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A very fine altar has just been put into St. Joseph's Catholic church, the gift o Lawrenee Horigan, decenseil, costing about $1,300. Another gift of $1,000 fron deoeued member, will probably go towards a fine bell. Annual famly re-union at Qeorge C Page's Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews of Ingham county; Mr. Brown, dauglitei iiml íbter, Ann Arbor; Geo. C family; daughter and soi ! . aimil ear, were present to enjoy tlit; ; b i provided, especially Üie !d asuion EmfHsh pluin pudding, whicl is nrv at tliat house on these occasions. MANCHESTER. From the Enterprise. : , tbí I 1 was passing down Ex Phu i Christmas, we callee . ibtooi ain Arbor, by telephone : i usic. He said thtit he 1 , miuly and that it soundei i cks' boi-se rnn awav T . and in turning tlic cc i .■' ne's the cutter struck a trtc, oie Jerry was thrown out and con HujuÊy liruised about the liead. Dr jÊ Hxed liini up so he was able to g M Bstenlay, but the cutter i only ti SALINE. From the Observar. P. B. Basselt and wife arrived In Saine from thelr Kansas home on Saturdiiy. As Mis. B,'s health is poorly thcy will renain here tlie coming snmnier and perlaps for a year. J. S. Wood, a &taunch citizcn and successful sheep breeder of Loili, was eleoted ne of the directors of the Michigan Merino Sheep Breeders association at their animal eleetion in Lansing last week. YPSILANTI. From the Vpsilantian. On Wednesday anü Thursday of this week 1,400 citizens signed a petition requusting that Miss Francés L. Stewart be contirmed as Postmistress in ttiis city. Dr. Wilson announces in the COUkikr tliat Coiiway bad crowded houses in thil city. The Doctor lias been misinformed. The largest house- about 400- wa9 had the firat night. The Ypsilanti Grange bas appointed a committee, witli S. T. Gridley as chairman, to attend the annual meeting of the Stony Creek Horse Vigilance Society to talk up the matter of amending its charter so as to protect its members against general stealing. The object of tbis change will be to catch all thieves and bring them to justice. Thieves will stand a poor show with the vigilantes. From the Commercial. Adjntant W. W. Phillips, of the Grand Army of the Republic, showed us a ballot arrangement that's nnique and novel. It ia in the form of a canuon- loaded with ballots and fired at the successful candidate. He has to succumb to tlie demanda of the Post. No doubt it will be universally the accepted ballot box of the Grand Army.