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AYER'S PILLS. ' A large proportion of the disewses which caue human suffering result froni dermDgament of the Btomach, bowels, aud liver. Aveu's Cathahtic Pills act directly upon these organs, and are especially designed to cure the diseases eaused by their derangement, including onstipatioii, Indigestión, Dyspepsfa, Iiesdarhe, limntery, and a host of other ailments, for all ƒ which they are a safe, ure, prompt, and plcasant remedy. The extensivo use of. these PlLLB by eminent phy9icians til regular practice, shows uimii.tak;.M the esMmation in whiuh they are held by the medical profession. These Pill.? are compounded of vegetable substaiuies only, and are absolutely f ree f rom calomcl or any otber injurlous ingrediënt. A Mi ir.M . i from Headathe wrlten : "Avkr's Pili.s arn invaluable to me, and are my constant couipanion. I have been a íevere sutferer from Headache, and your Pills are the ouly thing I could look to for relief. One dose will quickiy move my bowel and free my head from pain. They are the most effective and the easiest physic I have ever fouud. It is a plensure to me to apeak in their praise, aud I aJways do so when occasiuii offers. W. L. Paoe, of W. h. Page & Bro." Franklin St., Kiohmond, Va., June 3, 188:;. "I have used Ayer'8 Pills in nuinberless instances as reoommeuded by you aud have uever knowu them to tiiil to aceoinplish tue desired result. We constantly keep them on hand at our home, and prize Uiem as a pleasaut, safe, and reuable family mediciue. FOR DYSPEPSIA thev are invnluable. J. T. H ayes." Mexla, Texas, Juüe 17, 1882. The Rev. Francis B. Harlowe, wrirtng from Atlauta, Ga., says: ' For some years past I have leen subjeut to constipation, from which in pite of the uee of medicines of various kh'ids sutrered increasing inconvenience, until soinè month8 ago I began taking Aver's Pills. Thev have entirely corrected the costlve habit aud have vastly improved my general health." Aveu's Cathartic Pills correct irregularities of the bowels, stimulate the appetite and digestión, and by their prompt and thorough action give tone aud vigor to the whole jihysical economy. PRE PA RED BT Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists. YOUNG, AU experience the wonderful beneflOLD, AND . , cleffet8of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. AfiF f! Children with Sore Eyee, Sore Ear ru' .0ILan scrofulous or syphUIUc taint' may be made heaíthy aud strong by its use. Sold by all Druggists ; $1, six boules for 3. Ask the most enii'nent physician Y Of any school, what is the best thing ui i the world for quieting: and allaying all irritation of the nerves, and curing all - forms ot nervous complaints, giving nat. ural, childlike refreshing sleep al ways? And they will teil you unhesitatingly 'Some forrn of Hops!" CHAFTER I. Ask any or all of the most eminent pbysicians : " What is the best and only remedy that can be relied on to cure all diseases of the kidneys and .urinary organs; such as Bright's disease, diabetes, retentlon orinability to retain urine, and all the diseases and ailments peculiar to Women" - "And they will teil you explicitly and emphatically, 'Buchu.'" Ask the same physlcians " What is the most reliable and surest care for all liyer diseases ordyspepsia conftipation, indigestión biliousness, malaria] fever, ague, etc ," and they will teil you Mnndrake ! or Dandellon ! Henee, wnen these remedies are combined with others equally valuable A comiwunded into Hop Bitters' such a wonderfui and mysteriouscurative power is developed which is so varied In its onerations that no disease or ï 1 1 health c-in dossibly exist or resist its power, and yet Harmless for the most frail woman weakest invalid or smallestchild to use. ' CnAPTER II, "Patiento Alinost dead or neurly dyin"" Fot years, and given up by physlctana ot Bn-jht s and other kidney diseases liver complaiuts.severecoughscalledconsump. tion, have been cured. Women gone nearly erazy ! Fromiiiroiiy of neuralgia; nervousnes waketulness and various Jiseuses peculiar' to women. People drawn out of shape from excruciating pangs of Rheumatism, Inflammatory and chronic, orsufferinofrom scrofula ! Erysipelas ! Salt rheum, blood poisoning, dvspepsia indigestión, and in fact almost a'll diseases frail nature is heir to, have been cured by Hop Bitters, proof of whicli can be Lound in every neighborhood in the wown world. )"} Place to secure a thoroUKl Journal Address C. tí. WwenNhgj Estáte of (Mire Jane Winslow gTATK OP MICHIGAN, CouSW or w2n.w At a seulon of the Probate Conrt for the Conmv ol Wwhtenaw, holden at the Probaf Office in ?hí will and testament of caid deceased come, i f. woek prcvloua to Hald dav of hear e "uccei!'"ve (Atruecopy.) WILLIAM D. H ARRIMAN WM. o. DOTT.Igtggyg. Nottce to Credilorn 1170-1173 WIÍ'I'IAM D. "ARRIMAN ' Judtíe f PrHate. ]


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