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The Bad Boy ... His Pa With Supernatural Noises.---pointers About Money-making And Failing

The Bad Boy ... His Pa With Supernatural Noises.---pointers About Money-making And Failing image
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"Wish you a happy New Year, and I wiil take it in oranges," said the bad boy, as he smiled on the groeerynian. and began filling his pockt-ts with the luscious tropical fruit. "Just jou hold on," said thegroceryman, as he stopped .the boy from taking anv more. "Herti's a herrina. Wlien anybody -vishes another a happy New Year he should allow the viclim the privilege of selecting the weapons, as they do in a duel. Kovf, oranges are liable to give you the winter cholera, and if they did I would be liable lor damages, bilt you take this smoked herring and eat it, and I will take the chances.'' and the groeoryman unloaded ihe boy's poukets and han led him the herring. 'Uear me, what a free-hearted old fellow you are," said tbe boy, as he took off liis nikten and began peeling the herring, "llere, you'h belter taRe back the he-td and skin of this herring aud give me a cracker, and then 1 will teil you wliat a brave man pa is." "Teil me about our pa. I haven'i beard anything from him for a long time," said tbe groceryman, as he handed the boy the cracker, and sul down on a bushei measuro by the stove. "Well, yod see, last night we got to talking aboat haunted houses, and pa said there was no such thióg as a haunted house. He said vvhenever auy unusual noise was heard in a house insteud of investigating it, people got seared and went around talking' about the house being naunied. and bef ore long everybody believed it, the reputotion of the house was ruiued,aud everybody was nervou3. Pa said that haunted housea was on a par with spiritualism. and people of sense never took anv stock in either. He said if I ever heard of a haunted house to let Mni know and ho would go through it and investígalo it in the dark. 1 tbought to nryseif, 'boss, you can't fooi Hennery,' and 1 laid for pa. That evening my ehuiu's cat came over to visit our cat, and vviu.'ii it wttn tirer-U go-to botl liio 4wo cats were sleepiug by the stove, and pa told in e 1 better put the cats out doora andgotobed. So I took the cats up carefully and raised up the cover to the piano, and laid the cats down in tbe backside of tho instrument, among the strings, and petted them, and they went to sleep, and Í shut down the cover, and we all went to bed. Pa and ma sleep right over tho parlor, and I sleep at the bacK of the house. Along about Vwo o'clockin tho morning.about the time eats usually gel ' woke up and begin to prowl around, there was n faint scralohing of toe-nails oii Die strings, and a yowl.that sounded as though it came from the sewer. It was evidently music, such as you gel at boarding liouses whero a boarder practico on the piano for her board. I listened and prcttysoon thero was two 'meous' and a 'spit,' and the strings acted as though they were being walked on the way a cat does when she puts her paws up iu your lap and lew her toe naiU go through your pants. I got up and went tu a's mom, and ma was sittitig up in bed with her nighteap ofl", hor liair standing right up straight, and she was tryitig t fr.t pal to raise up aud listen, but it wasn't pas night to libten, aii(l he put his head ander theclothes and triod to sjore, bul 1 knew pa wa3 scared, I told pa that I wasn't afraid but 1 wisli ed he would let me sleep on the lounge in lii-i room, and pa raised up aml wanted to know what tho row was. &nd us1 then Lhe raus in the piano sueu:ed io have come fcjgethcr for their rosrular evening light, and of all the music you ever heard. that oeat evérytbïnjj, Pa listened and said it was some'oody uext door trying to play opera, but da said lomething was in the house, and I tol;) la lhe house w:is haunted, and for him lo get u p and investígate. ' Pa was kind of 'shamed to be afraid, m he gol up, and all was still. and he got his panta oi; iiutl went out in the hall, and just thcn the cats got to lighting anoth er round, and pa ruslied into the bathroovn and closcd tho door, nnd yelled for mo to open tho window and holler for the polica. I got up and asked pa, through tlio door, if he was af raid, and lio saïd 110, he wasn't afraid, but ho thought, seeing he was in the bath-room ho would taku a batk, and I told him if ho was afraid I would go dowa and investígate, becatae there vvasnohaunted house that had any terror for Heunery, and 1 went down aiidletthe cats out, and they got on the back fence aad had a real sociable timo, and af ter it was siill pa came out with a tovvel in Kis hand and iried to niake us believe lie had laken a bath at two o'elock in the moraing with oold water. I-don't tliink i; is riglit for a father to iry to deceire his little boy that way. Pa have washed himself real hard. for lie was pale as a.gLost wher he cnme out of the batli-room, but he wn stiil paler in the mórning whei. he fonml the phtno full of cat hair. lic thiuks the air from the register blew into the piano. But I am sorry for pa :is lie bas bad trouble enough trying to keep from failing, but ho had to go to ihe wall." "What! You dou't teil me your father has failed?" said the grocerymim as he took down tho ledger "Great heavens, he owes ruo soven dollars," and the man groaned. "Yes, pa says that is the only way he can mako a dollar. I dou't tnow anything about the business of failiug, but as near as I ean get at it. by hearing pa and his attomey talk nbout it, thoro is mone.y in it, if it is worked right, and if I was in your place I would work an inmifil failure department itrfco 111 V' tiuaiuehs: THe way iufti+t"fy to get credit for all you can, and sell for cash, and when you sell the best things, have sornebody that you owe, a relative, or a fellow that you got confldence in, get on his ear and get out an attaohment and close j'ou up, or elso make an assignment to a fellow who stands in with you, and let him ofl'or the creditoi's. ten cents on a dollar in notes, payable in six, twelvB, and eightoen moiiths. By the time six months aro up, you can buy the first noto for fifty cents on a dollar, and yon can fail again before the other note comes due. Pa says there is more money in it tlian iu running a bank, and he is awful anxious to have tho thing iixed up in time for him and ma lo go to Florida for tho wmtor, so they can get back in time to go to Saratoga next timmer. 1 asked pa if it was honest to fail, when ma had property enough in her name to pay all debts and havo pknty left. and pa said he and ma was two differont persons. were one. WelJ, a fellow learns somothing overy day. don't he? Say, you would bo a total failure on geneml - l--ktiI HTT, 1.-1.-1 IL X M)M i. -1'm.iu „Lian t would havo some style about me and bust. You can nevor amount to anything going along the way you do, and never getting ahead any. Let me teil pa's lawyer that I can get him a i'ob putting you through baukruptcy, on shares." "No, sir, cevor," said tho groceryman. "I havo always paid a lumdred cents ou the dallar, and I always will. It is true I cannot put on muoh style, not as nmch as some I knovv wno have failed, btit I can look everybody in tho face and - but, say, Heunery, you must teil your pa's lawyer to come here this afternooo, and 1 will have a talk with him. If failiuix is going to be tho style, and a man isn't going 1o amount to anything unless he has failed, and there is moncy in it, and your pa saya it i honest and n'l right, l mijrht c .ncIutB to fail once for luck, but keep it dark," and the gruui-ruiïm U n.n to looi uUut the store at the old back number washboards, and wormey dried peaches, and things that were not salable. and wondered if it wouldn't be a good idea to fail and getrid of the old stock and buy a uew onoou trust, while Hennery went out to break the news to his pa's lawyer, that ho had got another job for him. _


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