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ílJNFAILING , FORAUSKlX I REMEDY SUCHAS DlSEASESl Itetter.itch. sobes, pimples, ƒ VERYSIPELASt WRING WOIW. THE ÓRtATCÜRE FOR ITCMÜPILES Bj mptoms aro moisture, Ktinginp, itching, worse at Dight; seemsas íf piti-wonns wero crawling about the rectum; the private parta are often alíected. Aa a pleaaant, economical aud positivo cure, Swatne's Ointhknt ia superior to ariy article íd the market. Sold I' y druggfstg, or send 50 ets. in S-ct. Stampa. 3 Boxea, 81.25. Addresa, Da. 8 wítne Je Son, Fuila., Pa. 1129-1180 ADVERTISING CHEATS ! ! ! " It has liecome so comnion to write the bpglnnlng of au article, in ail eiegant, interesting nianner, " Tlien tob it into some ulvertisement Chat ve ívoúl all gucb, "Aud Minply cali attention to the merite of Hop Bitters in is plaili, lionest irruís as possible, "To induce people " To give tlieui one Iriakwhichso proveí their valué that they will never use anythinjf else." - - "The Remeoy so favorably notlced in "Religious and secular, Jt " Haviiig a Urge sale, and s supplant!ir all other medicines. " There is no denying tlie virtues of the Hop plant, and the proprietois of Hop Bitters have showu great shrewuiiess "And abiÜty "In compoundinr a medicine whose virtues aie so palpable to every one's observation. Did Slie Vic I " No ! " Slie lingercd and suflered along,pining away all the time for years, " " The doctor doing her no good;" "And at last was eured by tliis Hop Bitters the papers ay so iniich about." "Indeed! Indeed!" " How thankfiil should be for that medicine." A Daughter's Misery. "Eleven yeats our daugliter Buffered on u bed of misery, "From i coiiipücation of kidney, liver, rheumatic trouble and Nervous debility, Under the care of the best physieiana, " Who gave lier disease various nanies, " BOl "Hu relief, "And now shè is restored to us in good health by as simple a reniedy as Hop Bitttírs, that we had shunned foryears before uslug it."- The Pauknts. Father is Ketting VVell. " My daughters siy : "How much better father Is sinee he useil Hop Bitters." " He is gettine well after hls long sutlVrinj; írom a cliseaue oTeelared incurable" "And we are so glad tlmt lie used your Bitters." A IjADV of Utica. N. Y. IS vour Life Worth a Dollar? _ ' Perhaps that seems a high price foi it, considering how poor your blood is, and how your whole system is prostrated.debilitated, and enfeebled. People have been heard to say, under such circumstances, that tliey would. not give the toss of a copper lor the choice between Hfe and death. But when it comes to actuaüy drawinp; near the grave, a man naturally draws back, and says he does not want to d Life is very precious, and even to a broken-down man it is wuith 5av5klg. One dollar will buy a bottle of Brvwris Iron Bitters. That one dolar may start you en the road from misery to recoverT. A man must take a very mean view of himself who is not willing to invest that much in making one serious effort to rescue himself from deadly debility, and to Uep into the enjoyment of solid health. Bronm's Iron Bitters vitalizes the blood, tones the nerves, and rebuilds the system. lts work is well known. Invest that dollar in a bortlc. 8 CAMH.LUS,OnondagaCo., N,Y., Jan.10,1883. Rheumatic Syrvp Co.: Gents - I feel it my duty to recnmmctul your wonderful medicine- " Hheiimatic Syrup"- to all who are suffering with rhcuniatisin, neuralgia or kidney ditllculty- I have been a great giifferer with rheuraatism, cauacd by kidney difflculty, and have been treated by our best physieians, but they failed to reach my case or benefit me in the least. I saw in the Auburn papers the names of a number who had been pennanently ca red by the use of Rheumatiu Syrup and being acquainted with many of thern, I was induced to try it, and to my surprise I lound that all pain had left nie before I liad llnished the tlrst bottle. 1 coiitinupd ts use for a time and to-day, I am as well as ever and feel no more pain or trouble with my kidneys. It has been suveral iiiontbs since I discontinued its use, so I know it is a permanent cure In my case. I can testify that Rheumatic Syrup will do all - yes, more than yon claim for it. I am yours truly, MltS. llATTIE PaDDDCK. A facetlous toper calis his stomach a 'sample room."


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