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I Keep The Old Watch Going

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I ïiavo al ran-now j.-;U" waírh, IVithalu -auiilul V ai I M't mi it; Fro;n tttreprtog's 61 blowtlllthefallof the snow ]t keepstbe Umo to a minuto. 1 bave set it down in my wUl to my boy, nd 1 hopo ivliun I'm gone he'll wear it; 'Twas n present i me trom over Dio son, And l [ove ilic hand that I ee II ; Rut my fathergave me one long agio, When I wasa ladyotgrowiog; How can I pan wlth a tuiDg near my licart 8o 1 keep thoold waich goini?. Vou will fine! but ripht Iitilc polil tu that, And no pean 8 lftcoadurniní?; But 1 tliouírhtit (rranrt when tookltin hanil Onmyth rtëentta birthday moralntr, _ And my moiher fastened ohaln to ils nug, And my sister added o locket: And 1 Lever fclt since so mucta like apiinco As whon lirsi it wont into my ppoket. í. pan nta are doad, and my BÍStor sank hore tile Iinl an wavesaro flowlng: But ibe Ik'htof the past Bhall i bine on to tlic last, Sol !:cei Ihoold watoli i oing. It is stranpe whnt odéiíies sbioetimea wako, Good tboiiftlits ibai bave long toln Bl( eping; Por the great htows uU, and toafeé move us ai all But lltüe thtags sot us weopinp, I'm. afraid that my Ufo has not beon wha. it shouldi And habit' s a terriblp fetter. But my pulso licatsquiokivbon lUato thatAnd I oaí-nc?t1y wiüh to bo bettor. O, I think that 1 seo new hopea tor rae, And a brighter prospec: gloivlngi ,, Tliougb iny licart bo chill, 'tivould be colaer still If mv boviiood's watolj sfoiiped koiil?. .


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