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Street Talk. " How much better you look, Mr. S.' "Yes, I have gaineil 32 pounds on Hall's Orttairli Cure. Have not íelt so well ii 20 years. It has made i complete cure and is worth $50 a bottle to nny one tha has the Catarrh. Sold by Eberbch & Son. "Oh, my,"said an oíd lady who feil oui of bed in a Boston hotel night be f o re last 'Tve hurt the exterior of my gpinal column." " Good enough - I nieiin, my gracious ! '' said her husbañd, sittlng bolt upright in bed, "we will sue the proprletor for damages.1' Cured Wlieu Physlelaus Gire np. "Our family physician gave up our child to die," wrote flenry Knee, Esq.. of Verilla, Warren couiity, Tenn. " It liad lits. Stimaritan Nervine has cured the child. $1.50. "Got on yourliU8band'8 cravat, haveu't you?"nsked a neighbor of Mrs. Bilkius, " Yes," replied Mrs. B. sadly, " ifs the only tle there is betweeu us now." - Lite. Sklnny Men. . "Wells' Health Renewer" restores health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, ímpotence, Sexual Debility. $1. If trotting horses continue to Improve their speed it won't be a gieat many years before they will get their records down as low as some of their drivers- Chicago News. Tone up the system by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It will make you feel like a newperson. Thousandshavefbund health and relief f rom sufferingby the use of this great blood purifier when all other means fuiled. "Know anytuing about life in the West ? " said Mr. Stone. " I should say I do ! I was tarred and feathered twice in Missouri, and rode .on a rail in Kansas." -Boston Post. Cares of Life. As we come to them they are received. borne with, and passed over with no more than a thought, if we arein the enjovment of health, but if sufterins with Piles or skin disease of any kind they magnify a hundred fold. Eberbach & Son the Dnio-gists, have Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy which is an absolute cure for any affection of this kind and is sold at 50 cents.


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