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We acknowledge the reccipt of a wolk entitled The Bible: Itstrue character and Spiritual Meaning, by Rev. L. P. liereer, E. Claxton & Co., Philadelphia. "Jingles and Joys for Wee Girls and Boys," printed by Cassell & Co., New York, is sometbing tliat must pleaee the llttle folks every where. With a neat cover, flne typographical work,and an anee of iilustrations tliroughout the book, t should ineet wlth a ftood sale as a holiiTft$_gft. .Pnce, $ll50. Por sale ly Slieelitin & Co. The December number of The KnrlJi Illustrated Magazine has illustrated anieles on " Luther," " SomeForgotten Ktchera," and "CornCocklw." The frontispiecc for the inonth is an eogravlng of Martin Luther. Chapters vi and vii of' Charlotte M. Yonge'scontinued story aie given in thts issue. Price, 16 cents. Mnemillan & Co., N. V. Little Folk?, a volume for the young, comea to us frotn Cassell & Co., New York. Bound in a cover litliographed in Boany colors, and oontalnlng an interesting lot of readlnfr witb mimerotts illustratious it can hardly fail of pleasing the many little. folks wlio will probably receive a copy withiu the next few weeks. For sale by Sheehan & Co. Among the various holldav books that are publislied for the young, the series to which "Zigzag Journeys in Northern Landa " belongs is to our mind one of the best. In the book reterred to history is taoght by a supposed tour of Interesting places from the Rhine to the Arctic. In a very charming way, and with the aid of over 100 iilustrations, the author seeks to stimulate a love of history, and to suggest the best historical reading. The copy we have from Estes fc Lauriat, Boston, ís in illuminated boards, $1.75. It is nicely printed on excellent paper. For sale by Geo. Osius & Co. What shall we do with our Daughters? is the titlc of a work reeeived from Lee & Shepard, Boston. The substance of this work, by Mary A. Livemiore. has been bef ore the public lor soine time in the form ol lyceum lectures. To give you an idea of the book"scontents, we quote In order the Mtles of the seven cbaptem : - "Changed eondition of Woman's life;" " Physlcai Edueation ; " "Hilier Education;" "'Need of Practical Training;" "Industrial and Technical Training;" "Moral and ücligious Training " "Superfluous Wonien." The promincnce of its author sl.oulcl secure for the book a general sale. The Xorth Aniericau Review for January presentsa tableof contenta of conteniporary human interest. First, the opposite sidos of the questiou of " Ecclesiastical Control m Utah" are set forth by two representative men : l'resident John Taylor, the official head of the Hormon church, and Hou. Eli H. Murray, Governor of theTcrritory of Utah. Senator John I. Mitchell writes of the " Tribulations of the American Dollar," contuiuling that it is our imperative duty to-day to settle definitely the question,whctlier we shall have dollars of unequal commercial value in circulation. Kev. Dr. J. II. Rylanee wiites on " Tiiuological Ke-acljustmcnts." Senator H. W. Blair, taking for his tlieme "Alcohol in Politics,'' declares his belief that another irrepressible conflict is at hand, and advocates the submission to the people of an amendment to the United States Constitution probibiting the manufacture, sale and importation of intoxlcatlng liquors. No one who read in the December Review the firet half of "The Day of Judgment," Gail Hamilton's ineisive review of thedomestic lifeof Thomas Carlyle, will forego the pleasure of perusing the latter half in the cm rent number. " Evils Incident to Immifrration " is by Edward Self. Finally, the subject of " Bribery by Railway Passes" is discussed by Charles Aldrich and JudgeN. M. Hubbard. Published at 30 Lafayette Place. New York, and for sale by booksellers generaily.


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