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Rev. Father Wilds' EXPERIENCE. The Rev. Z. F. IVIldR, well-known city xnisstonary in New VorK, nul brother of the late eminent Ju tl ge Wilds, of the MaflKuchusetts Supreme t'onrl , write aa folio w : "78 E. frith 8t.. AVw? Vort. May 16, 182. Messrs. J. C. Ayer & Co., Gentlemen : Last winter I was troubled with a most uneomfortable Jtching humor affect ing more espenally my limbs, which itched so intolerahly at uiglit, and burned so intengely, tbat I could scarcely mar any clothing over them. I was also a sutFerer írom a severo catarrh and catarrhal cough ; ny appetite was poor, and my system a good deal run down. Knowingtbe valuo of AykR'8 Saksaparilla, by observation of many othnr cjwk'r, ;inl from personal use infonner years, I bt-gnn taking it for tlie above-named disorrlers. My apnetite improved al most from the tirst dose. Aftr a short time the feveraud itcliingwcrealiayt'd, and all signs of irritationof tbeskimïisappcnred. My catarrh and cougb were also cured iiy tbfl iHme meaiiR, and my general healtb grsntly Inmford, until it i8 now excellent. 1 feel a huiftdrod ir cent stronger, and i attribute these results to the use of the Kausaparilla, wbich I reconimend with all contidcnce as tho best nlood medicine ever devise!. J took it in small doses three times a duy, and usod, in all, less than two boules. I place these facts at your service, Uoping their publicntion rafty do good. Yours respectfully, Z. P. Wilds.' The above instnnce is but one of the many conBtantly coming to our notice, which prove the perfect adaptabiüty of AVER'a Sarsatahilla to the cure of all diseases arisinc fmm tn poverislied blood, and a weakenel vitality. Ayer's Sarsapariila eleanses, enricbes, and strengthens the blood, Btimulates the action of the Btoniacli amt bowels, and thereby enables the system to reBist andoTercome the attacksof all Scrofulmis Diaeascs, Eruptions af the Skin, Jïlieumatigm, Catarrh, General Debility, and all disorders resulting from poor or oorrupted blood aud a low state of the system. l-RETARED BIT Dp. J. C. Ayer &. Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggists; prlce 81, slx bottles for S5. j ffi I v_ I HAH i 1 ( -Best Purgativo Medicine - cure Constipatíon. Indigestión, Headache, and all Bilious Disorders. I Sold ererynhere. Alway rellable. THE CANDY FACTORY! J. Wm. Hangsterfer Prop. NO. 5 HURÓN STREET, Opposite Court Houte, and mm STORE KO. 3S STATE STESET i Opposite the University. FRESH CANDIES Qf all KINDS j MADE EVERT DTT ' Choice Mixed Candy - - 12c lb Ctioiee Broken Fruit Candy - 15c lb Chocolate Cream Drop - 20c lb Ciramels ----- 25c Ib Fine French Candy - 25c ld ' And all otber Caadles ia proportlonal j low prtces.


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