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Excelsior Window Shade Clasps (Pat., U. 8„ 8kpt. 14th, 1875.) Used for bolding Window Blind .-(hades wiihont roller, pins or rords. 8aves blind, mont-y nd patience. Looks orderly and net. Isdnrahle and cheap. Retallecí by 11 dealers. Orders from the Irade solkited. A ent wanti-d. Sample shade. rc. C!ap wlth laei-el.ajc. Agenfi circulare.2c. Eureka I CindrS1fterand Novelty Co.. 60 Grand KWer Ave.. Detroit. Mentioii paper. 1170-73 1 hiiiif less tban the World, Ths Whole World AtifcKTti- We nave II, and yon can set your -b hy lakinir hold "f ihls, the best sellinK book ever offered in tne Subscription traite It ib The World Historical and Actual We want a (;ood man to repreaent ns in every tnwn and coanty for It, ms well as oar hne of A I BL'Ms, BIBI.ES, PRAYKR BOOKS, ENCYCLOPEDIA, WEBSTBR'S DICTklNARY. Ac. Now is the Mme to citelí the Holiday trede. ttlOO per uioiih lt 1 1 h f :i"'f. d to KO'd men. Wiite us at once for fall partlculars, a1 territory Is npinjj rapi1ly taken't delay. PBoPI.E'S 8t:pschlPTION BOOK CO.. Baknky & Dbixano. 21 State St., Detroit, Mioh. 1171-74


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