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A Year's Buildings

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Below we give a list, including the larger number of buildings, permanent repairs, etc, in the city during 1883. Unless otherwise indicated reference is made to dwelling houses in what follows. Allowing $6,000 for buildings and repairs not included in Hst, we have a grand total of $205,205.13. Where definite coat of bnilding9 is unknown an approximate amount is given. Wm. Biggs, Win. Copeland, C. J. Gardner, Gates & Gates, A. R. Hammond, Luick Bros., Niethammer & Helber, D. J. Ross, Geo. Scott, J. C. Walz, and Wiuslow Bros., Ann Arbor, and T. McKenzie & Son, Jaekson, are some of the carpenters participating in the profits. T. M. Cooley, addition, State street. $3,000. A. W. Hamilton, First ward. $1,500. lí. R. Hulbert, addition, etc, First ward. $350. 8. Hendrickson, addition, First ward. $200. A. H. Pattengül, repairs, etc, Fourth ward. $600. A. H. Pattengül, repairs, Sixth ward. $000. Alexander McDonald, repairs, Sixth ward. $400. Geo. Hayler, addition, Sixth ward. $350. Dr. J. A. Dell, Third ward. $950. John Kaleska, Second ward. $1,100. McMillan & Randall, store front, art and photograph gallery, Huron street. $1,800. "W. P. Orovoc, storfl-rnnm nrcunied bv Goodspeed, Main street, repairs. $1,055. Wm. Wagner, remodeling store front, Main street. $119.50. Charles Fantle, store-room occupiedby Winans & Stafford, Main street, repairs. $110.03. Christopher Walker, addition, West Liberty street. $350. Sixth ward School Building. $17,000. Alpha Delta Phi House, State street. $ Ir, 000. Mack & Schmid, two dwelliner-houses, Fourth street, each $800. $1,600. Mack & Schmid, ware-room, Second ward. $1,000. Fred Belser, South Ingalls street, $1,600. Hanison Soule, South University ave., to be completed June I, 18S4. $3,000. O. Eberbach, cor. Fourth and Williams streets, to be completed in "84. $5,000. Andrew Climie, Maynard street. $2,000. Mrs. Edwards, Willard street.' $1,600. The Misses Wilmot, Wilinot street. '."k. w ingiero, mni sueet. $1,400. S. D. Allen, cor. Monroe and Ingalls streets. $2,000. Jacob Hoffstetter, Liberty street, between Fil'th and División, $2,500. Rev. N. Eastivood, South University Ave., $3,000. Engine house, Sixth ward, $1,000. Isaac Dunn, North street, between State and Thayer, $l,h00. Charles W. Wagner, Packard street, $2,000. Plof. Wm. H. Pettee, South Thompson street, $5,000. Mrs. Mozart, South Thompson street 2,500. M. C. Peterson, cor. Liberty and Fourth streets, to lic completed May 1, 'S4. $4,000. Franklin L. Parker, cor. Ann and Fourth streets, $1,800. Edwnrd Fitzgerald, cor. Ingalls and T'"-on street, 351,000. John Lucas, Jefferson síreet, $3,200. Charles Deitas, addition, Third ward 1800. dam D. Seyier, addition to store building, Main street, $550. A. H. Fillmore, addition, Spring street, 200. Wm. W. Douglns, Washington street $4,000. Mis. Bower, cor. Ann and Ingalls, $2,500. Unitarian parsonage. State street, $3,000. Jesse Booth, William street, $3,500. Wm. B. Stickue3% cor. Ilill and Ingalls stieets, $5,000. A. L. Noble, División street, to be completed in f all of 'S4, $10,000. A. V. Robison, Fiftli street, between Washington and Liberty streets, $2,800. S. P. Jewett, addition, etc, Huron street, $1,500. Ifeisuu Owtherloncl) Mivdioon stroef $2,000. John A. Volz, Liberty street, $1,100. Prof. Geo. S. Morris, State street, re pairs, $1,000. E. W. Morgan, repairs on store buildings, and on liouses on Thompson anc Huron streets, 2,700. Caroline W. Waldron, State Street, conipleted in 1883, $5,500. Permanent repairs by different carpen ters, ranging from $10, o $200,- $8,000At the University amountsabont as fnllows have been expended during 1883 On Library, $40,000; steam heatinjr p paratus, $8,000; medical and law departments, eacli, $500, making $1,000 in botli mechauical. laborator}', $600 ; genera permanent repairs, $2,000. Total in all $51,000.