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BUSINESS CAKDS. WILLÏAM BIGGS, BUILDER. HHOPs CORJVEKGHÜRCH AM) OfiLEAJTSST. Ano A-Tbnr. W. H. JACKSON, DEN'TIST, OFFICE: Over Bach & Abel's tëutrance by First National ank. :32tf WILLIAM HERZ House, Slj,rn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAÏNTER, PaperiDü, Olazlng Gild ng, and Ctlciiiiinln? an.-i irorkof every descriptipn done In the but sij and warranted Lo give satisfnct om. SHOP,Ï!O.4 WEST WASHlJfüTO.N ST. Ann Arbr. MIBltn. 38tf O. SGHAËfeÊËLE, Xtesidence, fï'}' Soiilli Main Street. TBACHBB OF Instructious glveD on plun of the Royal Conservator}1 of Alusic at Lcipsic, Saxony. PItKD BAJ1FOKD & CO., FRESÜÖAETISTS. Dealers iu Vine Wall Paper?, Leather Papers, LINCRUSTA, Paper OeiliDg, Decorations, Store Shades, DtcoratiTi Picture Mouldiugs and Centres. Estimates givi n and designs su lmitted for FrescoiLg aud Paper Dccoratlons. 255 Jellcrson Ave, DETROIT, Mich. NEW DENTAL ROOMS Ovsr Jee T. Jrc'ib' Qlor#Gas or Vitalized Air administercd for Ihc painless xiracüon of teetii. The Practical TAILOR & OUTTEE, Oithelnle flrmof WLVVaNS & 8E1ÏKY, has lo Ciited his pla-e cf business nt tfo. 7 UURON STJtllET, Wiïli a fu!l line of SUITr;s AND TROHSERINGS, nd wonld sny to hia Dld irlonds nd uew ones Sat If they want a oWd Fit arl :i Nobby B-H at Beavmablo i'rics, cali on him and they will bo cure to eet onc. Iean, godfbey k go., AND DBOORATORS, 10 j lea Orlnol St., Detroit. i'iiic ï'npw nanginga. Ek'sasi Ceilinp Decorations. Fine Friozes in all Widths. Ilouso Sliaflcs aai Roller?. A largo var'tcty of r()om mculdiny and liooks. FRESCO 3?AlïTTIlTa. Wo makc a specialty of Store Shadea and wc wlll f umteh estímales and samples of colora on upplication. SUutltíü ütted Lu ioll froni tup or bottoin of the nintlow on Statiortcry dr Traveliñg rollers. Wili furoifch Ouaquj h idini; to tïio trado eut to nzpfttu linans&Slaf ítíí UolUlli Idllllibi WO. 19 Maizi St, - oun- FaS! and WSotsr Stock is very elegant and complete. Prices as reasonaable as consistent with the high grade oí workmanship. HALUS HBSH SBB - ". WWW I fèTPW)aP n roS a oase il a JS1 iQ[ii!e SüdBcUitwithct positivo fW&vsze that it wlü euro any ils7.ia,f,si"SSeijisíance. f'' Un'lU.o aay utl.r Catan h rcracJy.aJ 0 biOOl. ü jon í'ti-w.W.dilirtMI .¦¦¦ ,;¦, tfotit.aBd ACCEPT KO IUITiTI.; 03 SrBCTITOTK. lfha' oasnotgotit, sem) to iu aml vn v.ül forward JOoediatoly. Prico, 7S cenia per bnttlc. F.#.CHÈNLVfeC0.,Tolede.0!!f.


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