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Rheumatic Syrup

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The C reates? Blood Purifïer Knownï IUIEUMATISMCUBEI), SCROFÜLA CURED NEÜBALtfIA CUKE1) Rocheater. N. Y., April, utli, 83 JiliriniiütIcSyrup Co: cents [have been n Kroat PortByron, W. T Vtib SO, Vi Fairport, N. V., Mnrch 1-', S3 sufferer from Klieuniatism for KhenmaUo Syrup Co.: Bhaumfttlo Bjtupoo.: six oum, iind hearing f tl! I bod been doocoring f or tliro Oents-Since November 1S8B Bucoess ol ilheumatlo Syrnp I or four ycars, with (iifforent I linvo boon a oonnkint sulTcrc COnOlnded to glvo it n trial in pliysicmusjorsorofulnassoine í'roin neuralgia Jind have HO my own caso, and 1 cheorfully rallld it, Imt founl nu relief known whut u waa to 1)O freí Bay tlial I have Ix-on Kreatly benntil I oomenoed taklog your froni pain until I comnioncef neflted by lts nie. 1 can walk Syrup. After tnknliclt u short the ment Khcuumtic Syrup with entiro freeliinfroin pain, time, to my surprise, it beiïan t havo folt no pain sinco usinK aiHliiiMioralhenlthisverymuch to hüln 1110. ContinuinK lts use the fourth bottlo. I tliinfc it improved. Ituaiplendldroma weeks, I found myself as well lio best romcdy I havo ovor ody lor the blood and ilebilitas over. As 1 blood puriUer, I lieartlof furpurifylng thoblooi rted systeiii thinkitlias no equal. and for thocure of rheumatism H.0HB8TEBPAKK, M. D. MUS. WH.I.IAM stkaNü. and neuralgia. W.B. CHA8I Manufactured by Kiieu.uatic SïBDP Co., 1 PJymouth Ave, Rochester N. Y


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