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GET THE BESTf LEAB ALL OTHERSJ EverySt ■ Insurance Agensj OÏTICfl Over Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, OOR. HUEON AND FOUETH ST. ■ Noilh Briti8h Insurance Comp1) (Of London and Edinburg) [ Capital Í1S,000,000, Goid. : 1 Detroit Fire and Marine Ins. f 'o. CasïiAsset $600,000 Springfleld Ins. Conip'y of Mas., Ctsh Asaett .... $1,800,00(1, Howard Ins. Co., of New Vork, Cash Aaseti.... $1,000,000. Agricnltural Insurance Comp'y, I WATEBTOWN, - - NEW Y08K, CaihAsneU $1,200,000. , Losjêé liberaliy tójusiad and promptl; pin riTSBY & SEABOLT'S BAKERT, QROCERY AMD FLOUR & FEED STORE, W itoep cor-ianMy en tund, HfiEAO, CP.ACKEKS, CAKES, ETC, FOaWHOUSALE ASDRETAILÏRADÏ. We êhaïl also te.? nppir oí WIFT DECBKL'S BEST 7H1TE WUBAl FI.OÜK, DELHI FLOCR, KVE FLOUB 3UCKWHEAT n.OÜK, CORN MEUL, FKBD, 4c, ie A'. bniesale nd retail. A seneral flocïof GROCEKIE AND PIÍOVIS50SÍ constantly on band, whichwill beïoltl n as re:n able terms as at ry ctber hous In t!;e city. Cash pald for Butler, Kggi, aa: Couolrj Troioei cenerailTy&oo4s delirered to anr part o( the c tr wi out extra c'ario. TT. RIWHgT a SSABOliT BREAD & CAKE BAKERY. at A. F. Hangsterfer & CoÉ for Fresh Bread, Gaka Pies, Tarts, Bosto CreamPuiTs, DoughNut Macaroons etc., cali ( 1 F. HANGSTERFER & Cü 3O & 32 Main. St. Ferdon Lumber Tai JAMES TOJjBERT, Prop. Manufaottirer ana Demler tn SAGINAW (iAIVG-SAWED UIIBH Lath and. Shinglü. W inTit all to Klvs es a ojll, and examine on nock beforo purchasinf olseirhere ALSO AGENT FOR JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO,j And sells üre brick. JA.MES TOLRERT, PRttt T: J. KKBCH. Sopt. r'b'IH THE AKW ARBOR Savings laif Tnms" Genen.', Banking M Orsar, State, tin an 5 jdltlo ""'m, then tta benefii 81Ck Thres per cent. iu. bailr.gB üepiif'ts of ons a„. oordtng to the rules oí the Hnuk ._ pounded semi annunlly Mon. y to Loaa-j Incnmbered real catato :ind o;her gooil sccuriH DiKECTons-Chrlstian Slack, w. W. ff1M,F Uanlel Hiscook, nnd WIDiir,. 1!. Smlth. OFFICffiBS. OhustiaxMack, rrei. W.W.F


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