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Prof. Monïs left for Baltimore Wednesday. Prof. Chas. Dennison returns from the east to-niorrow. Dr. FrteZfi was in Detroit several days this week on business. A. S.VanValkenburgh, '84, left for 8t. Augusthie, Florida, Monday. W. F.Word went to Chicago Saturday night and returned Monday eveuing. W. C. Braisted, '83, was in the city Monday; He returned to Brooklyn, N.Y. this week. Dr. llenry C. Allen and wife spent several days visiting in Braiitforü, Ontario, recently. Jas. H. Wade left for Jonesville, Mich., last Saturday. He returned on Tuesday afternoon. W. Walter Harria, '8G, is still conlined to his bed. He was taken ill last week Monday, the resutt of a severe cold. We saw C. F. Hicks, formerly of '84, later of '85, in Ann Arbor Tuesday. He is teaching at Union City, we believe. Walter B. Garvin, '82, teaching at Allegan, Mich., reached Ann Arbor last Friday to spend severa! days of his vacition here. W. J. Olcott, '83. taking a post-graduate course at the ur.iversity this year, spent New Yeai's witli his ancle uear Ypsilanti. Prof. Bronson left Saturday evening to apend Sunday with W. B. Cady in Detroit, to Orchard Lake the fore part of the week. Harry F. Forbes represents the univergity chapterof Zeta Psi fraternity at the 37thannual convention held in New York City y este id ay and to-day. The university is having a number of LL. D. diplomas printed to snpply those on whom such degrees have been conferred within the last few years. J. J. Abel, '83, and Miss Mary W. man, of '82, Elmira College, N. Y., were married July 10, '83 at Havaua, N. Y., aiul are now n Baltiuiore, Md. C. H. Black, '8;S, is travellng this winter. A recent letter from liim at New Orleans, La., tells us tUat he expected to sail for Vera Cruz on tlie lst inst. Prof. Howison has been offered the Mill's Professorshipof Mental and Moral Philosophv Id the üniversity of California. The chair has the income of $50,000 as a salary- It sexpected that W. C. Foote, '84, President otthe Lecture Association, who is now undergoing medical treatment ut St. Luke's Hospital, New York, will be here for the second semeeter's work. Twice a j'ear, thu iniddie week of May and November, an accurate account is kept of the nutuber of books called for at the general library. From November 19 to 24, 1883, inclusive, 1,863 volumes were drawn. The niimber given out the tirst week in the new building is thought tó have been about 2,300. Our frlend, J. H. Grant, '83, is open to eonjiratulation on having the most popular better half in Manistee, as per the vote cast at the M. E. Church fair held there last week. Witness the followinsf from the Weekly Times of the 27th inst.; before transcribing which we say, "Shpke:" The most exottlng feature [of the Fair] was the determining by vote who were the most popular among the married ladies, the unmarried ladies, and the little misses. Mrs. J. H. Grant was voted the most popular niarried wouian, and awarded the silver teu set.