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Local on "Michicl , nigan, laat night. , tli is season, suftVieut to . ...c round a covering, teil last Saturday. ____- Merchante generally consider this vear, in expensive artlrles. not so goorf as formerly. _ In a lire at Manchester last Tuesday night ii hardware and millinery store suffered some damage. A good nmnyold ta'r'roofs are being replaced by tin ones. The latest is the one on the Leonard House justcompleted. In the Cronch murder case Julia Keese, and the colored boy Bolles were arrested last week as accessories to the murder. Captain Mortimer Alanstield. a former resident on División street, died of cáncer Thursday morning at nis home in Coldwater. The State law is such that if a school teacher dismiss his school and attend a teachers' institute, he eau collect pay for the time spent. Washtenaw cotinty has 19 elevatois and flouring milis. Twelve of them reponed that 1)5, 19S bushels of heat were marketed in November. On Monday night, at Sheehan's roller skating rink, fourtcen engaged in a twoniile race, James Duffy coming out ahead in 12 minutes and 20 seconds. This is the time tor evergreen trees in maiket. Several loads came into the city the fore part of the week in antlclpatlun of the holiday trade in Christmas trees. The funeral of F red Hornung was held at Scio Church, on Wednesday. The deceased was a thrivinjt farmer of Pittsfield, and was well knuwn among the Germans. Durine October the highest temperature in Aun Albor was 80 ; the Iowest29' and the average 48. The rain-fall was 3.37 inches, as recorded at the Observatory. In the Grand Haven Herald of the 14tb inst we notice a clipping from a letter reeently received from ex-Senator Ferry, whieh repurts liis health substautially restored by his European trip. Senator Palmer is confined to his bed ia Washington, and consequently will not be in attendance at the New England diüner this evening. Quite a number of prominent persons will, however, be present. The funeral of Mrs. Abbie A. Warden was held at Mrs. Otis's residence on Huron street, Wednesday afternoon, before the shipment of the remains to Aubnrn, N T. The deceased was a very ehlerly ladj'. Citizens of Ann Arbor desiring to spend the holidays in Cincinnati can secure tickets from Toledo to tbat point and return for $3.00, over the T. C. & 8t. L. R. R. Tickets good from December 22 to January 2. The remains of Eleanor Woodhouse, a former resident of this city, were brought here on the lOth inst., and were removed to the cemetery vault. Deceased bas been living at Sheboygan, and is a relative of Mr. Glazier, on Cemetery street. Quick work was made with two tramps ' Tuesday noon who were caught inaking off with a pair of boots from A. M. Dotyrs store. They were captured, tried and sentencedto Ionia for threc months, in the short space of one hour. 1 The last issue of the Saline Observer ' .vu i;teresting extract from a letter ree ■ ly received from Mrs. Billmeyerby Ui latter'8 aunt. It will be remembered that Dr. and Mrs. Billmeyer left this fall fel fitsouth. They are now at Chattai Tennessee. The tr:unp who last week receivi days at the Detroit House of Correct ion had his sentence commuted to thirty days in jail. Sheriff Wal lace transfern ' eiht of the prisoners under sentence to lieadquarters last week Friday and Salurday, and four more early this week. The remaius of Mrs. Douglass on Washington street, who died Sunday night, were on Wednesday taken to Detroit for in. terment, after the services at her place of residence in this city. The body was undtr the charge of C. F. Adams, an assistatt in the University laboratory. Jo'.in Burjr, v1k oot was crushed in tlie aecldent o tsgiving day, referredtoi- ,9 at the time, is nol vp' jn the injured memy is somewhat slowei ed, buc full as rapid as ii charge hoped for. .cunesday Air. E. Boyden wa ied to Miss. Nettie A. Robison, " Haughter of A. V. Robi?on of this city Mr. Boyden is a thrifty farmer of Web ter, and was made president of the countj Agricultural Society for the ensuing yeai ó& Tuesday of this week. The new coupl( ve our best wishes. The attendance nt the. sec jnd violln recital of Mr. Luderer on Momlay veiling was somewliat email on account of the inclemency of the weather. The. Rev. Mr. Spencer, of Lausing preached at the Prcsbyterian chureh last Sabbath morning. In the evnhii he addressed the Young People's AssoeiaUon of that chureh. Last week Fridny at a roller-skating rink in Jackson there was a five-mile race on skates which was won by George Bliss of thiscity in twenty-live minutes. Ten started iii the race but the Ann Arbor boy became the chatnpion skaterof Jackson. The funeral of Mrs. Maria L. Morris was held on Wednesday at the residence of the deceased's niother, Mrs. Loomis, on Ann street. líerreinains were brought here from Newport News, Va., where her death occurred very suddenly on the 15tli inst., of heart disease. She was the wife of T. E. Morris. ___ju- ■-■-vointment' junior exhit)iti..n " piy Jal,essie f hedon, t Wilsou; -hniewind i ut the fire bell e iü me Fifth ward. p'ere taáde by the lire comF%. out, but it was thought unnece. 1 in an appearance. An iiniinp juilding near the old ruillpond in . r Town burned. The property was iiu jccupied. About tioon last Saturday a runaway team, without dtiver, attached to a farm wajfou passed the Courirr office going south. Running into a wagon standing opposit.e the postoffice, the runaways were broujrht to a stand stlll. No damage was done and the owner of the team was on liand soon to take care of theni. Company A has succeeded in procnrlng the fanious Opera House Orchestra lor its public inspection and hop. Notwithstanding the extra expense for music, the company lias decided not to change the price of admission, which will be 50 cents, ladies f ree, and dancing until 2:30 New Year's eve., December 31. In the case of the people against Richard Reed, for setting tire to the bedding in the Dexter lock-up with the purpose of destroying the building, the court on Tuesday morningseritenced theprisoner to six months' contintment. The jury rendered the verdict ot guilty on last Friday, sentence of the defendant being reserved until the time given. The latest from the well known Dr. W. J. Calvert is in the Sionx Falls Daily Press of Dec. 4. In regard to hia recent divorce suit it says: The defendant's attempt to f ree himself from on e vvoman in order to catch on to another has got him into hard lines. The woman whom he was to marry, recently sued him for damages and obtiiined a jiidgment of several thousand dollars. To be between the tire of a braee of injured women is no fun. The remaius of Mrs. Elizabeth Crane were taken to Eaton Rapids on Tuesday for nterment. Deceased was the mother of Mrs. F. E. Mili?, of Pittsrield, with whom she has üved for about two years. The immediate cause of her death was an accident occurring jnst three weeks before her demise: a fall received at that time resulted in a broken hip, from which, being over seventy-six years of age, she did not recover. Marshal Nowland and several others had alively time with a tramp on Monday. The fellow had been arrested and jailed before, it seems, and on being let out he was given until acertain time to leave the city. Not obeying orders, liowever, but lilling hiinself with whiskey, probably purcha8ed with money begged from persons on the streef, hls arrest again was neeessnry, and henee the tussle. He was dnly placed in safe quarters. The general manager of the Michigan Bell-telephorie company writes that " arrangements have been perfected with Prof. Barrington of Ann Arbor for the furnishing of standard time, by the use of an automatic machine which gives the beats of the clock at the observatory. This time may be had on Tuesdays and Fridays between 8 and 9 o'clock a. m. the charge for which will be the usual tariff for a message of ti ve minutes duration." Minnie Hauk, in the professional field, has quite a reputation for " getting sick ' at opportune times. Last Friday nlgbt she maintained that reputation by having a sore throat, to the considerable disappointment of those who went to the hall only to find that there was to be no entertainment on that account. It was a fortúnate occurrenee for the Lecture Association as it would have lostheavily had the concert been given. Rumor has it that she will try and come aeain later in the season when lowerprices for seats will be asked. When in Port Huron the President of the Am ubor Reform Club, in his en.sserted that Pres. Angelí and .ley endorsed Conway. That have been another unfortunate for Angelí at once wrote to Port n iying: "I have never endorsed him in auy way in the slightest degree," 1 Cuoley said: "I have no acquaintai v h Mr. Conway and have not been ■vay of seeinsr results of his work here.' Some folks are always gettinsr hit in the back of the neck with boomeraiigs. Died in Pittsfleld, Washtenaw county, on the 18th Inst Mrs. Letitia Norgate, widowof Stephen Norg.ite, in her 80th year. Mrs. Norgate, eldest sister of Kev. Geo. Taylorwasborn in Mereworth, Kent county, Eftgland. She carne to Michigan with her husband and parents, Wm. and Sarali Taylor, who died in 1836, and settled in Pittsfield. She has been a meinberof the Methodist Episcopal Church about forty years, and although deprived ', of the public means of grace tlirough ■ growing intirmities for several years past i has sustained a true Christian character to the very last, and departed this üfe in great peace and filll of the consolatlons of i the Christian'sihope. Five children sur, vive her. Mrs. Susan Btt of Pittsfield, . Mrs. Clarissa Hopkins of Owosso ; Sophia ■ Smith of Ionia, and Wm. T. Norgate of ' Pittsfield. She leavcs fifteen grandchilr dren. The funeral will be Friday foreI noon at 11 o'clock, at Wm. Norgate's in Pittsfield, Rev. R. B. Pope officiatlng.