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TheCrouch inquest has been adjourned uotil January 7, 18S4. Hou. J. J, Wootlman of Paw Paw ha3 ijeen master of the catloual wrange. The Michigan Central rai'road coiupany propOM building a new station house at Battle Crorl; The Presbjtetriaa chnrch of Kalama.)i. lu.ucda few d&ys wo. The (society iil rubuild at once. St. John's Catliolic oongregation %t Ishprmiug has purehascd $6,000 wortli of propere , whereou to weet a szhool boas?. A i'ufif Iridian njimed Akin was ren ! ■vi i uuá kilkd by a train at White ClouiJ, 11 im'ns nortli oí NewaTgo, t!'.e other Willinm Livingstono bas boea confirme J as colli ctor of tbc port of D-rtroit. He Í aammes the ie.-porlb!Hlyof the office the flrst ] of ncw J mr. Tlte Jackson Patriot is rosponsibloj for tho st&terhent thit on ihe morning of ! D a mbt? 5 n magiiiflcent rtütxw was wen - uut alter Bunrtsp. The Muskogon City liissionarj Aaao-I oi.r.l'i'i tlurlüv' S rrember (Mstr!lniU-i1 207 lurnts annflfly jarilsof cl itli. beiiilw boiitf , jliocs, aml ot'.nr artlclis, A oan -ov inftnuarj ld lu ba odtftWished ui Aio. CBrtaln pri Ie claim to hT6 41ecuv r ■■ ■' p rf et cnc cip haring Jcftcd tts Tlrttj - nn cce 0''r U ' 1 i rfth sur i-es Friiiu 15,000 to 90,000 barreL" of (Jonr are tr '.nfTiel i ) tbc rsilrm ! : LU'ltngtim wi-ek!v, and II i-i w wWtlT dltrlbnted Umi Borne ol it ■ova to 8cotlnd, Eugland n1 Egv pi The officér in charge (-f the jail ■! Qarbor Bprlngs lrft n bx !:i ;.i cJI cl prteooer named Slicknrj, and ail that lndlrldual had tb d iraa io qulctty cbop ht waj out, au fcut wa? not kIow to j rform. The annual meeting o{ lbo Michigan PtHte Oranïo was hclfl i'i Linelng or. hc 12th d I3ib of Deécmber. Tbc anuual addreaa ïj-as doiivered by rani Mister Luce atd ia proiioui'p'.ii (Jrplderllï an'ifr.c trale n its tone. deasiale: ïhu Buchaüan Baoord aunoune-s lo its rea leí s that as a Hit of wcdiMnc; p-v seLta i of no trterest ixeept to the donors, paper i!l hTeafter charge at the rate of 5 cent? per fnjlare Inch for the incrtlon of Hieh li.-ta. Charies Jacobs, the confidence man ho nscaped from S'uoriir Galllean of K;ilamao, in Chicago, and was recently recapturcd at Now QrleaDB, plcaded guilfcy to the charge 'of yocket picking and wal wnten-ed to four years iu Jacksop. The logs raf tod out bj t he boon? romp .ny at Mauistce this year amount to 235,590,. COS feet, abcut 12,000,000 lesa than lMt year, o-.cing tolateness in sturting 'in the spring. It ís estimated thit there are Gt,00O,000 leel still in the boDms anci rivi-r. Manchester bad a $8,000 lire the other night. Isaac WLburn. a dealer in liardwate, and Jfostcr & Co ; millinery goo'la, lose b-tw. cu $3,000 aml Í4.000 on tboir goods and Clarksoa, tlie owncr or the buiMInir, ie ,00Q poorer than before the üre. Col. F. B Stookbridge, as president of thetrott.lDgassocla.Hou of Mucktnac Mand, aslis Congrcss to set asido a portlon cf the island for the purpose of raoa course, rad nuiuerous people uulte with liiui in the re q vst. A BUI for that purpoue will be introduced. A formal complaiut has boen made ac-i'nst tbc colorcJ D)in Goorge Bolles and Mrs. Julia Rocío charaiiig thern wllh coropllclty ia tliomurderof Jcob Qron-A, Mr. OQè Mrs. Wlilteand Mosca l'olley on ttie ilrt "1 Novemb?r. Thev wcre anaigned and wlll have tbetr examinatlon in a few daye. There are pro3pceU of a raüroacl war ir. Easl öaglnaw. Thos. T aylor. the present incumbent', bas been feeding at the goveniment crlb for several years, and want to keep rtóbton. Hls term of office expires January 8, and alrcady several others aretrying to forestall him. 'The Censor"'' is the name of a neatlv-eottcn up foor cüluron folio paper.publlshed monihly in the infrest of the IGth Street Methodist ehurch, Detroit. Il the luit lal numbcr isany crlterion the iliterata of the cliurch and society will be best sub-erved by ita continuancp, A Palinyra boy uaaicil Baüey, aged 20 went to Adrián a few days ago nn4 hired a liv'eryof J. Grcgory. He did not return and telegrama were sent ia all dlrections A week alte! Saijey was brought back from Wa tertoo, Ind., and led. Tbe horse was dnven byhim David M. Howoü, President of tiio First National Bank of Caesopolia, aüd a resident of Ca.s county since 1841, died suddenly t bis rwMence a few evenings slncc. Dun. g he ciavhe was in the villagc attendir.g to business as usual. He has beeo a prominent figure n politics In that county. Stephen H. Clark and Albcrt H. Dicklnsou. attorneys, have been .ppoint. ' to assist ProBfcuting Attoruey Carter of Musk-gon in prosecutlng the case of the people w. 91e Larson and wlfe, who are charged with ITtag an old man named Guild. The ce Bill coroe on at the January eession. Calhoun county, througb bcr secretary of the board of 6chool amice, Ephraim Marbie, i. the pioneer in a movement to teacUersfromusing tobáceo anJ spirltuous quors. Atallexaminations the cue. ion U nut to cach applicant and an angwer in the afQrmative raisc 8 a great many reasonable doubti as to hia fitness. RoBr CJitv Adyance: The large tracts of ana ttaber'ed wita helock in " ctïon vith the lumberin2 of hemlock for bil otuitand locl coneumption. Tony Debacr, foreman ia Godfrey'i „asteauarry, two müo. outhw. Grantl Rapidf, resolved fatal injuries the other aitcrnoon bj an accidental discharge of a lilast and óied duriug the nlgllt. The blast failed lo go off ar.d he atternptcd to dis it out with a crowbar. He leaycs i wife and flve chikireu. His age vas 32. The Board of Erado of Sf-ginaw havo sent a memorial to Consrcss object. ng to a re moval or reduct.ion of dulii 6 00 lumbnr, as such removal or reductton wouM inake the mEuufacture of coarse lumbrr io Michianu uuprofitable. They also ob.;ect ío any reduclion of the duty on salt, believlnp; that salt te c'neap at the present ratcs. It is said that a woman at Grass Lake h'i tirr liUfb.tnil rr(iíd fi teeü j7s azo for essault cd bMfry on hr. On her eTldence ws fliü-d $50, wliich shc p M by mortasgtng her little home. Th. interest hos run up until non thf home is to be aold (rom der htr - til (iv aeci.uiit of au actkm bnui;ht bj hcr()f y;'Rrs ago.- Jucktoii Pitrlot. Tbe C. S. & C and S. V. B. H. hare rec-ntiy beno connnctéil at Alnr arel the line Trfll be extended c&rlf next sprtug írom I,ike Ví.w to Hoffrd City, n tUstancii of 13 i1]e; thus forralng a. eoDtirraouï ltac utiátr the ra.inigemettof D. I-. A N. betwecn 8ginaw nl Howard Cily, w the moot direct riute bt-tuetn Saglntw ivl Grand RnpM. A the expresa went ihuttderiDg throtlgh Di the olí er nurnlnK, a üttlc boy v.nmed Pítcreon, r.bout Ibrcc jcars of age, siepprd on 'the tratk a íl".v rmls aheatl f the englne, when Clvde McLcofl, icotoft the langer, rteheii tohli repcue and sucrceilcrt, at the porll 'f hlè owñ Ufp, fn pnceorlng (be HtUe fi-llow r'.n a borri th. The workof builtlingtho Detroit, By Ciry AU.'onii rtlfrotd atfote the, Deai1. Sable lt belug rnidly jiutbel. Wejthrr perujUttng, tue nmi wl'l be built liitotPHu ri:d i l&é depot buHiHujt poni'!iici! wlihin two WCtk. Xo orille1' w:is bnilt acroffl tlu-P-ad i S:iblo but ü large ca'.Ti rl put Is nd the liollow fllkd up Tne road begau carrylng fniht i sorne time ay' and bu bwn doing go.)d busiB.-s in that line. A ipark from a Wabas'j locomotivo Bet flre to the roof oí the Heuton Ilurbjr Plov W..rks th'.: otbcf morntnír, v.d befora tbc flamc3 wcrcsuMaedtnotrbaUdlngs, Iaghara A Ueetlc's aíorchouae, S. M. Ktnney'í írel] I inn :md Dlck Plátt'g störehouse were destroyed. Tne plow ompany Iqseí Í3"),000 to {30,000: iDghsm Pestte, 18,000; Dick & l'ialt, $1,000, and the Globe Manufacturing Company 51 ,000, besides Bevcral minor losse?. A Kang of boys whq have infested the ( ;,!!r.-a'lgrouiidsat Q'ilncy at ulght, ! ilng carg and dotug ottier michie., have been ] irrestcd at the lustancc of the rallroad [il.-s. The rtngteaden were disposed of as j tolluKs: Onegoesto jail, twoto the reform school anl one is al'owed to remain at home on suspended sentence. These boys have been fe,l on the blood und-thuuder literature peen on tlie news stands. The entiri; business portion of the villago oL Roikforil, a town of eonje 8Q0 inhabitants, situated about 12 miles north of Grand fUplde, was burned carly Sunday morning, Deccnbe 16. Eiiihteea buildings were destroytd D loss tlian tbrce houre, tncluding two groccry store?, a bock store, the postoffice, one barber shop, a uicat market, lailor shop, harnes3 shop' rurniture btore, a dry goods store, restaurant two miiliuery stores, tno hardware Etorce, a faloon and a livery Statte, involving a loss of over #40,000, w itli au insurauce of only $18,000. Mr. CoDger introduced iu the Senate the other day a bül ior the reliil of Calvin Mgntajmeof Caro. The bilí proTidi s tor Ui pajmootto Mr. Montagaeoí thosalary and allOKanccs of a eecond UeuMnapt of iniantry from April 23, 18ti3, deduetiug tlicrc-irom the pay received by him duriag fhat period as an eüüsted rnati. The bill went to the cominittec on military aft air?. Mr. CöBgcr also introduced a bilí aranting a pensión and 160 aerea Of land to Charles Seymour of Flint, a surTiTor oí the'ílíxleai. 'war, siso tiie bill introdud iu tbc last Conrel by Mr. Burrows for a final settlcm-nt of the Mostean and Pottawattomle iudlaus of MlcblRan and Indinna. Oscar Aii'lorson, of Manistcc, was found on the old Portage road, lour n.iU'S north of that place, the other afternoon, in au almost uncunecloas condition. Medical examinatlonrevcaSedtwosevcre scalp wounds and three bullet holen iu the back of hls neek, his hair beiDg singed from the close proxlmlty of p..nm A nflíirsmii'R iTlfOÏlürCllt tllG W C IL i JU IJ ■ iiv'" """" story it is learucd he 'eft Mantstcc for Portage wtlh & party oL mcv., who comn.itted the deed and Uien robbed hlm of a süver watch and a few dollar?, draggcd Win to the slde of the road, and covered him Ith brush and loge. After two nights and nearly two days he extneatd hlmself and got back on the road, where b? w pkÉkcJ UP' Hc canDOt pSSlblV rC" cover. Grand Rapids, the second city in the state, makes the followinp: exhibit : Thcrc are 10 mil-r, of elreet railwaye, 25 miles of sewers and tbe same of water malos. ïhere U men employed tn the pólice forcé and 57 in the Bre department. There are 13 public school bul!dnge onc Catholle school and nve private acaü, emles The public library coutaics 13,000 vo. umes.'andispatroni.edby over 4,100 regular patrons. Therc are 68 church edificas and 2b newspaper?, daily, weekly and montbly. Therc are 54S uianufactories inthis city, rerreseuUng a capital of over $6,000,0). Th.e factorlcs einploy over 7.000 men, boys and girls, at an average yearly saUry of 340. The araount oí capital invested in manufacturlng to neariy $35,000,000 and over $12,000,000 worth of goods are turned out annually. A little girl was killed the other day at Norria, three miles f rom Detroit Her name wXto.KuMmaU, daughter of Ferdfnand Kuhlman, a market garden on the or is plank road. While going to school at noou shc encountered a party of boy. who were engaged in playing baseball, and one of Uum, RouS thge so„ of a „ejghborüw, strack her across the head with a club, whether uc identally or intentionally bas not yet been deter mined The blow did not cat the sealp, but i theactionofthecoroner's urj. The state grange closed its session in Lansing on the 15tli. The last day was cbvoted alraost exclueively to tbc reports of eonnnittccs. The eorcmittee on agriculture maóea report rceommending the restoration of the liuty on vvool so that it shall iqual tint on raanufactured articlcs; ured that taxpayers be rcquiral to make oath to their asscESinents; recomruended thfl continued iostcrinsr of the forghum industry ; condemned the cx'ortlonatepractices of many mulera in the state, urgnircn operatiye nUU if BeCMtarytO remcdy 'he s;i;ne, and ai-ks the appointment, of a cominUU'e to Oraft a bil! simUurto the licajian bil! to rc.Lcdj1 some of the evils of transportation. in aefortíancc with a resolution of Mr. I,ambertson the grancre favored the placlDg of reccipts ffom liquor taxes in the county cnnttagent funde inptead of in tte city trewsuries ae a pneent. A rosolution as aiso passed authorizlncr the secrotary lo memoriallze Concress in behalfof the State frange for a reatoration of tua tarlfl on WOol. The sr.iirms Closed with mufio, ncitutlons :;t:d resouiiuüs of thanks Tho largo brie'; reskience of A. P. Creasingcr, a; r of Maple Rápida v. ?.g burned on the morcing of the 17, irU-h all is eoatents, lts omer barely escsping all ve. Mr. Creulnger says tliathewai if akencd In tho uiglit b_v lirrcc men In bis room oue o( ivLom hu rtcoguiz_'d. He waf ín aearlj uudcr the iLÚiieoce oí chloroform wbtn be airoke Ihit hc could nol resít flnd vaí soon une.ortsc'i'u-. When he rccovercil consCioasoess bo'üt 2:30 o'eluek the nntire house wtti In (limes, lic bad jaít time tu feel wlih bij hand wbrre he leít his p ifket boob wlüoh eoutilned uearly Í30C wht:h had lak"n from hia bark tatondtug to taku it to 3'. Johns. Tais with hls revolver and gold watch rcro g me. It is supposid that the thievcs ako s curud itlvërware aud '.filuatles to tbc amountof ctriTai huodred doliart' worth. The flre w;is set in the buKfineut iHrcctly under Mr Cre(6ÍiT{';r's be.lroom, ftnd erldintly the bargUrs lutendn] to hav burtivd blin vlth tho house. OwlDgto Mrs. Creaeli cr's absence in California lie was ,i!one at the 'timo. The daroaers by fire ave '.■stimated att'3,000; insured iu the Loudsn and Union Mutual of Ionii fol ilö,000. Mr. Cretsloger's loss over latnranOti iu the robuery and öre is about $10,000. OÜÏtEfllT füAKKKTÜ. Wttetó- No. 1, wmte 90 (d l iio ffour 5 00 @5 2i Corn 48 @ 52 Oats 30 @ 34 llover Secd, $ tra 6 00 @ 6 28 Applcti, ) bbl 8 75 S 8 51 Drted Applce, $ ïb 7 @ TL Peaches 14 @ IS Cherriee 2" 88 Hutwr, $i lb 22 28 Turteys 18 @ 14 Chtekeus 0 @ 10 Eggs 24 (g 26 PoíatooB rr) 1 55 Honey 0 Qt 18 Beans, picked 2 10 @ 3 18 Beai.f . unplckeJ 1 75 @ 2 10 Hay 9 00 @13 00 Straw 'f 00 @ 7 55 Pork, dressed, f 100 5 0.1 (2 fi 00 Pork, mess ..14 75 @15 00 Pork, famlly 15 00 @15 CO liaras 14 @ 15 Bhouldrrs 7%@ 8 Lard 9 @ 9K Beei i-xtra mess 11 50 @12 O) Wood. Buech aad Maple ... G GO Woed, Maple 7 00 Wood Hlckorv


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