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Carl Schurz On Forestry

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Cari Schurz was one of tlio party wbich ivcnt west io wilnoss the (Inving of the last spike on the Northern Paciiic raflioad. Iv an address hc delivered at Sealtle he said: "A few days ago I had occasion to speak at Portland, "ml I dropped a few vords there npou the beauty of the foresta of this northwesteru country, and upon the great damgage that was done by the, wanton destruction which we now and then witnessed. When we carne west we were sure that nothinsr could possibly be ruore grand and beautíful than your snowy pcaks. Well, when we carne we didn't seo a singlo one of tiiem unlil we were close upon them. Ycs, we did see Mount Hood, but we were assured that the citizens of Portland hadn't geen Mount Hood for three raonüis; and 1 ara tsld you saw Mount racoma for the lirst time only three or fo'ur days ago for a long pcriodof time. What was the cause of that? It was simply that your foreste were on lire and your air was so fnll of smoke that youcould hardly seo your next door neighbor. Now, my fellovv citizens, this is a very serioii3 thin. Your beautiful forests are ono of tho principal elemeuts of wealth in this country. 1 once was su.-.retary of the interior, and then I ruade it one of ni y great objeets- in fact it was one of" my imbi Uons -to ntroilucü some syatem of for" est iulminislration th.-.t would proteei tliis immense source of wealth. In some western oountries it is a tradition that horse siealiog is a worso crime iban that of murder (is tnot?); and the horse-tliicf is strung up without meroy, while, I am sorry to say, tho mnrderor is soínetimeá permitted to to j at large. Now, I assure you that the men who sets the woods on lire is inlinitejy worso thau a borse-thief, and that he should be subjecíed lo a worse pumshment t.lmn hn .'


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