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JSew electrical Instruments have been added to the high school departraent, and teachers and scholars are happy. We doubt very much if there is a school i) the State in a towu of this size that is in is llourishing condition as the one here. 3y the report in our last weeks, issue we see there are 321 scholars enrolled, witli an average attendance of 93 per cent. The nutnber of scholars not absent or tardy :or the month ot October was 123, During the month ending October 31, there were issued from the postofflce at this lace, 76 money orders calling tor $978-. 71, and 224 postal notes calling for 1 12.17. There were also 5,480 two cent stamps sold showing an increase of value of over $10 since the reduction of postage), andstamped envelopes and stamps of other denomuations amouiiting to $99.47, and 2,250 iostal Ciirds. DEXTER. From the Leader. On Saturdayafternoon last conversation was carried on by telephone, by way of Oetroit, betwecn parties in Dexter and 3rand Rapids, a distance of 206 miles. Mrs. Peter Tirite removed from Dexter to 439 Trumbull avenue, Detroit, and her two sons, Wm. J., bookkeeper for Roney& Moran, wholesale grocers, and Frank E., with J. K. Burnham, dry joods dealer, will make their home with ïer. MANCHESTER. From the Enterprise. The front of the Peoples' Bank has jeen remodeled and now the office is receiving attention. The next meeting of the Southern Washtenaw Farmers Club will be held at Wilbur Short' Bridgewater, on Friday torenoon, Dec. 7th. The East Manchester Paper Mili site and water power, the best in town, is to je sold at auction in front of the Goodyear house, on Tuesday the 2'th inst. On Thanksgiving evening the Manchester Cornet Band will give a mask ball at Goodyear Hall. They have decided to give four silver cups as prizes to the handlomest and homliest couples. SALINE. The Observer was three years old recently and ndulged itself in a little spree by doubling its usual size. The paper is a good bright exponent of the business and social interests of the village and we always jjlance through its columns with interest. From the Observer. A Milán llrm has bought 8,900 bushels of eider apples this season. Only a few weeks since our temperance society was some $70 in debt, but, cheeringly we can say it is nominally free from debt to-day. The Saline manufacturing company have shipped twenjy-four of their Standard wind milis witliin the past six weeks. One was recently sent to parties in Montana Territory. Saline wants an opera house, some structure consecrated to the muses, which will be a credit to the enlightened tastes of its people. No entertainments visit Saline because we have no place wherein they can show. Union school hall is good so far as it goes- but it doesu't go far enough to aöord stage room for a dramatic company. TPSILANTI. From the Ypsilantian. The ladies of 8t. Luke's cleared about $150 by their excursión last Saturday. Pension Agent Post began nis 50th year the other day, and among other presents received a book containining49 specimens of mounted butterflies from different countries. The St. James hotel at Ann Arbor has quite a novelty in the manner of calling to dinner. Instead of sounding a rattling gone, the cali is made by four big darkies, who stand at the head of the stairs and sing it. Two take the bass the other two the tenor, and just at the right tune they sound "din-nah!" three limes, holding the last until the tenor soars to a high note and filis out the chord. From the Commercial. Mr Wm. Butler will shortly open the old Leetch Hotel at the dep#t. Tally another for East side. The choir of the Normal has begun to practice Stabat Mater. A gentleman in Detroit hearing the choir had undertaken the piece, offered to lend them his full orchestral score. Bev Dr. P. S Henson, of Chicago, will deliver a lecture at Normal Hall, Saturday evening, November 24th, under the auapices of the Students' Chnstian Association, Topic, Money. The farmers in husking are disheartened at the large amount of immature corn. It is a pooier erop than was anticipated. The clover yield in all this section is a mail one, way down below an average erop. Potatoes a fair yield and good. Oats and wheat turn out well. From the Sentinel. The fiaeging is laid in front of the sani tarium, and the final work in the .ntenor is rapidly going forward. Milk six cents a quart.and scarce at that all in consequence of putting on the air o a four horse city in a one horselow V and kPeDin cows trom running at large, to gratify a few who dou't want tokeepup f enees


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