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Silver dollars Issued for tho week endIng December 8, 251,498. Mórmons protest against the appointmontof Sumner Howard as Chief Justicc of Utah. Three bilis have already been presented askina: for the establishment of postal telegrap'uy. The supreme court bas conliruied Jefferson Davis' right to the propsrty lelt hiai by Mrs. Dorsey. Members of Congress froni tho Paciiic "oast have agTid to agree upon a bilí regardlng the vexcd Chinese question. The case of ex-Senator Kellogff indicted for eonnection with the star route cases goi-s over to the next term of ccfurt. Senator Anthony has entered upon his lift.h eoaseeutlva trtn iu the Scnate. His heaith is much improved although hc is still virr mak. John C. Nuw is making an effort to havo both ïiatlonal convi'iitions held in ' dianapolis next yeor. Jobn rnakes this requt'bt very mod.-stly. Thir1y-tvo of the bilis introduced in the House the other day were pension bilis. One of thein has been introduced at every sesBion üiucu 1852. Secretary Teller and Senator Hawes deuy the stateuient that part of the Í3OO,O provided by the last Congress to pay the Cherokees for certain lands has been, misappropriated. The Mississippi Kiver and Henrepin canal questinus were nmitted from the Preslder.t'S message, bücauae the execative d' sires to make these and other public works the subject of special messages. Artliur bas been isked to intercede 'in hiLalfof O'Donnill, umler sentence of ckáth för themunierof Carey. Tbe ground öf intercetiion ig that O'Donuel! was a 'Inion suldier, serving with credit, and did not deserve hangii;g. An official of the United States has becö sent to Youngátown, Obio, to look np the luestion of O'Donneli's residence, and If it is BB represented by Fiunerty, Foran, Murphy and other lrish members of Congress, President Arthur will take whatever measares he can consistently. Logan's uill providing for land grants to soHters and sailors, sives to every soldier imd sailor of the late war, who was houorably discharged, 80 acres of public land for less than one year's service, 120 acres for service betweeu ; onc and two years, and tf the service exteuds over two years 160 aeres wili be granted. Ro3encraas of California lias introduced a lili for tile encouragcraent of the building of .merican iron and steel eteatners which pro'ides postal subsidies of not more than $5,000,06 per year to owners of staamers built afler lie passage of tbe act in the United States, be Ippo aud stevrl to b3 ma-anfactured in the Jnited States. The Michigan llepublican associaüon. oaipostd of all of the Michigan Rcpubliear.s tsident iu Washington, have re-nrgimized for he winter an-1 the coming campaign with an Dcreas"t] nu mbershlp and au earnest ciTort to lo som e goud. The foüowing oiBcers have lecncboscn: I'resi -U nt, the Hou. B. A Harán; viee president, A. W. Bingham; secretary, ?r&nk ü. Shurp, and treasurcr, John F. Mlller. The atmtia] report of the coinmissioner ugrieulture is in print. In urgine tbe imjortance of forest culture the commissioncr aya: The total ralue of farest p.roduets of he Uüitt ú St.i,ed for the cengus yeat is esttnu'ed ui, i7OJ,O00,n00; iu other words the foi¦st proüuete eiceed thevalueof our crops of ïay, ri-, oats, barley, buckwheat, potatoes ii)d tobiiceo taken togethfr. They aruount to en times the viilun of gold and silvir of bich re make so much aecour.t, and to more tha: .bree times the valué of the precious minerals, ;osl and other mincrai3 combined. . Tiio following chances have been nade in clmirmanships rtt the oiajorityof the senate committi es : Foreiïn relalionp, Mille r of ali'ornia, ice Wintlom ; m:mníncíuro8, Riddlej.M-ccr, vice Conger; agrieuluire. MHIit of New iTüvk, vice Ma'; postofflees and postroads, HUI, vic" Ferry; pensions, Mitchell, vicePlatt, niues an.l miuing, Wilson, vice Hill ; revisión jf the, li s, Conger, TlM Miller of California; mproWTjeut of the Mississippi river. Van VVyke, Mitchell; transportaiion routes to he seaboard, Aldricb, vloa Harrisou ; to examine bram-hes of the eivil service, Cullom. vice Síwynr; Sic iraiU claim-, Mix.'V, vict vis "f West Virginia; public hnildluss and [roufllft, Mahone, vice R illiüi; revoluMonan claims, Jones of Florida, vice Jihnston: Mcs-r--. S'im ¦unan :ind Wüso i are pl.'.od on th! c imm(t'ee of fyrei;n relatioQs; Mi Ier of Nc Vo-ktillba vac:iney ou the comrnittee; Fr holdfourth place on thecommerce cummlttce. Phe rcinaiiiag changes sre uuimportant. Col Boudinot, Washington agent of the Cherokee Nation, hai addresBed an open letter to 8' cretary Teller In referenee to the charges resptctingtbe miaappropriation of the Chetokce Iudianaward. Col. Boudinot eayshe n 11 prove, if an op"ortuuioy is aflordcd, that the Treasurer of theCherokee N.ition paid out J2'3,500 of the award of $300,000 In fulfllment of a contract made by the Cht-rokee delega tion with ix-Cougrfssmin Phillips, of Eansa;, anJ tliat Pliilllps received the money. Aleo, that both Phillips and the Caerok'e delegatlon rep risenteltotheCheroUeceouncilthat said 122,500, allhough contraeted to be paid to Willi.un A. Phillips, was nut. ior his bentüt, bat to pay "oertain high officials at Washington for their lnfiuence in procurtog the appropriatlon." Phillips, when aeked who the "high officials" ïrere, gave theinterrogators to unJerstand that tbe '-high cftieiali" were Secretary Teller and Senator Dawcs. Co!. Boundinot also says: '¦8-nneb'Hly fok that money. I know neitber yuu uor Senntor Dawe ever got a dollar of it. 1 belleve 'Villiam A. Phillips did get it, and prob&b'.y sbared it wlth other." Gol:l has been discovered no:vr Las Vegas, New Mie . Parliaijient been farthcr prorogued unlil t'ibruary. Ccdar liapMs, lowa, had an 100,000 blaze Uic othor monilng. Satuniav, December 8, there were in the United States treasury $432,181,807. AU of tho United States deputy marshalls at Mobile, Ala , bave been removed for official miseonduet. The Ohio divorce refcrin league looking to reform in the divorc i laws oí the Buckeye state, bas been organized in Columbua. Cari Sahara was unablc to agree with the associate edirors n tbe New York Evccing l'cst, and iu cousequecce thereof has witbdrawn froui the pap-jr. The Virginia legislaturc met at noon on the 5th inst. Uov. Cameron's message, whlch deals mainly witli 6tate affairs was read, also a eharpar.'atgnment of Gn. Mahone, and arequeet to that ofScial to resign. Tho ontire business portion of Williamstown, N C, is In ashes. The fire orlginated in a fteamer on which was stored about 300 ba!6 of cotton and a quantity of miseelane ous freight, and is b lieved to ha?e been the work of an incendlary. Four 13-yeai cld boys of Mihvaukeo are fi.uod te have organizi-d a "BuffuloBill" alliance in the mobtapiroved dirae novel style, and raids on pantrie.s and 17 Vncmiiiary fires were the result, which were brought to an end by the arrest of the boys. There is serious trouhie in Manitoba. 'The entire busiix-sü of the Canada Pac -fij ia at a staiiClstill, all owing to ttie trouble over wagH&. Three tl'ousaud meu are on a strike, 8n ' Ml traiUR have stoppeJ running. It has beca cessEiry to send mail by sleighe. An immense throng of poor people In Moscow gathereJ bi'fore tbs house of a m ichant lately deceated to receive money Mstributed at the demise of a wealthy person. The pressure was so greatthat sévetal persons were crushed to dea'.h and four severely injurtd. A pilot-boat, sroing to the steamship Alaska which was nearing the New York harbor, was run lnto by the steamer and all on board the püotrboat were drowne.l. The pilot-boats usuaüy earry from 5 to 10 men, but at present it eannot be definitely ascertaincd . how rnany were ou the iil-fated boat. Boys piaying about a bayetaek in Lacrosse, Wis., December 10, ciseovered tlie eniaciated hut living f orm of Louis Andersom. It appeara the staek feil ou and buried him November 17, and that he had Ijaen there ever sinee, through pome severe wöktfier, without food or water. He is a mere fckeleton, but able to speak, and it is believed will aurviTe. Fire was discovered in a sleoping car of the New Fsrk express on the New York Central & Hudsou Hiver road near Castleton the other uaoruing. Tbe train ran into Castleton and stoppod, when the passengirs burried out. One ruan was tcrribly roasted and is now in a dyinït condición. Fíreengiues extiuguished the dames after the car had been almost ruined. Twdw passenger were in the car sleeping when the flrt was discovered. The fire was caused by tbe explosión of a lamp. lïritish Columbia is alarmed at tno Lcrcaseii iiamiiiration of Chinese into that country, aad a resolution hag been ailoptedby the legitlature instructing t!:e govtrnmeut to introduce a bilí for the restriction of Chinese iinmiuratlon. A síartliug state of aftairs exIfs there nccording to the statement of the Provincial secretary, tint thére are now over 3 OOOdegtttnW Gatenden on tbc mainland, who i-h . i '. - Í . . . . ¦ ¦¦¦ ¦ 1 ¦¦ . í , í ï ¦ t Eubbir. by muruer and thett. Tbc trial of yonug Nutt, for killiug Dakoí, was begiin at Uniontown, Pa , ou the 5th. The ptnel of 80 jurors was exhausted ar.d only taree were sworn. Nutt's counsel moved for a change f venue to Allegheny couuty, whjch was granted, and it is tliouüht the cast' wi'l he eaüed agüin in ubour. tbiree weeks. At Nutt's home a strong politica) [celiug in favor of Dula-s prevuils, whilein Ailczhi'.ny county ne such feeUag bas entered iuto the case, and a spredy verdict of acquittal is expectcd. A dispatoh f rom Austin, Texas, roferting tO the reaent report of a euit eoon to be brought In ïhe United States court of claims to recover t.he value of sJaves emancipated duri-'f;, eays Gov. Iri'laiid. Attcirney (iiccr:il ïecépleton and pi'Vrral proniincntlawyirs cou-ultfil bv a. rep Tter, tcout th: idea rbat Tixlis !)!¦; iny mire claim on t.he Federal gowri.ment than any soulhirn state. It is consiiltred Ihe eebtme is a very foolisli one, and that if is ningfd in it, which is regardcdas doubtful, it is for political purpo&es. A crank, inving bi ñamo as John Denobina, of Si. L ms, M . wm arrjsr.e.l in 'üfvclanl the otüer day,.for atinoyine; Miss Mllie. daughterof the lati President üarfi.M. He eay-h" will marry her or bis own life He succeeded in gainina; nu Interview Tith tlieyouaa l.idy, and sai.l he would cali aa;iiin for an aü-w'lt tnhis suit. Hs pr .position was consi'oti-d to, anl a'i oillcer waè notifled, whomet they.iuna; mm wti,-n he pat in his KiCond üppearaticj Three or four jeara aeo the ?ame fellow was arrested !n St. Louis for his attentioasto the daugliter of üen. Shermun. A few nigbts ago a frame house occuplfd by John Ecbert, and wife at Braddocl", P., iras destroyed by fire. It was snppoted that 11 the inmatC3 bad eteap 'd, as during tha procrees of the üre no one was ni-tiugullmble in the tmrning hou6e. lint after the ftam s were Eubdued the charred reraain of Mis. Eckert were founl i'i the ruins. The unfortu natewomaa was JRdtcted tothe U9eof alcohol and opium, and it is belleved that while undir the influence of ono or thï other of these, the overturned the lamp and set lire tothe buildintr. Ugly rumrs refl-cting on tbe husbaud are also circiilated, and assertions oí íoul play made. It is said the husbaud and wlfe had freqnont quarrela, and that just before the flre Eckert left the premises very angry. Kek ert has bceu arrcstc.d on suspicion. An Account 01 the toss ol tiic I?IaiiIteo. A special to the Maneapolia Tribun of the 7th, says: Mr. Carleton, of Duluth received a letter yesterday from a frlend whi vras a passenger on tlie ill-fated Ministce, o' whlob ÜW followinK is a synopsis: ' Vfo n tn tmat went out, the letter goes on to state, they encountered a verv heavy gale from the eouth 1 west, ?.n:f when about twenty miles out th boat was put about, but could not mako. it, and broke in two. Thelife-boatswtretakeuout, bui before they werc launchcd all but one were swept away, and only nine pereons nho wore on the boat were allowed to get iu. Thcy had a terrible time after the eteamer w nt down. There wan nothing left but tbe wlde expanse of water before thrra. They rolled around on the turbulent waters, cold, wet and hungry, thrce days, and oae by on dropped olí, death havtng come to their relief. Some of them ffOEe to death, while eorne die-i frorx sheer exbaustion and exposure to the wind. They say Capt. MeKay never left the boat, but wrapped hlmaejl up in a heavy overeo it and rcraurked, "I will never leave the boat uutil : ie last soul is off. I am the captain of thi. ' t, and if (he is acnffin for anybody she wLi be my coffin." After the men hal left 'he boat they say tii' Ma listec made one plunge ui:der the waves aud that was the last of lier. They report that when they left the bo:it títere wt-re part of the crew and ten or eleven passengen on board, and out of those wlio starled out in the boat only three werc saved and reached Houghton. Thev siy the wreek oeciirted off. Eagle Harbor, and that there was no poMible 'hanee of saving her ander the eircumstauees. Ttiey say that at last, when cverybody knew thfTH was no hope of savlng the boat, Capt. McKai gave hls orders justa coolly and col1 etedly as if on land. Tennyson, tbe poet lauréate, has been ma le a baron. Strenuous efforts are being made in behalf of O'Donnell. The Tonquin credit bill is adopted in the French Chamber of Deputies. The French Heet hasdestroyed soveral ports on the coast of Madagascar. The desirabiüty of tbc anuoxation of Kgypt to England is freely discuftfcd. Loudon pftpers are greatly disappointed in President Arthur'3 message. Discussion of tbe Tonquin credit still OCCUpies the time of the Freueh deputies. The Pope proposes a memorial ehuren to O'Connel!, and says he will dónate soniethinff. Sixteen Servían insurrectionists wero tiot on the 6th. üthers were sentenccd to ons terms of imprieonmuit. Five persons were drowned by the apeizing of a skiff while crossing Notre Dame Bay, coast of Newfoundland. On bis departure from Madrid the rowu prince gave 25,000 pesetas to servants f the palace and 50,000 to the military asylums. Gen. Pryor bas requestod U.'iitod tates Minister Lowell to apply for a respite or O'Donnt'll, with a view to secure commuta ion of the death ecntcncc. Crown Princo Frederick WHüam goes o Italy to reciprócate attention; paid to the Germán m iperial by the Italian royal 'amily. Ie may also visit the pope. The crisis iu tho ship building trade n the Clyde is growing more Intense. Three .-.i ge tirms ioeludiu.; D.i.ny, huve ïiotified mploycs that wasre would bc ixdueed iü anuary, and several other llrms will follow he example. Fire broke out ;n tlie Hasküni quar¦.rs iu Ccmst'intinople, but was subdui'd aftir aglngfor eïght, houcs, The goverunifntis elievinir Bufterers. Six bundred house, ihe (iree); ehurch, anl fótlr syhágogüee were detroyeJ. A snoir storm preralrlBK at thr ime, which added grcat'.y to the fiufferl gs of bomelws people. A banquet was tended Parnell in )ublin a few uights ano, and as a national ribule LÍ8,W' were given him. An immense rowd ws preeent, anl gn-at eniii'itijsm prei(ed. Tbe "Great Leader." made a sijeeoh enouticiiii In strouK terms the poiioj' of the British government and dt-clariug the jneent genration must nat rest until it has leqeathcd to the coming gent ratlon the rjht of natlonal iudepeudeuee and prnsi; rity. An assoeiated pre8 dispateh of tho othsays: Adniirl i'ius: Yu Ling has just arived atCauton. He has publicly üotifled all. ereianers that war is imminent. He hiis mihpsed all of his av.-tilible land and si-.i firces for the purpose ol protectjog Cantón, and has wariied all neutral powers : s responsible for the positiou of affairs and for the war which is likely to et:sue. All tlic wwers ató wiiuied especlally to objerva the ir treaty obllgatioas, and ar toformed tb at a Iteral nterpretation oL theec obligations will be nflsted Uj.on. The other evening, while tbe ohan. ber of di .utico v. as in peffion, fire broke out in the Pa!ais de la Nation, Brussels, ppreaiiing rapldly. It. 10 p. m. before tl:c lire was got practicalr; ttnáer control. The eh.nber of iJeputiea and outiyintr buildings are amass nf rnins, and the famous library contalniug manv rre liooks an-3 docmnints. was destroyed. The offices of the óVpartmentsoi foreinn affairs and that oí cdueation were only slijihtly dumaged, and the archives of tlie for-ign offiee wer' saved ii.tact. Several firemen were badly lnjared and one bas dled. It is feared snie persons were buried beneitli fallins; walls. . __- Mis Andorson is not likely to be readily forgottenip Kngland. rwnntyBto thouaaadof berDhotoprphs, t;tken sinco her arrival in Entrland, bava been sol.), :ind Sh Van derWeyde, to whom alono she has sat, bas prepared a photograph pf luiroic sizc of (irecian Malden'1' This measures ei;ht feet bj three,earbon. and is therefore pnrmanent. This enlargement, on the greatestscale takon, is rc:nnrk:Uile for perf ilion of the half tones and pimty of the ligt. Pretty tiglit-fittingiackets for yountr ladiea are cut in a novel way, a findn ated box-pleat beiug interted in tho center sea'm of the back. A dosel v set row of buttons down the front ünishes the stylish garment. V't' all dread a bodily paralysis, and would mako uso of every oontriraneo to avoid it, but none of us is tronbled aboul n.ixiralvsis ofthesoul.- Epictetas The bost that we can do for one another ia to exchangre oar thosghta fraaIv nn.l tn-it !lf-r all. ÍS but little. -


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