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iíÜSÍSJESS EARDS. WILLIAM BIGGS, BUILDE R. COB.YERCHl'l.CflAXDOni.FAXSST. Aia rbor W. H. JACK8O 3 E r I ■- T , OFFICE: Over Bach & Abel's Kntrance bf Kiret !íiiü! i WIIXIA 7. ' HorsO, Si'X ' rnunfl ■■ ■ FRESCÖPAiN l'iporinz, Glmtn Gild ut-, an i'ic::ului ■ n work of every descri:a:n il-nf in ;h. o- et nd d Ui Bivj saiUÍ.-.ot vr. SH0P,N0.4 WEST VTASHIXilU : I Aun ArDT. MtoMtsn. í."tO. SCHAEBERLE, r Soixth Main Streel . TBACHKB OF HasieJíÉiitejtlMiisií, Instructíous glven oü pl;t-i f tíie Koyal Conservatery oí Muslc ut Lefpsíc, Saxony. FKED BA.MFOBD & CO., ÜPEESOOAhTISTS. peaters in Yiw. Wall Paper?, Leatl:er Papen, ,1M RÜ8TA, Paper CeiliDf, Dfcoratlons, Hore Sliaiicf. Pecoratiyc Picture Mouldiugs aati Centres. EstUjiatcs given and desigus subTaíttKl tor FrfiscoiDg aud l'aper DccoraliODS. 255 Jcffcrson A '., DETUOIÏ, Mich. 'M.Li.jJ i'ïi iCUO: 'Sv NEW DENTAL ROOMS OTr iM T. JCb' SrrGas or Vltalizcd Air acbnmistercd for Ihe p.iinless cxtnlction of Vceth. J. BEHRY, The Practica! TAILOE & CUTTEE, Of the laU firm of VVÍ N NAXS & BBSBT, has lo cuted his plï" of business at Fo. 7 J1URON HTREET, VVitll a full une of SÜITIXÍJS AND TKOCSERISGS, índ would say to his oíd irionds and uew onfi ítht if they want a Good Fit aDd a Kobby Hit at Reasonable l'rices, cali on him and they will be ure to ttet one. 1ean,Todfrey & co., PAIM'TEHS, AND DECORATOHS, íer ifc 169 Grlmold S( . , Detroit, l"'ine Paper Ilangings. Kieífant Ceiiinír Decorationa. Kine Friezes in all Widths. IIouso Shades and Kollers. A large variety of room ïnoulding and hooks. j We make a spccialty of Store Shades and we will íarnish eetímates and samples of color on applicalon. Shades fltted to roll f rom top or bottoin of the window on Stationery or Trayeling rollers. Will fornísh Opaque shadinz to the trad euí to meara iinansiSlaf ícic - FJNE- Gusfom Tailors. NO. 19 Main S-b, - oun- FalS and Winter Stock is very t?3egant and complete. Pricb,? as reasonaable as consistent with the high grade oí workmanship. ?jj. ftecomrnerided by Physïcians! 1100 BBWAflTO&TO I Wcmanufaetur and sellitwitha positive guarantee ííiat !t w!ll euro any ,ase, and wowill forfeit tho abotetmouut uufuibiu & singio insiance. .,tl9 ur.üko auy othcr Catnrrh riniedy.M istakon intprnaliy, acting upon tha blooti. K you ar{ttroubkde5iiil) "thls aistressing discase, ask yourDruggist for it, snd VCCÏPT KO IMITATIOM OE SCTECTITDTE. If bo s uot got it, send to us and wo wlU forward mediatoly. Frico, 75 cents per bottle. . i. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohío.


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