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9p tSuíñtrn ForaiiSkÜK I Bemedy suchaí Diseasesj I TETTEfUTCH. SORES. F1MPLIS. ƒ ERYSIPELAÍ4 kP01 Mm piles Syinptom are moisture, atinging, itc liinE, woree at oigbt; seemsa if pin-worma were crawling about the rectum ; the private part are often affected. As a pleaaant, economical and poaitive cure, Swatme's Ointmimt U superior to any article In the market. Sold ly druggists, or iend 60 ets. ín 3-ct. Stampt, 3 Boxei.S1.2!.AddreH,Da.SwATNE&SoN,Fhila.,Fa 1129-1180 ADVERTISING CHEATS ! ! ! " It lias become so coramon to write the begiunlng of au article, in an elegant, interesting manner, "Then. run it into some advertisement that we avoid all aucb, "And simply cali attention to the meiïts of Hop Bitters in as plaiii, honest terms as possible, "To induce people " To give thein one trial, which so proves their valué that they will uever use auything else." " The Rf.medy so favorably noticed in all the papers, ' Religious and secular, 8 " Having a large sale, and is supplantino; all other medicines. " There is no denying the virtues of the Hop plant, and the proprietors of Hop Bitters have shown great shrewdness "And ability " In conipounding a medicine whose virtues are so palpable to every one's observation. Did She Die ? "No! " Sbe lingered and suffered along.pining away all the time for years," " The doctor doing her no rood;" "And at last was cured by this Hop' Bitters the papers say so rauch about." "Indeed! Indeed!" " How thaiikful wa should be for that medicine." A Daughter's Misery. "Eleven years our daughter suffered on a bed of misery, "From a complication of kidney, liver, rheumat'o trouble and Nervous debility, Under the care of the best physicians, " Wlio gave her disease various ii " But no relief, "And now she s rpstorcil to 118 In LOOd bealth by as simple a remedy as Hop Bitters, that we had shunned for years before usiug it."- The Paubnts. Father Is Gettiu Well. " My danguters sny : " How much better father Is since he used Hop Bitters." "He is gettine well after hls long suflering from a disease declared Incurable" "And we are so glad that he used your Bitters." A Lady of Uliea. N. Y. Probate Order. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washteuaw. At a seselon of the ProbateCourt for theConnty of Washtenaw, holdenat the Probate thecity of Ann Arbor, on Thuraday, the thineenth dar ol December in tne year ona thousand eight hundred and eigbty-three. Present, Williain D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Joseph Schuabel deceaaed. On readlug and flllng the petltion, duly verifled, of Paul Scnuabel praying that he may be licensed to aell the Real Estáte whereof sald deceaaed died seized. Thereupon it is ordered, that Saturday, the twelfth day of January next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be asaigned for the hearing of sald petition, and that the heire at law of said deceased, and all other peraons interested in eaid estate,are reqaired to appear at a eeesion of gaid conrt, then to be holden at the Probate the city of Ann Arbor, and how cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted. And it is further ordered, that said petitioner give notice to thepersons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thls order to be pubÜBhed in The Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed and circulated in said county, three successive weeks prevlous to unid day ot hearing. (A trae copy.) WILUAM D. HAKRIMAN, JudEe of Probate. WM. G. DOTY. Proht Register. 1174-1177 Mort gage Sale. DEPAÜLT HAVING BEEN MADE IN THE conditions of acertain indenture of morttjage ezecuted by John J.Davis and Adelle E. Davis hls wife dated January lüth, 1872, to Jared s. Lapbam which said mortgage was on the 27 th day of January, A.D. 1872, recorded in the office of the Register of Deed for Washtenaw County, Michigan, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day, in liber 44 of mortgages, on page 220. There is claimed to be dne on sald mortgage at the date of this notfee for principal and interest the tam of four thousand and flve hundred dollars. No proceedlng at law or in equity bas been instituted to collect said mortgage debt or any portion thereof. Default has been made in the conditlons of said mortgage and the power of sale therein containeil became operativo. Notice is therefore hereby giveu that to satisfy said mortgage debt, interest and costs of this foreclosure that there will be sold at public anction at the front door of tbe Conrt House on Huron ftreet, in the city of Ann Arbor county of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, (that being the place for holding the Circuit Court lor said connty) on Saturday the 6th day of January, A. 1). 1884, at one o'clock in the afternoon of said day, the premises in hhíiI mortgage described, viz: 'llie Bouth-west quarter of the soutta-east quarter and the north-west quarter of the southeast quarter of section slx (6) town one (1) south of range seven (7) east, aleo the east half of the northwest quarter of aection seven (7); also eleven (11) acteB, more or lesa, off the sonth Bide of the east half of the south-west fractlonal quarter of section six (ti) being all that part of sald deacription lying aouth of the llughway known as the trall road, all Baid lands being in the townehip of Salem, county and state aforetaid. Dated, October llth, A. D., 1881. JAKUI) S. LAPHAM, C. E. WILLIAMS, Morteacee. Att'y for Mortgftgee, Northvllle, Mich. 64-7B t NEURALGIA, Rheumatism " Affoctlons, Acute or Chronic Lumbago, Sciatica and cfrVvïj Nervous Headache. wÍtti w Thcir complete and perfect cure accom. NERVINE pli5hcd in a few hours.with a degrec of certiinty that challenge! dispute. Fórjale by all drugglsts. Prlcetl. Aak fr circular. JAMES E. DAVIS & COAgcnts, Dtroit._ 1174-1'J25,