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i AYER'S PILLS. A largo proportion ot the disenses vliich caue human sutt'ering result fi m deraugement of the ■toinach, bOWelS, and liver. AVEB'H CATBAimC I PlLI.s act ilircctly uikiii these orgaiis, hik! are eapeeially ilesigned to cure the dlceuef eaused liy their dcrangeinent, incluüiug Coiintiputlon, Imlfgition, lyspia, Heada-lie, D.vsenterv, mul h host of other ailnientn, for all ot wbioh they ave a safe, sure, prompt, and pleasant remedy. Tlie extensive use of these Pills by eminent physiciaus in regular praetice, shows uumistakably tile estimation in whioh they are held by tlie medical professiou. These I'ii.l.' aje coroponnded "f vegetable Fubstanceg only, and are ibsolutely f ree írom oalomel or any other injurious ingrediënt. A Sufterer froin Ileadache wrltes : "AYBR'fl Fll.LS are invaluable to me, and are my ooiist&ut ootbpánlon. I have been asevere ButTerer from Eieadohe, and fowt Pills are the only thing I cnuld look to for relief. One ilote Milí (uiikly move my bowels and tree uiy heat hom pain. Thc-y are tue mout eöective and tho tr, ,i„. tó 's;eakShln%rívp'Fiíl1,'Hii.ilí iflftiR'ííWSS wheu 'occasion otters. W. 1.. P Uil!, of W. 1. Pase & Bro." Frankllii St., Riohuioud, Va., June :, 1882. " I'have used Ayek's Pills in numlwrless in■tfuioea s reoommended by you, and have never knowu them to fail to aeeuinplish tLe dt-sired reMilt. We coiistantly keep tlieia on hand at uur home. and prize theiu afl A pleasant, safe, aitd reliahle fanlily medicine. POB DY8PEP8IA (hay are invaluahFe. J. T. Havks." Mezlft, 'JVxas, .June 17, 1882. The Kkv. Fiuxus B. Haklowf., vrriting from AtliiMta, fia., say.s: ■' For soine years past 1 have been subject to conslipation, from whieh, in spite .of the use ot medicines of various kinds, l sutfered increasing inconveuience, until hoine months aj?o 1 began taking A vkr' They have entirely correeted the eostive habit, and have vastly improved iny general health." Avee's C.vthartic Pills correct irregularities nf the bowels, stimulate the appetite and digestión, and by their prompt and thorough aetion give tone and vigor to thewhole pliysit-al eeonomy. PRErARKI) BV Dr. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggistf. YD1INR All experience the wonderful beneflmn iwn cial etfects of OLD, AND a i r ■! Ayer's Sarsaparilla. ippn Children with sore Kyee Sore Kars, ftucu. or anv scrofulous or syphfUtie taiut, may be made heaíthy and strong by its use. Sold by all Druggists ; $1, six boules for ÍS. Ittortgae Sale. WIIEHEAS, Francia Koney, and Malvina Koney, of Anu Arbor, In the CouDty ol VVashtenuw, and State of Michigan, on the twenly-third day of November, A. D., Ib82, eiecuttd a mortage to Cathei ine Kyan oí ti e carne place, to secure the payraent of certain principal and Ínter iet money tliein montioned, which mortgage wa recorüed in ti.e oriice ol the Kegister ol Deeda for the Uouuty of Wüshtenaw aforeeaid, in Liber bi of i mortgagt'8, ou page 75, on the day last aforeeaid. And whe'eas, deluult has been made lor more than twenty days in the paymeut of an io&tailment of interest which bec ime due on the twenty-lhird day of November, 1SS8, by reaaon whereof, and pur-ii.u, to tbe terina of said mortgai;e, the pinclpal sum nanied in said mortae, ol'two hundred and Öliy dollars, with all arrcarage of Interest thereon, at ihe option of theabovenamed mortgagee, became due and payable imuiediately thereatter, and the power ol' sale contained in said raortgage, became operative. And the said ruurtgagee does hereby declare it her option, and does hereby elect to have I Ihe princ pal Biim named in said mortgage and all ! Interest thi-rein become now due and payable. I And whereas there is now olainied tobe due and pay; abie a aforesaid, upon the said mortgage and the note accompanyiug the sanif, at the d at' of tbis no. tice, the sum ot two hunnred and sixty-uine dollars and twenty cents, (2S9.20I, in additiou to all Ihe o'her legal cost-í proviüed for in said mortgase. And uu i-uu or urovimdluil navlu bveu inetitutod at law or ín equiiy tu recover th: aforesald snui, or any part theieof, notice ie tnerefore hereby given, ! ihat said mortgage will be loreclosen on the tweety-ninlh day ot March, lHS4,at ten o'clock In the lorenoon ol that day, b. a sale at public auctlon, to the highest bidder, at the east door of the Coart House iu tbe city of Ann Arbor, in tbe couuty moretaid, (said tourt Heuse beiug the place of holding tbe Circuit Court for satd cotinty) of the mortgaged premises, described in said mortgage, or so much thereof, as may be nccessary to eatisfy the amount of principal and interest remalulng onpald upo said mortgage, with the costi of foreclosuru aforasaid, whicti said premises ire de8Cribed in said mortgege as follows: All that certain piecc or parcel of land, sitúate and being in the city of Ann Arbor, in the Coonty of Washtenaw auu State ol' Michigan and described as iollowe, to wit : All that certnin pieceor parcel of 'and, sitnated in Brown and Fuller's additlon to the said city of Ann Arbor, according to the recorded plat thereof, known. bounded and described as followe : Commencing on the easterly side of Wall treet, one hundred l'eet írom Broadway, thence nortb easterly at right angles to Wall street, thirty-four and onehall fee!, thence easttrly parallel with Wall street twenty-six feet, thence at right angles with Wall street to Wall street, thence north-westerly on Wall street twenty-six feet to the place of beelnnine. CATHAKINE KYAN, Mortgngee. E. D. KINNE.AitorneyforMortgagee. Datcd, Dec. 28, 1883. 1176-88 ii. ..i nsiuie tor sale. STATE 01? MICHIGAN, Connty of Warttenaw. ss. In the Matter of the Estáte oí Joscph Schnabel, deceased. I Notice is hereby given, that in pnrsuance of an order granted to the undersigned adminlstrator of pi the catate of said deccased, b ihe Hon. Jude of Probate for the Connty of Washtenaw, on the 12th dayot .lanuary, A. D. 1881. thi-re will be sold at public vendue, M the highest bidder, at the late residence of sald deceased in the Township or Saline, in the Conntj of Washtenaw in pnicl State of Mirhigan.onWedneeday.the flfth day of March A. D. 1884, at ten o'( lock In the forenoon of that day (anhject to all enciimbrances by mortiaire or otherwise existing at the time of the death ot' aald deceased), the folloing deecrlbed real estáte. tp-Wlt' The north-east quarter of the sonth-east quarter of sectionnumber thirty-six, in town four south. range four east, (Bridgewater) in Michigan, contaiuing forty acres of the aame more or less. Alsoast ip ol land of uniform widtn to be taken from the south end of the xouth-east qnarter of the north-east quarter of the said section thirty-slx in town four suuih, range four east In Michigan, containinir five acres and three fourths of au acre (R;) of land, and lies nortb of and adjoining the parcel of land above described. Aleo the wet half of the south-west qnarter of section number thlrty-one lal), and the south-west qnarter of the north-weat quarter of sald sectiou number thlrty-one (31). excepting thlrty acre from the north end thereof, herctolore sold and deeded to John Sutton, leaving ol the 'wo last meutioDed pareéis 84 and 50 100 acris of land, be the same more or Wjbo, and belng in townsliip number tour sonth , rango number üve east (Saline) in Michigan. PAUL SCHNABEL, Admliitt-traior. Dated, Jatmary 12, 1PS4. 1178 84 M NEURALGIA, Rhoiimaticm ■""' 3" othcr nlltulllalldm pjijfti jjemu AffOCtioüS, Acute or Chronic Lumbago, Sciatica and "■Nervous Headache. ,„p V1 „ S Thcir complete and perfect cure accom. liiMilttJl plished in a few hours.with a degret of certainty that challenge dispute. For tale bv all druggistt. I'riceSl. Ask for circular. JAMES E. DA VIS & C0..Agcms, Detro.t. 1171-1225. Skinuy Men. "Wells' Health Renewer" restore health and vigor, cures Dyapensia Impotence, Sontal nebility. i.


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