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Standard time is coming. The widc awake communitics have easily adapted themselves to the change while the slower and more conservative places are vainly Btrlviug to clog the wheels of progresa by delaying action. However we belive it will not be long before tlie tendency of the times will crowd them and make them, in tlie end, do reluctantly what they ought to have done gracelully at the beginniBg. As it is ut, when we leavc home with our watches at Ann Arbor time we can travel to Chicago, to Cincinnati, to Jiew Orleans or even to the Missomi river, alwa3's having the exact time of the place and without the least trouble in looking up, first, the time the rail road runs by, and second, the difï'crence between that and our own time. For years this system has been in operatiou in England with perfect satisfaction and to the saving of much confusión not only for railroads and travelers but also for business men and the courts. The change is undoubtedly an ment and one can get used to it ia a day if he only puts his giant intellect to work to figure out whether it is half an hour earlier or later than tlie oíd time that he must get up, eat, go to business or school and to entertainmeuts. The change is nierely nominal. If one is accustomed to arise with the sun he will awake at that time whether the town clock points to seven, half-past six or half-past twentyone o'clock. What is the real difterence ? Does it not do us good once in a while to get out of a rut and shake up our ideas ? The best ones will come to the surface. Standard time is the coming improvement - -nay it has already come, and the sooner it, is u n versal ly adopted thesooner shall we get used to it and like it.


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