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I M.S. SMITH&GO. THE- DETROIT JEWELERS, Publlsh Below their 4jL Vw 1 IMM -O I 1 Ss. I NEWi Ul orTBorr I m JL ronr sr west. Í??S?? i - lts és:4 congñess sr. Q í? 1 1 cal 1 A 1 k q II LARNKD 0 Sr. O Ijl OLD [ l ' S STORE 5 ULJH I II _J JEFFERSON AVENUE WÜCOSÍI'DGE SF. ______ AIWA TLfí S V -- Map oL the new busines3 center of this city, sbowing the location of their elegant iivestory building, which they willoccupy November lst, Visitors to Detroit are cordially invited to look through our new place, which will be found second to no house in this country in all its appointments. UndoubteJW the most perfect blcycle now made is the 'Columbia.'" - Scietitijic American. "Go iorth upon your wheelcd horse, and list to nature'a teaching6." THE COLUMBIA B1CYCLES Are made as strong and durable as the best mUteria] and most skilled orkmanship ean produce. They are used by Merehants, Clerks, Ministers, Lawvers, Doctors, Messengers, C!: lectors and tíarjieutcrs. They iurnish the cheapest and best means oï RAWD TKANSIT, give the rider the healthicst of out-door exercise, and in a word are THE POPULAR STEEDS OF TO-DAY. ' I shall rcjoi;i3 to s-ee the. time when this excreise shall be a popular auiong girls and vromen ss tennis 'and the' danee, for the more iully the piivsical life of our womatiklnd s cleveioped the Letter for men as well as -woii.en." - Dr. HiïïiarLhon, of Londou, on the TricJde. "Now good UigeEÜon Tvait on apptite, and health on botli." THE COLUMBIA 7llÍCYCLIL Is a new machine for general use bv both sexes n::il ;:!1 ages. By the addition of the Columbia Trioycle, Tiie l'oi'E Mf'o. Co. eau claim to funnsb wheels for THE WHOLE FAMILY. For grandfather, grandmother, fa&er, mother, young man, youug lady, and even to little Jonnio and sissie. Send 3c. Btainp for 30-page illustratéd Catalogue, with price-list and full information. THE POPE MANUFACTUR1XG CO., 5'J7 Washington St., Boston, Masf. Or to OHAS. WAGNER Agent. Ann Arbor, Mieh., 21 S. Main St. TOKT WAYNB JACK'QN R. R. liei'Oit and InU(tiptit.i .Lint-. Ky Mlchiííii'] Central Rallrond from Ann "irborto Jacknon 'rrainq loave Ann Arbor as follow: Indhinnpolls Expross ' 8 40 u m Ft Wajne Aceomodntion ;. 6 22 p m C'inclnnDti Kxpress 11 1 - p m All tralns leave by Chicago tlino. Proenro tickets at Ann Arhar or Jaokson. M. I) WOODFORD. Qon'l Sup Kvery Live Mërchaiit IN ANN ARBOU Should Advertise in the courier. :rS wanted Great Schaif -Herzog RELIGIOUS F knowleögl By PHIL.1P SCHAFF, Anslsted to soo of the nosi occompllshed Blble s;-:iolnrs In America rei Europe. The Is to be ocünpleted in i irw simh rroyal octavo voliunivi of nliuül WH iiuc ¦ ??FÍh,.lumes ' ""' tluowready. K'hvSzó IltiVniberoompiated in a few moriths. 1lii ¦ thj nat ichohirly, IKórcushl rrfli, rellable, nnfl in erii rcipeèi "hú uut valuaMe work of lbo liiiül umi nu ,. li'í wílUoili e"KlI" í"'Iv raí" irurd to No batter wor) tban this for i-xrorioneed agenta to bandlo. Exclusive terrltoVj ¦ ivi-n Addrèss, HORACE STACY 1T7 vv niist., tfrviiA,H, o.


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