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BACH & ABEL'S Gteat Reduotion Sale During This Month. The Sale Embraces Altnost Every De. partinent. The IV., May lepeid on UnusII al HllrcaniN. Always careful to ayoid all sensations in this business, and not haring had sneu a sale In a mimber of years as tliat now projected, we put Plainly Before You uil the poinU of the sale, taking the people fully and fairly into our conRdence. We desire that every lady in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw county sliould fully understaud all about it and uiake the most of the golden opportunity. 1 OBJECT OF SALE. To reduce stook and dispose of certain Unes of goods we do not want to carry over. 2 OHARACTER OF GOODS. The full regular stook of twelvedepartnients, gathered vvith the utmimt care tbr the purposn of building Uaiui matntalning permanent trade. Not oui of date daiiiiigcd or iiiirf(0l stock, but rlic very best f all classes of Indeed wc ! ki.p nu otAer ut vny seusin,, This le a salo not if broken stock, bul of tlie kinds aud miulities of goodt ahvays wantod. 'i extknt. To the value of $20,000 if the people are vvilling. 4 EXPLANATION Where the sevcre-st out of prtees ooi-urs ic is not frótn any fault of Ilie rood#, but because of our inability to of them. 5 dktailm It. is iniios!iible and too espeiwive to give more than a few exmnplM of pricos. No store is so easy to visit and et ut hTiCtl O nur.; LADIES COATS ÁND WUAPS. These prices are all new this season aiid rnany of thegariuent! have just been n-cejved. Ottoman, Sieiliaii and Satin Dolmans and Circular, tbr trimmed and qillltW llninf?. $40.(10 Russlan Circuláis, down to $30.00 ! $:JU.OU LMumn, -4 00 #■0 00 " i.-,oo $22.00 Circuláis " 17 uO $5.00 " ' 18.00 $10 00 " " 12.00 $40.00 Brocaded Ottoman Dolman " 32. 00 Russian Clotli Circuláis, $15down to 11.50 $18 " 13.75 $14 " 10.00 Liglit Cloth Jacket, plush trimmed- " " $1000 to 8.00 " ■ " " 9 00 " 7.00 7.00 " 5 50 00 " 4 00 '!;,.' " " 4.00 " 3.25 " 3.50 " 2.60 CLOAKISOS. í)4 inca UloaKing, $1.75 to $1.00 54 " " o.OO ' 1.40 54 ■ " " 3.50 ' 2.75 B 541 ncli Black Diagonal, 3.25 " 1.76 BLANKKTS AND COMFOBTABLE8. 12-4 Blankets, Jho.iiu un. ,■ , tlI.,i 11-4 " 10.00 " 8 00 11-4 " .... 8.00 " .25 10-4 ' 5 00 " 4 00 10-4 üomfortHbles 2.00 " 1.50 10-4 " .... 2.25 " 1.75 11-+ " 3.00 " 2.40 KMBKO1DERIE8 ASD QUII.ÏS. 1 Case Qiülts, full 10-4 $1.75 to $1.25 1 " " " y-4.... 1.25 to .93 1 " MarseillesQuiltsfull, 2.25 to 1.75 Our Entire Stock of Embroideries ai Prictt never befara named, lo mnke room for our new goods. SILK8 AND DBK8S OOODS. All the new shades in Colored Silks, forruer prices $1 40 now $1.13; We want it distinctly understood tliut these Silks wlll be sold at tliis piice only durinjr JauU:try. 54 inch Ludies Cloths, $1.25 down to .93 54 " " " 1.00 " .65 54 " English Tricots, 2.25 " 1.96 A lart roiluutm'} in Ortohrwcica, ÖCllOOllas, Jersey Cloths, Ottoina Cords,Jame8town Alpacas, and American Qran Goods. GERMÁN, JACK ETS. Our eutire stock reduced f rom $1.00 to $3.00. Without doubt they are the best Jacket made in the world. ii i ril & ABEL. UNIVERSITY HALL. The Stndents' Lecture Association Have the pleasure to announcfi that the next Lecture in tlieir Courne wlll be gi ven by Malew Ui! tbe dlstlnguished English Poet and Crltlc, FRIDAY EVENING, JAN. 18. A.T3MXSSIO1T, - - BO CE1TTS. Reserved seats can be aecured without extra charee at Oeorge Moore's and at Oeorze Osius Co., on Wednesday, Jan. 16. 2W1177 INTRAD E_1QmARJ_'. ÍTHE fiaSAT SLOQD PURIFIES A Liver and Kidney Eemedy, LJ Compounded from the well known 0 Curatives Hops, Malt, Buchu, Wanm drake, Dandelion, Sarsaparilla, b ■ cara Sagrada, etc., comblned with an V M agreeable Aromatic Elixir. M A THEY CUÍE ETSPEPSÏT& INDIGESTIÓN, A WtM Act opon the Livor sua momj, BH M REGÚLATE THÉ" BOWELS, U HtIibv cure Rheumatism, and all BB nary troubles. Tbey invigorate, m nourísh, strengthen and quiet m V the Nervoua System. W Ml As a Tonlo they have no Equal. A. fm Tate nono but Hopi and Malt Bitters. Êm fS FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. tt 'm Hops and Malt Bitters Cc. BR SÊl DETROIT, MICH. 3HI 'M - %3 Hl npn " 1 The preat composer - sloep. A party thatbolts - the tnnikey. Notioe of a peal -a flash of lightning. That Husbaud of Mine Is three times the tnan he was before he began nsing " Wells' Health Renewer." $1. Druggists. Atrampcalled hisshoes "corporations," because they had no soles. "Buchupaiba." Quick, complete, cures all atmoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary ülscuses. tl. Driirgi8t. OI7R HOME! The best selling, low priccd book in tlie tnarket. Intioductory letter by. 11OCHETUUMLD. Exclusive territory given. State townshlps in your county that yon can tlioroughly work, and address with stamp (or reply. FRENCH & TAYLOR, Publishcrs 243 Woodward Ave. DETROIT, n-T8 - MICH.


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