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T-he Doctor's Mistake. One of the old mistakes of the profession was to think that there were no other ways of curing disease except those which had been handed down from former times. I ► It is not to be denied that the Doctors have done great things for the world. But when it comes right down to the real curing of disease, it must be admitted that Brown's Iron Bitters has done enough to earn the generous gratitude of this whole present generation, including the medical profession. There are no mysteries or secrets about the compounding of Brown's Iron Bitters. This prep;': .ion of iron is the only preparation.' wnich will not injure teeth or stomach. In this it is beyond comparison better than the other preparations, vihich are mischievous and injurious. - Vpi IfcYou need not fear a mistake in tfying Brown's Iron Bitters. Yout druggist has it. It gives vigor to thefeeble, and new lifeto the dyspeptic. Children take it, not only with safety, but with gr;at advan■age.' c Infants and Children Withont Mor-phine or Narcotine. S5! ffive!i O!lr cllil(lren rosy clieeks liut euros tlicir (erara, maltes them slepp'Tls astorla. ' Whrn Babies fret, nnd cry hy tnrns VVhat curus their colic, kills 'tlipir wórrns nt Caatoria. Wliat quiclcly cures Constiparon Sour Stomach, ('olds, Indigestión ; Hut, ftastorla. Farewell then to MoiTjhino Syrups Castr Oil and Pare;uric, and ' Hall Pastoría. Centaur Liniment.- An absolnte euro for Rlicumatism, Spsains, Burns. Galls, &c, and au ÍMHtaataneoTis Pa,in-relievcr. Danghters, Wives, aud Mothers. Ve emphatically guarantee Dr. Marchisi's Catholicon a Female Kemedy, to cure Female Diseases.such as Ovarían troubles, Inflammation and ulceration, Falling and Displaccments or bearing down feeling, Irreguliirities, Barrenness, Changeof Life, Leuconhoea, besides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, iloating, Splnal weakness, Sleeplessness, Nervons debility, Palpitation of the lieart, etc. No cure, No Pay. For sale by dru"giats. Prices $1.00 and $1,50 per Bottle. Send to Dr. J. B. Marchisi, Utica. N. Y., or pain ph let, f ree. For sale by Eberbueli & Son, Druggist8. Swayne'8 PHls- Comfortlng to the Sick. Thousandsdie from neglect to properly reat i m pure blood, conslipation, dyspepa, malaria, apoplexy, liver, kidney, ïeart diseases, dropsy, and rheumatism. iut to the debilitated burdened wilh such crious sicknes., we conscientiously recmmend "Swayne's Pilis," wliich cortain ïedicinal properties posseseed by no othr remedy. Sent by mail for '25 cents, ox of 30 pills; 5 boxes, $1, (in stamps). Vddress Dr. Swayue&Son, Philadelphia, Pa. öold by Druggists. 1


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