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Bigotry Forty Years Ago

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For the Ann Arbor Coirieü Ann Arbob, Dec. 8, 1883. Editor Codriek : The editorial in your issue of yesterdaj', expressing giatitude that Gen. Grant and wife are not öplritualistó, reminds me so torciblv ot what a bigoted, intolerant man I used to be, that I think it may stimulate some readers to independent thought, and a more loving charity, if I relate the following anecdote, which makes myself the butt of it. Therefore I will say that, until nearly 40 years of age, I was a very Ignorant and bigoted man. Whilst I was from 20 to 35 years old, I was a zealous member of the Presbytenan church in Syracuse, striving and hoping, every year to be converted, In the meantime, I was petted luto liberal donations, and zealous work, by being much the youngest trustee, and a mem berof the building committee for the erection of the splendid stone church which has ever since been the pride of their city. In the belief that au orthodox chúrch was the only road to Heaven, I rei used to read anything which cast doubt on ray pet notions. During the same time, I was alsO ft director ill fl hftnL' Tvlincn -in every way, was one of the best specimens of manhood I have ever met. Regularly, once a week, we liad our board meetings, at whicli ftliis prince of manhood always presided. This man was also very rich and owned the controllingr shares in the bank, yet he was always the first to plead for mercy to our many embarrassed customers. Of course, our president had the unbounded love and respect of all who knew him. Yet, in iny zeal for the Presby terian church, I have, hundreds of times, looked admiringly into that manly, loving face. and said to mysclf- " What a good man he would be, if he was not a Unitarian."


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