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The PamCBSB. A Medley. Ay Alfred Tciinyson. Illustrated. Octavo, pp. 223. Boston : James R. Osanod & (Jo. Priee 0. . We tliought, a few years ago, when Messrs. Oagood & Co. favored us with mairnlflcent Fine Art edition of " The Lady of the L.ike " that the very pcrfection of book-making had been reached, and that ite beauty of design aad exQuMteneH of tinish coilld be hardly equaled, certainly not excelled. But, on examinntion of tliis recent edition of Tennyson's " Princess," we are forced to acknowledjre that we did not do full juslice to the book-maker'sart, nor to the alinost infinite resources of this enterprising house. ' The Princess," as a poem, needs no iutroductioH to our readers. lts wellknown cliarm lent a.ided lustre to the author's honoied name, andsuiely no rarer setting could be found tor so brilliant a gem. We had been promlsed a "superb edition,"and our expectations have beun more than reullaed. it U a veritable livre du luxe and quite worthy the noble Princeas whose fair fame itchroniclea. Besides the richness of binding, the faiiltleásness relatlng to all mattere ot paper and typography, there are one hundred and twenty illu.strations by our best American artists, who have most happlly conceived and expressed the spirit of the poem. The f rontispiece isoneof Uielmnii'scliurmiiigdriivviugs- i 'port rail" uf the Priucess .tketehed trom the poel's lines, "There at a bourd by lome and pupers na.' Witü two utrae leopiirds erouelied ücside her throne , All beauty coinpassd in a reñíale furia Itie Friucess." roin tlns rare cotubination of high poetic auil artistie merit there resulta oiie of tlie most beutttlful gitt-books ever publlshed. It i a biilliant aeant cuurier of tlie niimerous holiday books. Harpen' Magazine says : '-The rich pictorial suggestiveness of Tennyson's i'rincess has prouipted Messrs. James B. Osgood &Co to produce in editiou of tlie poem, iuterpreted by American artists, hich is unrivalled by any otlier tor tlie perfection of its typograpliy, and the wealth, beauty, and intiuite variety of ts illustrations. These arethoroughly in harmony witli tlie üiiely poeticul, semi-mediaeval, semi-modern spirit of the poem, and enable us to discover new beauties Ihat were latent in it." The illusfations prepared jfor this elegant volume, a Imndred and Éventy iu number, were drawn and engraved under the supervisión of A. V. S. Anthony, the drawings having been executed by the best Amcriciin artists. Houghton, Mifllin & Co. of Boston have jast published a life-size portrait of Nathaniel Hawtliorne, in the same general style with their portraits of Lonsrfellow, Bryant, Whittier, Lowell, Holmes, and Emerson. It represents Mr. Hawthorne in the fullness of bis pliysical vigor, and cannot fail to be very acceptable to those who appreciate the remarkable excellence ot Mr. Hawthorne's Works. The price of the Hawthorne portrait, asof theother portraits, is only one dollar.


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