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The Bad Boy's Pa Falls Down On A Rat Trap

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"Ah boro yon aro at last," said the grocery man to the bad boy. "I wa afraid thc change n the standard of timo would mix yon up so yon woulá nuí come." "O, yon needn't ever bc afraid I will get left," said thc boy, as ho used t lie can oponer to open some peánuts. 'I wonld have been heresooter, only pa met willi aseriotii accident, and 1 liad to ffd after a plumber for him." "Had to go aíter a plumber?" said the grocery man in amazemeiit. Aro yon oñtof yourheadP Whydidn't yon cali a doctor? What has a plumber gol to do with the practico of medicino?" "Well, 1 pvoposed to oalladoctor.but pa v,(j,dli!"L havo i doctor, ilotoldme tó'geta p'lnároérto che asquiek as ppssiblp, You seo we have been trouUed wiiii rM.sai.imr house, and we tried poison. but they got fat on it. We tried cata and the rats drovo tbc cals íiway. Sopa went down ;uid got sume steel traps ftnd set them arouud ou tho (loor of thcbaáernent.Tho llooriscemcnt,r.nd just as smooth as can be. and me and my ohumgp down there and skate with our roller t-skatei Xhjs moruing pa carne down and wantod to put on mj skates. I toldhimhe couldn't skate, and f that shouldthink after Iris cxpcriencc at the rink last winter, when he pulled a girl all to piceos grabbing at her to keep froai falling, that !ie would try some othor amusement, bui; he said he knew all about it, and lio didn't want no fooi boy to try to tell him anythiüg. When 8 man gfltg oíd nud thinks ho Unows it al! thero is a, asé trying lo argüe with him, and s-j I unbackled my skates and pulled them ofl anü ho put them on. Well, he wabbled around ora fcw minutes, like a feller that has been drinking gin, and held on to things tiil lio thought ho had got his bearings, when h& struck out for tho back end of the basement. As he carne along by the furnace one leg bogan to go over towards tho neighbors' and ho grabbcd hold of the corner of the furnace, swung around beland it. out of sight, and we heard an earthquake, and something snapped liko a steel trap, and pa yelled 'Bvcriimis,1 and ma carne down after some -sassidge i'or breakfast, and she saw pa and she said 'Mercifulgoodness, ' and by that time nit' and my chum had got there. Well, you'd a dide to se na. He had come down likc a ton oí êoal, right on that steel trap, and it had sprang and caught awhole mouthfulofpa'spants, and about a poundand a half or two pounds of meat, and pa was grating his tcelh to try and stand it. O it was the most ridioulons posltion 1 ever sec pa into, and lie got mad and told me to unspring the trap. We turnad hiin over and me and my chum tried our best to open fie trap, but it was one of these traps with a strong spring and we couldn't. Pa was tho only one that could unspring the trap, and hc couldn't go around behind hisself to get it, so 1 told hirn I would go after a doctor, but ho said this was a case whcre a doctor was no good, and hu wantod a plumber or blacksmith. Pa.wanted to go up in the parlor to sit on the sofa whtle I was gone after tho plumber, but tho trap was chaincd to the farnace, and we couldn't get it looso, so pa had to iay thero on the cement iloortill tho plumber came. The plumber laughed at pa, and said hc had cione all kinds of plumbing beforc. but hc never had a cali like that. Woli, ho got pa out, and 1 don't suppose there is a madder man in this town than pa is, but there was noöody toblamebnt himseli'. Saj, do yoifpe how 1 can be blamfed abuut ii" 'Nawt they can't blamu yon, v said the grocery man, as he lit a clay pipe. "But this onght to bc a losson to you, that lifo is one continuous rat-urap, always set and baitod with cheese to catch tho unwary, Thc business man goes about his business uneonseïous that the 1 rap is set whcre ho cah gJt into it. Hcextends bis business, gives credit and gets credit himself, evervthing is booming and hc is sniling along as nico as your pa was on the roller ukates, when all at onco there is a siack lip iu business, he can't collect what is ovvicg fo him, and ho bas to pay what ho owes, lic clutches and claws at f rienda for help to keep hun from i alliBg, bnt íiinids hay e got all they eau a'tiend V1 to keep 6u their feet, and they do not réach out to help bim. and suddenlv his i'cet ro out from under him and üe strikes somethiug hard. and he iindVthat he is in lífe'á irreal rat-trap, and his oreditors do not hurry tq unspring the trap, and lie waits for Üfi piuruber aa your pa did, anti tmriKs wtfat s. fooi ne has made of himsclf. A boy guts :i sttnation in a store at five dollars a week, and in threu montli? hu thiaks bc owns tho store. Ho is promoted imd h:;s;Jjis salary raised, a:id thon ie bc;;i:is to tires.- bcttci than bha proprietpr, glfiv billiards till the saloon eloses, goes io his cheap boarcling place vilh beer enoügü in hiíD to start u ncw saloon, ge.ts to buying wine i and hiuíng ivery rigs, and ome day a ' plain looking naau '.¦.ill on him and takes him up to llic poüea station, where ho i-i told his cash aceouut, i-j -six hundred dollars short, andas he hears tho key turn in the door of his ccll he realizes that he lias dropped I ró on to lifo's rattröp, v.r!)ie!i !io kuew was (ii. Tí' :!Í! baited iur liini, but {ie 4id.not.havq scnsc euquglito keep ¦ i'roM. Ai., boy, 'uoware of tho r.ii.-iriip. Hfiro, tako your baad out oí .hat barre] of driect apples, Hdw do you knovi but there i.s a trap set in thereP" Thai'ü v.liut I want t-j lind out," thfe Iji:. ::ü he removed his hand ;'aud ooked in tha barrel to spe f it, was rea,lly lóaded l'or hiui. Well, sh', .your'sef-? mor1, on the infalhbility of the rat tf af, has doné me good, and I only wisü yon eould prcaeh it to pa. He gets mto more trouble than any man 1 ever saw You heard about his eoiniuffncarbeing lynched in the Fouvth wardf It was all oli aceo.uit of iiis prowling around trying to save soniothing. You know the alley over there where they have had so many inoendiary üres? V'ell, they have detectives all iround there to try and eatoh the lire bug. Ma sent pa over there to liiro a eolored woinan who lives in the alley todo thowusiiing, and the detestives watehed pa. Viien ie canie out of tho wouiau's liouse and was Wivlkmg iiloug towards tho strect he saw some shiuglts and shavings by the sido of :v building-, and he picked up a bundie to take homo for kindling. Tho detectives caught him, with the kindling in hia arma, and they said thpy had got tho iire bug, and tho people were looking for a rope for pa, when Icameup anti told them he was all right. My, how scared pa was, bnt when I got him home I didn't tiiink it was right for him to teil ma that ho eleaned out the whole poHceforce." "5Í0, hc ought not to havo done that. But that ldndling story shoulfl be a lesson. to us to avoid eveu tho appearanco of vil. In sucii n moretní as yo think not," "O, give us a re?t," Said the boy, "When you talk so confounded good I always walch you, leeau=e you are e'thor mixing chcati tour witli buckwheat llour, or wliiiüing the lead owt of tiie weights, orchargiughaJi apouüd more butteï tiian yen sCM to a house. I am onto y u," aiid the badboy went out to help au olI iiau oftixy a heavy i liiimi', aiui tho gi'ocery man charged a pquad of dried ap)les to the bjoy's fatiier. and everybody was happy. In Londoh' tho 'Jashiöü of cbildren's etockings haa oliangei] itpva. black to whilr. Really popular ia a new CftlUr for sreot woar, wliich consists of a vclvct 'oand over wbich laco is turned. A vclvetrosetto or bow with plcatcd ends of laco finishestho front. James' Nutt, who is to le Iried soon at Uniotown, Peun.. fov lalling N. L5 Uurkos, has been mnoh red ucod in ilesh by prison life, and uow looks palc aud baggard,IIe is yisited 1 ly his mother overy ady. Pope Leo is repoited to have said-. "Thcro is no country in the world where I am so mucli pope as in tho Uuited States " Softly pufied crowns aud kilted brims aro the features of sonie oï the nowest round liats and bomiPtg of black vepfat.


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