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A sec oud salt well is being sunk ;it rfarine City. Marino City has voted to bnild a $10,!00 town hall. Tho state teachers' association meels n Dg December 28-29. Fruit land in the vieinity of St. Josteph e Baa R fron $300 to $1,0)0 per acre. Thcre were cut this season at Au íable and Otcoiïa, 203,8T9,&2-t feet of lumbar. A United States life-saving station vill be cstablished at South. Haven next sca,ou. Palv L:uv lias vecovered judgement ur r-i'nïQ fromJ. W. Ball, her f.rmer treasjrei. Michigan beo-keepers held a very lUccessful meeting at Plint on the 5th atid Ith iost. Tho ciiemist who made the examina.ior. eays there was no pjison in the storaachof Drouch. Gospel tempéranos meetings are beug held at Charlotte: Twelve bundred people lave signt d the pledge. A rcward of 5,000 is offëred by the ïlierifl of Jaeiif on eountj for auy iuformation hat wil! lead to the arrest of tho Crouch muric-rers. Thus far (his jear the earnings of the Filnt & P-re Marquette have s'novvn au lnerease for ïvery yr eek over the corrcspo.icüng wteK of ast year. ïhe body of Gapt. Strech of the illfated Ake'.y, carne ashore uear Saugatúck, at he 9th. The remalna v.-er taken to Chicago or iuttrment. Thefaraifcure manufacturéis of Grand Rapids buvj done a bmiue?s so far thU year lull} cqual to tb at 'of 1882, whiehwas cor.eiderably brxer thau tvor btlore. Mrs. Heury Steiner, wife of oneof the oldest auU weaittiic-t farmers ncar Uuionville, Tuteóla couiity, dropped dead Deeeinber i while washiusr. Hiart Qiseaee. There's trouble ia coliectlng thu Michigan & Ohio bnuus at M...ríhall. Oalj 11,060 '4iaï been placed in the buik soto an-i Marshall peopie treruble for their shops. Elk Bapids has enjoycd a buildiDg boom tbe past season uDprccedented in the Uistory of the nluce. The prospeetd íor a liveHer boom next season are very encouraging. iirms have sawed 84,500,lOO feet of lUinbSr and 10,600,003 shiugles this year, acd aow have on doek 17,000,000 iect of lumb;r, 1,000,000 shinules and 17,000,000 lafch. Ketuly 400 men aro engaged in gettiog outcordwoodfor the Eik liiqnisir.jn compaaytihis Tliis comi-aiiy uses about 10i)"c;rds of wooöpwdaj ín üialána: clutreoal Tor its furnace. ï ,vo caiioads of wheat reached Mackinaw City 1V rail a Se:-: ¦.'¦¦¦¦ ntr, -Torn the opper península, betog ;h ehipiiunt of graln Irem t!at rfgïon, itie sald. I us cunsfeiied to Grand Rapll. Seney, a new tuwn in Uüippewa countv, hp.s i-luht places -vli?ro vile whisky is eo!d letter dáflánce of luw- no taxis pald; givcn. Thcj iviï-: UiulcJ fégetier, and defy the offlfí" of Üw ia-. Tnc (leath uentonco of Hardiage atiá rufB#(á,eoiivletcJlD thf'Bsseti Out., assiZ.- of tiu murd'. rf Wülinn Maber of Detrtflt hMÖeen cdmtnuteJ to iüirieou i;rnt torillo n th" üiugtUm ptniteutUry. Sepator Pftlmeï n.l ponréasman EUdriágOhaVuúnfSoa In áu i-urtto hivö a peueloD mlpJngUpara It-catcd al Aarlan. A: lt is qoiv p-Tisti BIT3 iii tbat irgii'i! bW lp göln Tqledo fr txamlflatito. AccordiDg to thcsiiiiulo of M i Mgaii, f, MirJciIuud lïen.üal practioners wto aï nbt register v,i:h tb ppunty flerk prior to , adv the 8tli lurte ioílUbfl from prjer icipg tiu'ir proïesitón t3erpïn1ty-. éharles kaelleriorraerly ö lort in ,he BayCiryiJSt.oiHe-, win eut to liöudaraei introi Amerlc abottt thrce montüa jro, 1. .; u tbat iar-Mway p'ae '-'üö otUl;r daylis icn.aius wlU notbe bnuW bomo. The Buchauan Btoord ey Üit tbe surveyato have fi;.i.-hua tüe worl; of locatlug the line for the tensión of thcNarroV Qmite from th.t place to Sontll Brid, and report tight, 'ii:esoi Etrai,;nt track with Uttle graöTog. Jolm [liirgaflon, a veil known lawver at one time city atiorni-.y of Bay City and alO jóstiee of the peape two torpis, has bei-n nneingMiiceSundnytheS.iaud foul play 1 BBP' eted. Latcly he has been drinking hard. aovciTfOr has apflpintd Rev: F: N WwtcíSancoe'i,agetofiii6tat6tod of círitíáloas and charitics jof Houghto-a eount., Miig.)u,.l-.Cd BU aiMr, of I aha, as ageut ui s.'. brauch iflt 1)0 fipf'A statu proliibiüon corivéütion lus heen called to uirct in Jacksoa ou the second WednesdayiuJatiuary, 1S8Í lor the parpóse of uniticg all temperauc-e voterg on a QOtnmon platform for actloii In the coming oampilfn. A cbange in tbe owDershjp oí the SatuuUv IVst, pablisbe.l In GandlUpW, is amounce The paper 111 teKrttrT-ta dncud .B a temperad onjan, huJ J. W. Jalock, late of the Ho-.vard City Bccor t.Wffl haTeciHorial cisarïc of ii. Hudson people are exeited over a whioh Ihe roa.l rfquins of them. SI ate Superintendent Gas i lias eal.ed U,Tedathis office December 3á, during the Uon Tbis will afford a g.o'l oprortumt} íc.r téaebers totry for a state certitotuDr Bfotahal K RobS, lecturer on áegeneraUon oí tlK M Chas. K. Reynolds, n former woll knowa resident oí Harrisville, AlcoDa county, waí run over aai kuiel 'uy tliu Cira at Black Riveí a few days ago. lie attempte.d to seta brea!; on the log train., bilt slipped and feil on the track and the cars passcd over bim. Jle Ier. ves a wife an 1 three children. Au Sable, iosco county. bas been enjolnea against doing any further work on water works of the village t attrmp;ing to do anytbing further with the bonds ieued for that purpose. The grounds for the inj incitan are the illegality of the recent election and the couduct of the viitage trustees The second trial of Geo. Stralton, Jr., on the charge of murderiug John Skluner st, Estellaonthe 12th of J&nuary last, was prosetuted in the Oratiot circuit at lts recent session, and ended in a verdict of raurdcr in the second degree. The murder grew out of a saloon row. At ihe flrst trial the jury disngreed. Ötratton is 23 years old. Kugene Jones liad his lfift hand torn ofl' at the wrist in a shiogle mili four miles west of Howard City a few daya ago. lt was eaught in a shingle bolt elevator, and Jones, to save his life, braced hiinself and wrenched loóse. He pulled loose, butit tore his hand off lid diew tfce ten'lous from his arras. Amputa tion was necissary. With this winter goes mto '.-ffect the new taz law. TaxfS now become due in townshipa Decimher 1, and the collectors com n:etce to draw pay at the rato of $2 pi r day for oue raonth. At the end of that time, or January 1, the collector ís cntifled to a collecüoii fee of 4 per cent. All taxes are due on February 1, but the timéis generally extended and probably will be next ycar until March 1. One per cent, is added to the tax if not paiit by February 1, and 2 per cent. the first day of evtry month therealter so long as the tax remalDus unpatd, and also 4 per cint. for collect ing. Miss Lucia E. E. Kimball, suporin;,end'nt of the Saobath school departraent fo thenational W. C. T. U., has been working in Michigan 8iuce tbenivtiocal meetiue in Detroit, the polntB of labor being Union City, Litchfle.d, Adrián, Hiilsdale, Kalamazoo, Batlle Creck, Ollvet acd i'enton. She has spoken in Ihe colleges, day schools, Sabbath schools, and the girls' reform 6eho:l. ïhc aítsrnoon unión Sabbath schooi meetings have buea f uil of interest, as also have fcen the union Sabbath cveniiig meetings. She isi asked to return and spend another month in the state as soon as her other engagements will allow of her doing BO. Wm. ï. Smith, the young inan caarged with the kiiling of Commodore Mudicaof VericontvillB several weeks ago, and rho was released from custoiiy, bas been rearre6ted and lodged in jail to awaitexaminatiouï!.ie alleged eircumstances undtr which tbc tragedy oceurred are, that while Smith and Mudica were drirvktag at a well, Mudica p!ayfully threw a dipper of water upon Smlth, who hce;inie gieatly enraged, and, eatchiiig up a gun n:'ar, fireil the ciiarge iuto Mudica, ktiling hioi instantlr, Since Smith's release hc Uae been closely concealeü by nis parenis, and it was oub bv the utmob-t vtjilance on the part of the offleer' that liis wh'TeaboutB weie oarm'J. WitUo Flgeon1 iTlystcry. Or the merüing of August 13, 1833, Mrs. Catterlne Utard, of WliUe Pigeon, ged 73, was found dead in bed. Fnun surrounding eircamttanccé it was plain elic bad been umri'.tivd, ï.ut no éle, tp t!ic ptTpLira or could b fuiiü'l. Kt ci-iiüv a iiama: ]avid Broikfi kuovm as U3ull" Broots, a uotud "tuagh" l Pigi-OD, lias iet droy xprcselor.s wliich cast Bii.'picIuuE ou liim, and uilior 'aleutlni', of Wbitc PigtOD bas been lpokiug tin case np ior Ecveral weeks, and iias made complaint afeainet Br.:okp, and Stierf Uuxter tooiv hirn in ctríis He roaOe m re,-istancc, but loola-d t. rrli'v cast down. ?roru ilie ivldince devel opeditla fvWent r.ów thaï ho is the man rauttd. tfitliltfisn'3 Sliíre of the Saline SiilDarin tiie móuth of November the nvmber j Inspfcted acpord;cg to the State 8a!i taspeetwr was as fo'.lows; SaglulWT Co.uüty 1312 Brrj üaaotï )'!':rUiiioJ1 üouuty i S MidlaWB L'ouiav 8.8M County ;w 8t. Clalr C"Uiity 4.7ï Totai 8049 ïbe aait lnepeotíon year clor-es Novemb i 3.1. Tlie product ior the yqar Just closed falle considerabiy short of that of 1832, owint; to varlnaa cuisbs, suchas idle milis, late etartini up. etc. The followlng is a comparative statement of the number of barrels Inspccted slnci tb' State Inapection law went into eff.ct: 18C,9 861,288 1S77 1.660 89; yo7i)' " 63l,35 1878 ,1,855,884 187Ï'; 723,175 iSrfl 2(S-,(1 s7-V" 78481188: 8 KM ÏS73 " ... -83,846 1881 2 750.39 1874 " ' . . .1,!26, 79 If82 3,307.31 1878.'.':. ...1.1)8 ,8851888 81888,18 Pr6. 1.4Ö2 729 The average prlce obtained ior the sal product duriug the ytar was Rboyt ejght.y-two entí a barrel. Salí Accident al Saglnaw. Saginaw Citï was the stcne oí asail accident on tbc morniug of the lOth inst, when H.Hartlèy Bamwy ract hls death at the hands of his brotln-r Will E. Ramf ay, brok keept r of the well-known flrna of Wells, 9:oue & Do. The brotfeere Hvcd in tbé same house. Iietwien oue anti twp o'dock In the morninir Hartlej rushedintothe roem where his brother and wife wcre slepiug, and .-xclaiüied that burglars wcre in the house, and telliug hls brotW to ei hto revolver at once. Will tprang frora the boO, eceureii hls revolver, and started to leaTetho room. Just as he reached the door Hartley with the same degree of px citement with whieh he entertd the room, rushed bsck, and in the darkuess ran agajDSf the muzzel of Wil.'s revolver, diseharginK it. ]ie cxelaimed, "Will, you hive shot me." He ] was placed upon a ljed, and two physicians :.u:mHuned, who arrived in about 10 minutes. Too late, Uowever, to do augnt to relieve the wounded man, whoexpired in about 40 minutes aftcr tüe accident. ïhereare two thcorlcs as to the cause of "lXartleyEamsay's alarm. One, and the most probable, is that he Wta sutterlus: from a horribl" dream or uigútinans and was ie a soinnambuüslic state and was not fair'y awake nnti! lie retnrtcá from outdoors, and probiWj uot tbeii. The other theory would b? that these rcally wete burglars about tbc house, but thcrc. areno fact? to support tlils. Hi-rber Hartley Ramsay was a jouDgman21 year.? oL age, of fine persona! appearance, cultured tastes and finishecl edueution. Hu bas been in Sagl-uaw City for about two montbs. Prior to going tberc lie liad done amanuerisis work in a commercial house In Moutreal, wberchis knovleiigo of stcnography raadebim a valuable asslstaut. For a short time he was onuceted with the Daily TiineB, havitg charge f the books, but had resignad that pobition bont lOdays befare the accident. Ilis parents ve at St. Johh's, about 15 miles from Monreal, whcre tbc romains were taken for interment. DETiioiT njutKKn, flu-at- No. i,wwte Í 90 W. 1 (:; Tlour 5 00 (3 .ï 2 i }orn 4S ( 5' Oate 28 (& -l lover Seal, %t Iju 0 00 ( 6 35 Apples, ( bbl 2 75 8 53 Wed Apples, f ' i 7 (ft 1U 'eaches ]-! (,1 5 Jherriee 2 (íí 21 utter, "# lb i2 fa 23 Sgfrs L4 (Í -, 'otatoes 5:j @ 55 Lonej is @ jo eiins, picked 10 (5 2 lö Jeaiü'. unpicked 1 7.ï iU, 2 10 Hay 9 Ou (Sl3 0(. traw i @ 7 55 'ork, dresseJ, f) 100 5 0' (il 6 00 'ork, rnf'ia ..11 75 @ 2 2-ï 'ork, family 17 00 @ lains ; 4 w 15 bouJder 8 S SJ ard l'i.1 103 (.et extra mess 11 EO (3l2 00 ?'ood, Beech and Maple ... ' 6 50 Vooi, Maple 7 00 Wood Hickurv 7 00


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