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DARBYS PROPHïtACTIC a FLUID. A HouseFll Art icio for Uüi versal l'ümily OH, JTT-TMdUHlgl Tor Scarlet añil I "PWÍMteS ffTypl.oid lovers, f BTaaiCSlBS H UipMlioria, Saliv ijrA'í T)T Elvatloii, Ulcerated ; I .aAAKxA. WorcTliroat, Sm:lU j ji fflmagMB8HlüéuB2 Pos. Me aslcs, a:! : all CVitíiprious Riseases. Persons waiting on i tlic ííck should use it frcely. Scarlet Fever has j ue-or becn known lo spread where the Fluid was ! i ed. Yellow Fever has becn cnred with it afícl' . blaok vomit had taken iIace. The worst cases of Diphthcria yield to it. SMAIX-FOX sons refreshed and and Bed Sores PITTING of Sinall ! ed by bathing with Fox PREVENTE!) i Darbys Fluid. . , c r ' Iinpúre Air sude Amemberofmy&m. harmkss and p;.rinL-d. ''' ,"'as tafca ,u ',' For Soro Thi-oat t U a Smal -pox. I used th : surecurc. , Huld,; ,-ll?e " Contusión dcstroyed. ! "Ï Y% v""'1 For Frosted Feet, $ and a ' ! i: Chilblahis, Piles, l!iehouscaga,n...t1rcc Chafings, etc. ;vc=k?' all,d ,r glhets i Khemnalism ■ h:id '' p, ■' ■ .P.A;;-Soft White _L!2ÍL_ ions secured by its use. bjaaMKtfyB3i'K231 Ship Fever prevented. ra it can't be snrpassed. ■-, , n Catarrb relieved and B ÍTeVCateO,. í Kryslpclas cured. BWWHMiUttteMffiigjj Buril relievedinstantly. ] iK physid.-.ns hers Sears prevented. use Darbvs Fluid very líysentery cul-ed. íuccessfully in the ' Wounds healed rapidly. men! of jfphtherh.. Scuvvy cured. a. Stollehwbrck, AnAiltidoteforAnimal Grcensboro Ab. or Vegetable I'oisuns, Stings, etc. Tetter drlcd up. I used the Fluid during Cholera prevented. ourpresentafflicti:iwith Ulcers purif.ed and ! Scarlet Fever with heaied. cided advantage. It is I ín cases of I)ea(h : indispensable to the should be used aboul ; room. - Wm. F. the corpse- it wíl.' FORD, Eyrie, Ala. __ PneTrn'Hany ""P ! f "H The eminent Phy. 1 Scarlet Fever I : SKëï'ai V, ' 1 York, says : " I am p.111(5f3 9 convincedProf. Darbys UUieU. Prophylactic Fluid is a i p,-P.. ...r ■tyrr:'7r' A f ■■■ - ■ ■' ; '■'■ ñnfectan] ." Vaoderbllt University, Kashvillo, Temí. I testify to the most excellent qualiti-s of Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disiufectant anj i detergent it is both tlicorctícaüy and practicaHy superior to any preparraiün with whicll I ani acnuainted. - N. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry, Darbys Vluid i liecommeiided ly Hon. Alf-XANüek J-í. Stei-iii-.n-s, of Georgia; Rev. Chas. F. Deems, D.D., Chwch of the Strangers, N. Y.; Jos. LeCoxte, Columbia, Prof. , UnivcraÜy ,SXSRev. A. J. Battlh, Prof., Mcrcer Univeraity; Rev. Giïo. F. Pibkce, Üishop M. E. ChurcH. INDISPENSABLK TO EVEKY HO1VIIL Perfcctly haxtnctess. Used intcmaHy or cxtcrnally fof Man or Beast. The Muiti has becn ihoroughly teste!, r.n ve have abundant 'evidence that it has done here ctaimed. For fuller jiifoimaiion ge; tf youi Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietur , J. H. ZKÍL1N & CQ., Manufacttiríng Cfaeroist, : I' '■ DELPIH riOí ,, "Ton c!=!:n too S?v 1 '?'"" the virus of all diseaaps ariscs froaj the'blooa l' Ncrrtne, Resolvent, Alterativo and cntary employinent callas nir wn . i , or orant tht ever euumJM ■l"-""'b J (14. $1.50. SoldbyallUrueraistM. v' eITkíípsIfIuhks rRIMEI) ON SllOH'f KQTICE AT 'I HE COURIER JOB BOOMS. Boofc-blrtdlng fltückiy dMeami silliPBrani',t!ivaíioiis, uit) icardu tsiHtcfKily priiití'd.


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