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I Tl IK - DETROIT JEWRIJ5RS, Beiow their jf] n ■ riK W% i yjy Ov. aFORT ST. WEST. SPi X pusstiu naast -pL sQ CONGRES S ST. Q # i m - i Si - i# 1 i ijráísnsí - ij - j lC.) L Ji - JEFFERSON AVENUE I I I I I I _J WiKWBfÜDCE Sí. ______„- Miip of the iief-v business ceoíer of thi city. , the locaÜori of Ün I gant Qve-stqry building, which the; s ill ououpy íío 1 t, 1333. Vtsi í oí" ci i 'i,l'y i.uvlfed I look thr-oug'i ■ u n-'.v [jlace, -hi: will b-' !"U" 'i'iMiii! ■ ■■ lio !.- i; ; ■ i .!,i ;■■■ lü' iv i;i i'! ts pp i'! iv ■. . ::i ■■■:: i ::"- 8ixmtflc America I "Go fortli upou your wheeled horse, aml lis1 to naturc's teackings." ! THE COLUMBIA BICTCLEi I Are made as strong and durable as the besl material and most slcilled worktnanship car produce. They are used by Merchante, Clcrks, Ministers, Lawyers, Doctors, Messcngers, Col lectors and Carpenters. They furnish the cheapcst and best means of RAPID TRANSIT, give the rider the healthiest of out-door exercise, and in a word are THE TüPULARSTEEDS OF TO-DAY. '■I 6hall rejoice to sec the time when this exercise shall be as popular aniong girls and women as tennis and the dance, for the more íully the pliysical life of our ivomankind is developed tLe better for uien as well as wonden." - Dr. Richardson. of LoiuJon, on the Tricyde. "Now good digestión walt on appetite, auc health on both." TUF, COLUHIIilA TRÍC1CLJ0 Is a new machine for general use by both sexe and all ages. By the addition of the Columbia Tricvcle Tnc Pope Mf'o. Co. eau claim to fufnish wheele lor THE WHOLE FAMILY. For grandfathcr. grandmother, fat'üer, mother young man, youug lady, and even to Uttle Jonnie ana slaeie. Send 8c. stamp for 35-page illustrated Cata logue, wlth price-list and full information. THE POPE MANUFACTÜR1NG CO., BW Washington St., Boston, Mass. Or to CHAS. W. WAGNER Agent Ann Arbor, Mich., 31 S. Main ët. piORX WAYNB & JACKSON E. K '' "il Indianapo is timm I y Michigan Oeotral Iïailroad from Ann Arborto i Train leave Aun .rbr as ollow [ndlannpoils Express ,',n . „ taolniuMl BxpreS nulZ A 1 1 trains lenve by ChlcnKO time l rocure tickets at Ann Arbor or Jacks., n M. D WOQ[)FORD. Gen'l 3p Erery Live Merchant IN ANN AKBÜR Should Advertise IN THE COURIER. ... ASSERS WANTED Great SchafF Herzog (ijayêlopadia RelbgTous r KNOWLEDGL , , By PHILIP SCHAFF ègfDlbbfe 'sa -íaára Thework Is to be comnietsd In ihre iibiAddress, HORACE STACY LmnirrÍMiMiii?w'"'vvl''' -


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