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Itching Piles- Symptoms and Cure. The syrnptoins are moisture like perspiration, intense itehin?, increased by scratching, very distressing, particularly at nifrht, seems as if pin-worms were crawling in and about the rectum; the private parta are sometimes affected. If allowed to continue serious results may follow. "Swayne's Ointment'1 is a pleasant, sure cure. Also for tetter, itcli, salt rkeum, scald head, erysipelas, barbera' itch, blotches, all scaly, crusty skin diseases. Sent by mail for 50 cents ; 3 boxes for $1.25, (in starnps). Address, Dr. Swavne & Son, Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by Druggists. Vokïagans iu foliant íii.Kin PhannareuHcBl prepara tlOD Of í'i,s:i:.r nicrit, llliilh v. Il 6o fouDtl an ¦('( ;,t .id-, r mol y totüQ Iiinst faStltllOUS I' ..:. i;t. ¦TON" TAUAN'd ALAXIM-: is compon of V (.'ostly Kuls. Herba luid Finesi Frecch Brandy, and is the most Important and sáfese remeüy w-t Introduc d i uto tlii country, for tne treatnr rit ol all cuuiplaluts caused by JSher, Kuiney, B'ood or Stomach TroubUs, as ln-hgestiua, Billi. msnesn, KidDey Complaint, Ditibeics, Ileart AtrctioaB, Mema! Exhaustion, l-bllity, Ac. Ko one suffering wuli Mck lipaducbe shuM lall usfnK lt. As a Laxativo or Ctuiiariie, lt is abaolutcly perfecU lts use Is e-ípueiJly mlvised to Ladus. we make h9,strong assortioi), Alaxioe has no equal lor crnpiaiuta mentioned. it nhouldbo u-n-d by'evnry utie. In taspoon ftil deses, aa a preventive vf elckness, by lts power In aldlng GigestioD and kfeptng the bowois recular. Try ltoace, then see il juu would ever bn without. All Druggists heil u PiiCO, f L.OU per bottle. W003TER, ADAMS A CO., Ilungton, 0., U. 8. K 1137-1188 e o w e n


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