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Vegetable Sicilian a HAIR RENEWER íe was the firstpreparation perfect lyadítpted t o cure diseases of the sealp, and the first BOooeMfil] ree„ storer of faded or gray hair to its natural iolor, growth, and youthful beauty. It hashadmany imitators, but none have so fiilJy nu-t all the requirements needful for the proper treatment of the hair and scalp. Hall's Haiiï Rknewer has steadily growu in favor, and Bprtad its fnme and usefulness to every quarter of the globe. It uuparallelcd succes ca be attributed to but one cause: the entire fuljUment of its promixes. The proprietors have of ten boen surprised nt the i receipt of orders f rom remoto eonntrtav, wliere they had never made aueffort lor ts intruductiou. The use for a short time of Hall's Hair BbKEWEB wonderfully improves the personal appearance. It cleanses the sealp from all inipurities, cures all humors, fever, and dryness, and thus prevenís baldness. It stimulates the weakened glands, and enabk'8 them to punh lorward a newand vigorous growtli. The eiíecís of this article are not transient, like those of aleoholic preparations.bnt reinain a long time. wttlcb makes its uae a matter of ecouoDiy. BUOKINGHAM'S DYE for tui: WHISKERS Will change the beard to a natural brown or black, as desired. It produces a permanent color that wil! not wash away. Consisting of a single ¦preparation, it is appüed without trouble. rREPATïf:D BY R. P. HALL & tO., Naslma, N.H. Sold by all Dealere in Medicines. tFOR ALL THE FOEMS Serofulous, Merrurial, and Blood Oi-ui in., the best remedy, because the most searohing a;id tliorough bloodpurih'er, is ,; Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I Sold by all Druggists ; 1, six bottles, S5. AGREATTpROBlM e 1 TAKE ALL THE í Kidney & Liver ;[ Medicines, BLOOD 2 Purifiers, RHEÜMATIC [ Remedies [ Dyspepsia [ And Indigestión Cures I Agüe, Fever, And Billious Specifics r ! Brain & Nerve Force Revivers Great Health Restorers. ¦ In Short, tak e all tlic Bent qualltles of . all these, and the best qualitles of all the best , Medicines of the World and you will flnd that Hop Bitters have the best curative qualities and powers of all concentra'ed in them, and that they will cure when any or all of these, ingly or comblned, fail. A thorough trial will give poslt ve proof of this. ¦ ASK FOR THE BUTTER CRACKERS! Stamped with a "V." None genuine with out it. Made by Mi V 'IB WËs 'M mk nI VAIL & CRANE, DETROIT, - MICH. Endorsed by the Ficnch Aoiuleiuy of Medl jine lor Inflammutlon of the llrlnarv OrKauH. cuused by Indiacretion or Exposm J No süsïsrè INKALI.IHLB, HYGIKNIC, CrRATIVK Ppv vbntive Price$l 50, lnclildlng BnVb syrïnie' 1134-85 e o w


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