptrintendent Stockbridgcof the Ludiogtoa mine, and upon his refusal to yield to their demande, attacked, kickcdand beat him till be promisedthemanything they wantod. The me b then started In search of Superintendent Cady of the Chapiu mine, but he had left by a train for Milwaukee. The men threaten that unless their demands are yidded to at the Ciiapin mine they will compel the stoppage of the pumps and allow the mine to be flooded. Tlie saloons are all closed and therc is no (Jrunkimuess. The local pólice are powerlesp. It is probable that ono or more companies of the state inilitia will be called out. A 9nt AccidenC Freo Bcuder, n 15-ycar-okl Marshall boy was the vietim of a peculiar accident whieh has since had a fatal tormination. He was dressg an animal just killed at the slaushter ouse and had occasion to haul the creatureup by means of a large windlass. He accom plished it with difliculty, owing to its welgbt, and while sc-euringthe wirdla6to prevent the body frora dropping it gave way and the handlo flyiDg arouud with a frightful vclocity struck the back of his hesd. He wasnot stunncd and pickiug himself up rosuuied his work Although he occasionally complained of a hcadache uothine was done for him ae it was considcred of no conscqueuce and he worked as usual for two days, when hc was attacked wlth congestión of the brain and euffered severely for scverl hour6, wh(n he died. An examinatiou now shows that the end of the handle bolt protruding from the handle etruck the skull, piercing the bone auü niembranea, and drove several pieces into the brain nearly au incb. UKIKO1T m.VKKKTS. Whcat- No. i, white $ 90 (3 1 0Í P'lour 4 75 (d 5 OO Corn 50 @ 02 . Oats 28 @ 31 llover Seed, j bu 5 00 @ 5 75 Apples, $ bbl a2ífí2 50 Dried Apples, )ö 8 3t 8 Peacbcs !4 (t 15 Cherries 15 CkI 1Ö Butter, $ lb 23 'oj 2 KKL'S ... 20 22í rotatoes 45 (g 5j Honey ].s 5 20 Beans, picked 2 10 ld 2 15 Bcaiif, unpieked 1SÖ @150 Hay 9 00 @13 00 Straw 7 00 @ 7 55 Pork, dressed, $ 100 5 75 @ 6 03 Pork, mess . .12 00 @12 25 Pork, family 17 00 al7 50 Hains , 14 a 15 Shoulders 8 @ 8 Lard 10)@ 10 Beef extra mess 1175 (gl2 00L Wood, Beech and Maple ... ' ti 50 Woad, Maple 7 00 Wood Hickorv .. 7 00 The nine men arrestad at Cloaghan. Kings County, on the iuformation of he girl Curley, charging them with tiaving killed Sub-Constable Brovne at Birr aliout iifteen months ag;o were again remanded.