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i mr ncn 'i"oi diüHl cuses up on yesterday. Uis veported that Ypsilanti has returne to the oíd timeTlie Flag Festival netted $60, and the Jug-breaking, $50. A great inany euiigrants uro being carrled through on the Central. The State Teachers' Assoeiation ineets t Lansiug, December 26-28. Kev. Dr. Pitkin iscoiiducting the advent services at St. Andrews chureb. The Olióle Dancing Club expect togive tlieir secoud hop next Tuesday evening. Conipany A will decide on Monday night as to holding a bazaar in January or February. ____p__ The Gas company has sold twenty street lamps to the village of Dundee, at $8.50 each. _______ Rev. Mr. Sunderlaud will speak next Sunday evening on the subject of " Collece Secret Soeieties." The Blue Ribbon bazaar, to be held at the rooms over Noble's store, beglns on the 18th inst. and continúes several evenings. ________ Charles Francis and Silas Tolbert, two negroes on trial yesterday tor burglary at Saline, were found " not guilty" by the jury last evening. N James Holmes and James McDevittwho hroke into the Dexter baggage rooms on the 7th inst. plead guilty on yesterday, and were sentenced to Ionia for live years. The new choir of the St. Andrews church consists of Prof. Kempf as organist, Mrs. Woodward, soprano, Mrs. Kempf alto, Mr. Spicer, tenor, and Mr. Frenen, basso. A Bible conference was held YVednesdayand Thursday at Jackson under the "auspices of the State Sunday School Association. Prof. E. Olney spoke on how to study a lesson. Tlie assignee's sale of the dry goods stock of M. B. Kelley & Co begins toraorrow morning. The inventory Is completed to-day. Goods at "slaughterinj{'v prices now, we suppose. To our list of registercd physician3 as given last week should be added the four ñames below : Raldwln Newton, Ann Arbor, homceopathic. Baldwin Alanftou C , Ann Arbor. eclectic. Barkley Maggte, Ann Arbor, homieopathlc. Prederlck Samuel D., Salem, regular, It is rumored that Co. A contémplate building an armory on the corner of Fourth and Washington streets. 66 by 100 feet, with two high stories. Snccess to Company A. U they undertake t they will do it. A very interesting session of the State Horticultura] Society was held at Katon Rapids last week. There were sixty or seventy delegates from abroad. E. H. Scott, of thls city, is a member of the exccutive board. The annual electiou of Company A occurs January 7, In consequence the public inspection and hop will be held on New Year's eve., Monday, December 31st Dancing wül becontinued iintil 2:30 instead of 12 as beretofore. One of our townsmen has jast been walking 18,000 miles. It was a sortof a Ro-as-you-please walk, and has been done between hij house and shop during the pasttwelvn years. That there may be more of thig ilk all good cobblers pray. -%+ Tracy W. Koot after a long and lingering eickness died at 10.30 Wednesday night at his home on Huron street. He 'ias been a resident of this city for over flfty years, and was bom in Paris Hill, NY- He was clerk of the county in 1863'65. Next Tuesday evening at 7, at the Methodist church Rev. R. B. Pope lectures on "Vacation Views of Forelgn Fields" for the benefit of the Af rlcan M. E. church. Admission 25 cents. The church has a debt of $260 which it is endeavoring to liquiaate. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week there will be a conference of the County Wnts, and Convention of the Board of Corrections and Charltics at East Saginw Topics of general interest will be iscussed. and on the program is a discourseon Church and Private Charities by Rev. 8. Haskell. Monday evening the second violin rectal will be giren with the following program. Mr. Luderer will play:,1: 1FoIlle'8 Espagnole; Tartlni : 8oBelHm. aWSkl: 'L8end; 2. Souveulr de Mrs. Haviland singa a bailad by Blu'iientbal, and an Itallan song, " Miei Pic"arella." by Gomez. Several of these se'uctions have not been rendered before in tlie State. TheNew England Dinner is to be at 'e Jaes Friday evening, December -' The Governor will be present and uake a speech. Otlier toasts by Prof. ? K. Adam?, Rev. R. B. Pope, Profs. auithn, Howison, and Pettee, Dr. Pitkin pf Detroit, Mre. Sunderland, and Senator ralmer has proniised to be on hand if n"ress adjotirns in time. Iuvitations wil' not be iseued as heretofore, and the . Public generally is Invited. The other day we met sotne people comraonly called intelligent, who were : 80 confnsed over standard and regular time that they feared Old Sol hitnself would get muddled and tiot know when to shine forth. If it is going to get the sun mixed up, for goodness' sake don't fooi with the cloeks. The remainsof Mr Henry C. McOollum, formerly resident here, and of late a conductor on the Atlantic and Pacific railroad in Arizona, were brought back to his home Saturdiiy, and the funeral services on Sunday were conducted by Revs. R. Steele and Mills Qelston. Mr. Aaron George, a brother conductor accompanied the body, and he left Momlay for his home in Fort Wnyiie, Indiana. At the seventy-first regular meeting of the Washtenaw County Medical Society, to be held at the Hawkins House in Ypsilanti, next Tuesday, at 10 a. ra., Dr Kinnie will remi a paper on the " Hvpoderliss Waijer an "'"¦ ¦¦ ¦ !ittendP-f? m-e enleitaiued by Dr. and Mis. Owen Drs. W. F. Bréikey and C. O. ï.trl;nr. of Ui Is. city,Kie President and secretary nspectively. We leaix that ÚH9 Surarlutenueiiu. of the Poor h: ve contrae 'ed for some fouror toosof b. ;;.' „ i.65 per huudred, . ífcfMty-fivi-.-enklessthan lastyear, oric v.iü bc delivem] withiu the ik. .1 'StlnK $5.30 per hundred. $7.35 per hundred was paid last year, so tUat the purchase thls season Is at a very mucL lower rate. Fifty cords of wood, at $3.00 per cord in the woods, have been bought and will be drawn by the county teams. The building orde red by tbe supervisors will not be put up before spring. Some improvemeuts have been made in the county house recently. ï'here are about eighty-four inmates at present. The seasou of the j-ear brings in quite a number that are out durini; the suminer months. mm - i mm Eleven tramps recently attempted to conceul themselves on a Michigan Cen tral freight for the purpose of siealing a ride.setting on east of here. The conductor knowing of thelr presence on the train waited until after starting up and nailed the doors shut. Arrangements had been made by telegraph for the arrest of the party at this station, and they were accordingly trantferred from the car to Sherift Wallace's residence on the arrival of the train here. They were given trial on yesterday before Judge Joelyn. One of the number from every appearance was deserving of more sympathv than the others; he was, therefore, given sixty days at the Detroit House of Correction. The remaining ten were sentenced to the State House of Correction for six months. Sherift' Vallace starts for Ionia to-ruorrow with some of the number. According to the vote of the common council the standard time became the time Sunday, and the town clock took a halfhour recess between twelve and one o'clock. Cloeks and watches about the city are quite generally running by it and so are the most f the manufacturing institutions. However, some of the more conservative citizens,having possible legal coraplications in mind and being worked up by the cry that they vould not be "run" by the railroads, and othcr notions prevailing, are opposing it. They have created so much of a stir as to frjfhten the school board, the common council and the powers that control the town clock. The consequence is that the time will be changed back again next Sunday. The school board also got scared off the track and changed the school hours yesterday morning.