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Going To "run' Dakato

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"Yes we're going to Dakota, saia ouc of the party offtigfa üvely yönnfc men on board a Lake Shore tram, near Toledo. "We're aroing ou: to Dakolato runit." "Torun it?" I quond. "Yus, we mean to runthc fatale, wuon it beoomes aSuitc. Jim overthere sto be Governor, Hearjr'll 1)9 Statu Tseasureer, John will be Congressman. and I pies United States Sensorship will beood enougti forme." Xhe me wiiolp Brty laurhed and anothf.T spoe up: "It isn't as bad as that, stninger. But we have ascheme. We're gotag out lo settle in two or threa adjaecnt eounUea. Aíter we eeí startcel we're going to brjng a lot morSof our friands out. feome oí na arelawvie::. son dootoW' one i Bewspaper man' two mei-ehants. and you can let we are all polrtioiaBS. tt e 11 go tarto gome of these new cotmtie, he p eaou othor into the offices, ind whenthebtate is organized perhap? we'll be strong enoagh lo capture Bomóthinjt pretty gooc Youknow it dosetfttakeavertrar crowd of fellows that pull welltogethei to make iuito a sur ma httlo State Ufe tliat. And we're all from Ohio, too. Bul keep it quiet, stranger, bceauso thc darned newspancramiglitgetnold oí re. The "A. B." for Bachelor of Arts, on the law graduate's diploma, sigmiics that after lic cocumenees to practico, lie wiil bo "Ahvays üroke."


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